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  1. I have blown a woofer on Klf 30 and have a question.... do I search for an original k-31 or sell 3 remaining woofers and purchase 4 Crites or Ciare replacements? Thoughts and opinions appreciated.
  2. I’d really like iiis...these klfs are pristine.
  3. I am in Northern Indiana 46534 and I would entertain a cash offer.
  4. Cheaper safes come with keys to open them in case of keypad failure. There will be a key slot behind the keypad. If it is a high quality safe with a quality keypad you will have to call a locksmith.
  5. I have a great pair of black klf-30 for consideration. I would like to end up with heresy iii. I don't mind if they are (b)stock. zip 46534
  6. I have for trade a pristine set of klf 30s....both grills perfect, both speakers in original condition as new. Want to trade smaller for space reasons. looking for rf 82II or heresy III . The klf 30s are near perfect so I would want the traded pair to be in very nice condition. I live in indiana. 2 hrs from chicago. 1 hour south of south bend.
  7. soundkeepers

    Klf -30s

    I think klipsch speakers are for me but the blog leaves my head spinning. Its all subjective so theres too many opinions.Later guys I'm gonna go enjoy my 30s.
  8. soundkeepers

    Klf -30s

    Im glad you guys were sleeping on those.....1100 a bit much but they are perfect! They were the fronts of a home theater that rarely got used. He also had a mint pair of klf 20s for the rear. The seller was awesome....his dad was an early klipsch dealer and dealt with pwk a few times. Move over kg4.5 your daddys home!
  9. soundkeepers

    Klf -30s

    I was the lucky soul........3.5 hrs drive and 1100. They are perfect! 10/10
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