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  1. Hello all I am currently building a home theather and will be using two of the Klipsch in ceiling speakers. It appears the covers only come in white, does anyone know where to get them in black? I know you can paint them but honestly when I spay paint I always go way to heavy and I do not trust myself enough as I don't want to reduce the sound thru the grill.
  2. Hello all I am new here and buidling a home theater. I know I am going with Klipsch speakers (RP-280f) for the front mains but I cannot decided on which center speaker to buy. I am trying to decided if I want the RP-250c or the RP-450c. The speaker dealer suggested I only need the 250 but whenever I see this bundled online they always sell it with the 450c (Crutchfield also recommedned the 450c). My room is only 12x12 with lower ceilings so I'm not sure if I should listen to my dealer or go bigger. Please help me by making suggestions and why one is better than the other. Thanks for your time.
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