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  1. I decided to buy the Samsung K8500 so i can use my Atmos speaker at their Best :-)
  2. I decided to change my Bd player.... Any suggestion? p.s. i would spend like 100-150$ max
  3. Ok so transmit Dolby True hd doesnt mean be able to transmit Atmo is it correct?
  4. Yes it is... And when i watch "300" appear Dolby true hd on the screen.... Now i dont understand if my ps3 in able to reproduce the Atmos sound.... i understood that If a BD player can reproduce Dolby true hd,also dolby atmos can be reproduced... Right?
  5. But now i dont nderstand...i set LINEAR PCM and when i watch The Lord of Rings look.....
  6. The original PS3 phat model could not bitstream either DTS:X or TrueHD audio and had to decode these formats onboard and output the results as LPCM. However the PS3 Slim can bitstream both, but not if the Blue-ray is a 3D film. The PS3 cannot bitstream TrueHD if the video content is sequential 3D as used for 3D Blue-ray titles. So the answer is yes, the PS3 can output Atmos encoded content as long as the console is the slim model, you bitstream the TrueHD audio and as long as the film isn't the sequential 3D version.
  7. Yes i know this works with the Ps3 Slim instead Fat can t .If i use Bitstream i can only listen with Dolby Digital codec also f the BD is a True Hd like Mad Max.... :-(
  8. I have the old fat ps3 i read that i can listen true hd 7.1 but have to leave the setting to PCM LINEAR but in this case my avr can t display which codec is running i mean: true hd,Dts etc....
  9. ps3 sir..... but im pretty sure have made some mistakes on configuration....
  10. Check input signal...something wrong?
  11. Ok ans someone of you have the denon x6200w or x7200w i dont understand an other thing.... I can decide between DOLBY DIGITAL DOLBY DIGITAL + DOLBY SURROUND NEURAL: X or stereo multi stereo virtual mono audio But i never found something like ATMOS,DTS,DTS:X etc... i bought Mad Max Fury road (the latest) but nothing change when i watch it in english,i have always those selections....any suggestion?
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