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  1. Just tried the tung sol JAN 12SL7GT. Dont like them. I have to twist the volume up quite a bit to hear music. JAN 12SL7 sound pretty good, these are a metal can style. I just need to find a real good pair.
  2. Ok, Thanks. Will see what happens. When the MM cartridge is ready for replacement I will be stepping up to the MC.
  3. I dont have the ART9xi. I have the MM Ortophon Black 250, which i think sounds very nice, but with be moving up to the AT ART9xi hoping for a bit more clearity or more life like should i say.
  4. The gentleman tells me he ran a MC Denon 103 cartridge which has a similar voltage output as the ART9 with this phono pre amp and had no issues doing it.
  5. Absolutely. It will be done real soon. I bought another stereo rack to match my current one. This way i can get the TT together with the rest of the audio equipment.
  6. Tung-Sol JAN-12SL7GT VT-289 Black Glass Round Plate Tubes NOS. These any good?
  7. Ok, i see what i can find in the SL tube. Any brand ok?
  8. I understand. Mine is still a work in progress.
  9. Thanks guys. I will be spending alot of time down there.
  10. I agree, Higher end equipment is needed to compete with digital. The sound is a bit warmer with vinyl as well. I went thru quite a few albums this past weekend and the only one that sounded compressed was Rolling Stones sticky fingers. I think i will be with vinyl for a long time.
  11. I have a bad jan 12sc7 tube in my new MapleTree pre amp. Are these tubes generally a good tube or is there a better replacement?
  12. Thank you, its coming along. Should be finished before summer gets here.
  13. Yes, I'm keeping everything i currently have and adding another rack next to the stereo rack under the window. The media cabinet stays and the RC64 can set on top of it. Sorry for the confusion. I just need something for my TT and i think i found something that matches my current stereo rack.
  14. Where would i put it? I thought the RC64 would fit perfect under the tv and the reviews re pretty good for that center.
  15. finally getting this listening room finished up. Just need to get another audio rack to get all the stereo equipment together and make room for the Klipsch RC64 center under the 85" samsung. Really enjoying the vinyl again. Never thought i would enjoy it to this extreme, but it is sounding very good. After listening to digital on a sony C333ES for nearly 20 years and then the last year on a Marantz SA8005 player i really didn't expect to be wowed by vinyl too much. Yes, it is a different sound, analog vs digital, but i very much like it. The more i listen, the more i like it. Catchy. Currently using a VPI prime plus with a Ortophon black 250 MM. Can't wait to upgrade to the MC cartridge. Looking at the AT ATR9xi. Although this Ortophon Black 250 sounds very nice, it is lacking just a touch of the details that i get from the Marantz sacd player, but again the vinyl does sound very good. Big thanks again to Kevin for initially setting up this TT and schooling me on this vinyl stuff.
  16. I sent him another message this morning to confirm his last response(plug and play) with MM or MC. Will see as no response yet.
  17. Welcome to Mapletree Audio Design I have the phono 3E preamp. The gentleman tells me it is compatable. Plug and play. We have went back and forth on this and that is all i got from him.
  18. Hey, I think that is my delivery guy.
  19. In my area, FedEx just plain sucks. On top of the shitty delivery service, it was not packed properly to protect that tin horn.
  20. LOL! Yeah. My wife ordered some mexican ceramic cassarole dishes. They were delivered FedEx. The delivery guy thru them up on the porch when he delivered. I heard the thud. They were broken in a 100 pieces. It seems FedEx would train their drivers better. They must have had enough complaints by now.
  21. I was very happy to see he had no damage to the speakers. Every time i order anything, i just hope it arrives undamaged. I have had way more items damaged by FedEx than any other shipper by far.
  22. That or Klipsch moderator didn't want anyone to see how gently packages are handled during shipping. I just ordered a Gramophone from India. It was shipped using FedEx and it arrived a total loss. The horn was crushed and the wooden cabinet broken. FedEx is the absolute worst.
  23. What happened to Schu's unboxing thread? I was following it. Now i can't get on it.
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