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  1. I may give it another try, but not right away and i will be sure to use one listening position. Thanks guys
  2. I just set mine by ear. I may try setting with db meter and test tones, but not sure what is needed per fronts, rear or sub. It does sound very nice the way i have it.
  3. I tried the Audyssey function on my Marantz AV amp and did not like it. I'm using CornScala front and r51 rear. After the mic sweep in 8 different positions, it turned the scala's way down and the 51's way up. It did not sound right, so i went back in and adjusted manually. Set Scala's to -0db, 51's to -04db and sub to -0db. Sounds much better there, but i am still tweaking. Sound the sub frequency be set same as it is in the program? On sub i have it at 80hz and in the program setting it is 120.
  4. Who makes a good quality HDMI cable for use with eARC and Bluray? Using Monster brand now, but not sure if these are good enough for 4K. I don't want to be losing any signal.
  5. Yes and thanks. Movies on Wi-Fi and variable on acoustics and could be hi or lo on sub bass gain.
  6. I found the issue with both Av receiver settings and tv settings. In tv settings both pcm and anynet+HDMI need to be on and tv needs to be set for receiver. Also make sure eARC is still on, then on receiver settings turn HDMI controls on. I had mine on AVR and it wouldn’t work like that. I now have tv audio thru speakers, but the sub signal seems weak, not as loud as when watching Blu-ray.
  7. Very much so. It seems like there may be a combination of settings to get it right.
  8. I set most things to auto on the tv. PCM is also set to auto. I'm getting some garbled audio. I will try again tomorrow.
  9. Went thru HDMI trouble shooting and it says to use a better HDMI cable, i'm using a hi speed Monter HDMI now. PCM on and still no sound. May be easier to just buy a optical cable and be done with it.
  10. Ok, should I leave the eARC set in auto?
  11. Can someone explain all the features or uses of ARC? I cannot get audio out of tv to external speakers using 1 HDMI cable hooked between receiver and tv ARC HDMI plug ins. Bluray works perfect. Thanks
  12. Using B&C DE85 mid driver with DE120 tweet. The DE85 is on a zxpc horn.
  13. Finally found time to do a test run with the Theater system. Currently using my CornScala's as front monitors, no center and Klipsch R51 for rear with the R115 set at 80hz and gain set at the 2 o'clock position. This is a 15x24' room. Using a Marantz 5007 AV receiver we watched one of the Jurassic movies. Have to say sounds pretty good and the sub is a BadAss. Had the receiver output at about 80-85db. I know the sub will be trouble down the road, but i will cross that bridge when i get to it. Fantom center channel was good, but i think a true center would add to this system. What center would keep up with CornScala's thou?
  14. Yes, i do suffer from some hearing loss. I used a Lpad and tried attenuating DE120 in 2 DB settings and could not really tell much different at my listening position, about 12ft back from speakers. So, i just run them wide open. Ok, i understand. I am currently attenuated at 8db on the mids and it does sound nice up to about 95db output, then it starts sounding like too much high end. So maybe 9db would be better. Thanks
  15. I tried an Lpad, didn't like it. The DE120 sounds better without IMO.
  16. I will have to reread the report, but the way i took it, they attenuate the mid 5db above the woofer which is a k34e and a k57 mid. I would guess similar to mine at 5db above the woofer. If i attenuate my mid below the woofer the speaker sounds far away. My DE85on specs 108db and 1526 specs 95db. I have the zxpc horn. In your opinion where would you set the attenuation in a CW/CS to start or maybe i should say without hearing them, what is the range you would start? I think 8db is pretty darn close.
  17. Sounds great to my ears, but im yet to try them again with different attenuation. Might be the large ZXPC mid horn as it is very laid back compared to a k600 . In the Cornwall test article they say Klipsch attenuated the mids 5db over the k33e sensitivity.
  18. Gonna leave mine unplugged from the wall. Maybe doing that will help it live longer.
  19. I think you would have a bunch of 112 and 115 owners frequenting.
  20. Just watched a vid on youtube. A gentleman with a R115 replaced a couple caps and fixed the amp. Maybe its best not to leave them plugged in?
  21. Looked at the receipt, they are direct from Klipsch. Hard to believe they would put dusty speakers without feet in a bag and box it up.
  22. Decware makes one, The Switch Box. It has rca plugs, i assume i could plug speaker leads into them with banana plugs.
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