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  1. Klipsch offers so many options in subwoofer. Anyone here have a Klipsch sub or reviewed any in person? I read some bad reviews on them. Seems some are ok and some suck. Not sure what size i need, but i have a 15x21 theater/listening room. I need the sub for theater only. Currently looking at the Synergy Black Label line. Any feed back on any Klipsch subs welcomed. Thanks
  2. To my ear the JBL sounds cleaner, but at over twice the price of the Klipsch they should sound better.
  3. In 1985 i bought a new pair of 85 Heresy's and a used pair of 84 Heresy's and using them for HT i had an Onkyo 50w/ch AVR and a Hitachi HIFI VCR. While watching Pink Floyd The Wall it would really shake everything in the living room while watching at spirited levels. There was no need for a sub in that HT system. I was pleasantly surprised as with music they didn't seem to have much low bass. I still have the 84's which are now Super Heresy and couldn't be happier with 2 channel stereo.
  4. I have decided on the Panasonic player as what i want. UB820, but i see there is also a UB450 or 420. I will only be using this player for movies in a theater room using a AVR 7.1, so the audio needs to be top notch as well. Think i'll start a new thread on this. Thanks guys
  5. Both my tv and the AVR use ARC. I guess either way would work fine.
  6. Anyone here have a data sheet for the new K33E woofer 121501? Thanks
  7. I haven't ordered new woofers yet as i'm still playing with adjustments and really need the room closed off to get a good listen in the upper db range. I did change the attenuation 1db(from 7db to 8db) and it seems a move in the right direction, it's hard to tell with only 1bd adjustment. I also tried some different preamp tubes i had laying around. The Electro Harmonics 12AX7 GOLD. These little babies made i nice improvement in the sound stage opening it up a bunch and brought out strings and cymbals a bit more. Over all, it's sound pretty badass, but i'm still looking for a bit more bass. I might make another adjustment on the mid attenuation and set it a 9db. This should bring out a bit more bass. With the B&C 85TN mid driver spec at 107db and the Kappalite 3015LF at 96, that would give a 2db spread between woofer and mid.
  8. After all the reviews and help on here, I think the UB820 is the player for me. I can buy new for under $500, so fits the budget nicely. The ub820 had 2 hdmi out’s, so why can’t I run and hdmi out to the tv and another out to the marantz?
  9. Ok, how does the 820 picture quality compare to the 105?
  10. Well, i'm not sure how these items all connect, but will be using a Marantz SR5007 with the Samsung tv. So, not sure of my connects with these components.
  11. Yes, they are pricey. You guys have been a great help in my search.
  12. What was your previous player to the UB820? I'm looking for great picture quality as well as sound quality.
  13. Lets keep it simple. I read a review on the UB820, where a gentleman bought an 820 to replace his old 500. Said picture quality was not as good with the 820 as he had with the 500, so he bought the 9000 and was more than happy. The 9000 is just way more that i want to spend on a player at this time. The Panasonic looks to be a very nice player on the cheap. Still looking. On the other hand, how much better is 4K vs the old 1080p? May settle for the oppo103.
  14. You guys are getting a bit over my head here. I don't have a DAC. I thought i could buy a player and connect to my TV with HDMI and be done. Simple plug and play. Looking for simplicity here.
  15. The UB820 looks to be very nice. The UB9000 looks even nicer, but out of my cost range. I also see a 420 and a 150.
  16. Ok, a bit complicated for me as i'm a simple 2ch stereo guy. I assume you mean 4Kx2K output plug in is on the oppo 103 unit? Or is there a separate piece of equipment i need to make this happen?
  17. Ok, so how do you pass 4K thru the 103 player. Sounds complicated. I will be using a Samsung 4K tv.
  18. Yes, 4K. I thought the 103 was compatable?
  19. Thanks, i will do some more research. Looks like just about any model oppo would be good.
  20. Just an update with The One. The wife found an EQ on her I phone and now the One sounds even better.
  21. Buying used wouldn't be an issue with the oppo. What is a good model in a Panasonic to look for used?
  22. I would like to know if a 12" Klipsch sub would be large enough for this size room or if i should step up to a 15"? I will not be using dual subs.
  23. Still need to figure out which Klipsch subwoofer and rear surrounds to purchase for this room as well as the new Samsung 65", so looking for used at this point in the oppo player.
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