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  1. We have craigslist scammers here in Phoenix who like to post Klipsch and Altec speaker ads with low pricing. To what end, I don't know. A large speaker like a Klipschorn or VOTT is not going to be shipped, so only an in-person deal will work. Are they hoping to meet someone with cash and try to rob them at a home? Really a bad idea, as everyone here carries. In fact, I think it is right in the Arizona constitution that you are required to carry at least 2 guns at all times. We also have local speaker owners who post ads with asking prices so high they are 3x or 4x what they would actually sell for. They run the same ads for months or years. It's like showing off their private museum collection. Weird. So the scammers might think that their comparatively low asking price would entice someone to come meet them, to listen to the speakers advertised I guess. So the buyer sends them an email or phone number to contact them. Since the speakers don't exist, are they just capturing cell phone numbers or emails of audiophiles? Why? Maybe it's some private thrill of catfishing someone? If a scammer advertised a small item that might be shipped, I could see someone who's not local sending money hoping to get it, but large items make no sense to try to scam someone on. I just don't get the end game with those losers.
  2. This sale is on Ebay, in California. Tag show HL or Hickory Lacquered from 1972. The reference article on this site says that wood is so rare it is unconfirmed. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipschorns-Klipsch-corner-horns-1972-Vintage-Klipsch-speakers/133451044339?hash=item1f124d55f3:g:-VoAAOSwkF1e-NWF
  3. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/cph/ele/d/phoenix-1987-klipsch-klipschorn-speakers/7089342576.html Another local pair available, no affiliation to me, just FYI.
  4. Those are really nice looking, the old growth walnut is especially wide. It only takes 4 pieces across the front. They don't let trees grow that big anymore.
  5. Their website clearly states on the Overview page, Network Selection Guide that these are for the klipschorn, la scala, belle, cornwall, cornscala, or heresy. I used them on a pair of La Scala, with an original AL crossover, and they worked great. I just sold the speakers, and my Klipschorns have crossovers from Dean, so no need for these.
  6. 2 Crossovers for Klipsch speakers by ALK Engineering, called the Cornscala wall Universal Crossover, or CSW, for Klipschorn, La Scala, Cornwall, Cornscala, Heresy speakers. Excellent condition, easy to install, and great improvement for the sound of any of these speakers. $295 OBO, with no wait from ALK.
  7. 3 1/2 years a member here and still a newbie apparently. I can't figure out how to post poor quality pix here. I take a standard photo on a 4 year old iphone, and even 1 photo is considered too much MB to post.
  8. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/ele/d/glendale-altec-lansing-model-19-speakers/6898765673.html no affiliation
  9. I have no knowledge of these being maple, I'm just going by the codes section on this website.
  10. I too would like to see the tops and sides. The tag indicates ML (maple lacquered).
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