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  1. Too bright? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Wow starting to see more and more FIII’s pop up. I wonder why so soon? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks. I didn’t use anything special on the horns. I think it was rustoleum canyon black-flat. With speakers up there in age the black horns and motor boards tend to get faded and end up looking dull. The original grill cloth as well. Maybe that’s just how they were. It wasn’t nearly black enough Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. What do you mean by 4 bronze clamps? They’re all black now but I still want to try out a bronze paint on all the magnets. I think that’d look neat! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Maximus89

    Chorus II

    There’s a pair in Austin tx Craigslist. Just spent some time with my Chorus II today. Still and will always love them! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Do let us know your thoughts. I'm considering the A55G myself.
  7. Absolutely. He's got a beautiful home. Here's a full shot so you can see the rear. Open wall to the large kitchen so that rear center above the listening position really helps with nearfield and it sounds lovely. So smooth. Don't remember those speakers against the fireplace but he was selling them that day. I had bugged him about trying to pry away his Klipschorns from him because i had once brought LSi splits over there with the stock AL network and we compared to his LS with Dean's networks and i was blown away at the difference and then i heard his DeanG'd Klipschorns and it just wasn't fair. Now i have my own DeanG'd Klipschorns and i'm going over there soon to hear his R-C-L Jubilee set up and i'll probably start dreaming of the Jubes when i walk out of there as he says they completely blow away the Klipschorns.
  8. That’s actually Born2RockU’s place and living room movie set up with another pair of RF-7 III’s as surrounds and the matching center as a rear 6th surround mounted directly above his listening position. Only thing that are mine are the Chorus II that I took over there for a fun shoot out
  9. BTW a quick note on the FIII. People seem to be very sensitive to Titanium in mids and i've read some harshness/brightness comments with the Forte III and the loved or hated Ti diaphragms from the CWIII and HIII, but from my own experience, i believe the Titanium diaphragms need sufficient time to break in. It was a night and day experience from the first time i heard them in my Chorus II(without the bandpass) to one day they just suddenly became so...SOFT. I mean, it was quiet to me after putting up with them sounding so loud and bright the first time i installed them. They were almost unbearable at first and then maybe 3 weeks later or longer, they just got so much more quiet than i had been used to up to that point. It was a shock of a difference. I had some tell me that i just got used to the sound. I couldn't believe i was supposed to just dismiss this huge difference seemingly out of nowhere. So i did an A/B test with the stock phenolic and the Ti at that point and it was very hard for me to hear the differences. Yes the Ti are more detailed, which can be good and bad in a clinical way compared to the phenolic but just very hard to hear differences(this was with no bandpass). At times, i heard harshness from the phenolic rather than the Ti. This wasn't about getting used to the sound now that i was A/B'ing. I was being told "break in" is BS and any kind of break in happens almost immediately and i gotta say. After that experience, i'm totally with the crowd that says they need a lot of time to break in. Especially those Ti diaphragms. So Forte III owners, let them play loud and hard for a while before you do any critical listening IMO. And if you're wondering, i've had my Ti diaphragms removed and up for sale just to help fund with KHorn mods now that the Chorus II are moved to movie duty. The Ti's just have such a bad rep by now that not a single person has been interested and i think tomorrow when i get a chance i'm going to put them back in the Chorus II so i can get some time with those bad boys and give them some love.
  10. The RF-7 III has beautiful and smooth highs. Absolutely an improvement on the RF-7 II's which were too fatiguing and harsh to my ears. I've had a shoot out with my Chorus II(Ti tweeters-stock networks) vs Craig's RF-7 III's. I prefer the musicality of the 3 way Chorus II, though it was very close for the environment we were in and the CHII placement. It was a large open living room and the Chorus II were on top of rsw-15's. In a more intimate listening room, things like 4x 10's vs 2 15's and a 2 way or 3 way start to really matter. To me personally, there's something about the way a 15" woofer sounds that i absolutely love(consider saving for CWIII's?) but the RF-7 series has a slam factor much like the larger KLF series that i can totally understand people would love. In the shootout, for me, the RF-7IIIs only win was in its incredibly detailed and sweet highs. Not even factoring in the CHII are due for a recap or new crossover build and they were placed high off the floor. While i haven't heard the FIII and it's a single 12" woofer which is pretty different from a 15" in a Chorus II(which also has a larger mid horn), i still can't imagine that new mid horn being "only slightly" better than the RF-7 III 2 way. People have different tastes. Some have a more critical ear for mid range frequencies and others love crisp and clean highs and others are bass heads and then probably most just want balance which is the hardest to achieve in a full range speaker with size limitations. It's awesome yet also unfortunate we've only got Youthman to do a shootout between the FIII and the RF7III because he's just one guy with his own personal tastes(No offense Youthman). Youthman has stated he prefers the more modern look of the RF series vs vintage speaker look IIRC, so that's taken into account and if i'm not mistaken, he loved the RF-7 II's more in your face sound that many find harsh and fatiguing. That already goes against many people's tastes so just beware if you are on the fence of purchasing one or the other to lean on your own experiences. Have you heard 2 way Klipsch? Have you heard 3 way Klipsch? Have you heard dual 10's of a KLF-20 vs a Forte II for example? Can you listen to an RF-7 II locally? If you can, imagine it with smoother highs and none of the fatigue. Can you listen to a Forte II locally? If you can. Imagine it with a slightly smaller mid horn with new patented mumps and more detailed titanium diaphragms that were voiced to where they seem to be universally raved about. Is it going to be primarily 2ch or home theater or both? Which will be more important to you? If it's home theater, the RF-7 III has a matching center channel and there's surrounds for example whereas the Forte III has no matching home theater speakers as of now. Do aesthetics/decor come into play with personal tastes and WAF? Etc, etc. In the end, i think it's a very safe bet that you can't go wrong with either one.
  11. That veneer is freaking gorgeous. Is that the Australian walnut from the anniversary LSII? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. So the doghouse and top hat have separate connectors like the old industrial splits? I like that Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. When i had my LSi split tops toed in directly at me they were way too fatiguing, though that might have a lot to do with the original AL network(k55m+k77m) and small room size. I currently have Klipschorns(round alinco k77 +k55v) facing directly at me with plenty of absorption behind me and it's perfectly sweet with 74 AA's(Dean AA's with the mids dialed back incoming on Tuesday) but they're much further apart than i had the LSi's so that could also be a factor. Got the itch for La Scalas again. There's a black pair near me. Maybe i should offer my Chorus II + cash for trade, but i don't know if i could ever part with the Chorus II
  14. Is toe in position ideal for la scalas? Or perhaps that with seating room makes it necessary? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I really liked the black border of the LSII top hat but for the price, a little more veneer would be expected and probably wanted more than just a black border. Hopefully we get full frontal shot soon. I think I also prefer the fabric of the 70th anniversary that has horizontal gold weaved with silver vertical. That had a little more “pop” than all silver. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Yes. The sentence continued makes it clear it's 1 note just about the tweeter "The new La Scala AL5 features a new 1” tweeter and Tractrix horn to extend output of high frequencies beyond 20kHz" I agree that they shouldn't feel any pressure to keep them the same way after so long. Offering a true heritage + update or 2 way would be very cool. But, I only have enough money to play around in the used market anyway so it doesn't bother me.
  17. Probably same exact tractrix tweeter the new Ak6 KHorns are getting I wonder if they'll eventually become available for KHorn and La Scala owners, but what modifications will the networks need? Maybe just different value caps?
  18. Mine are 74 raw fir with what looks like oak veneer put on by the original owner. How rare is the marine grade fir? Does it decrease value to stain it or re veneer it? When people like heritage klipsch, it seems it’s for the quality of build using birch wether it was veneered or stained instead of current mdf with veneer over it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Location? I need a center belle! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Makes sense. You still have the room for the top plate to hit the wall corners. So your vertical back plate was still sitting flush against the corners then? I see how that's not the issue now. Hmm. I don't know what else to tell you then. As long as they sound great now. Just wish we could have figured out the issue before just in case you come across it again.
  21. Here I just tried to take a photo for a reference of what I’m talking about. I slid the top hat forward so you can see how the back sits against each corner of the wall- i have pipe insulation up and down the back vertical plate and to the sides of the top hat Please excuse the unfinished paint lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Your top plate sticking out like that is the issue imo. You need to saw that flat with that vertical back plate. You're essentially having your bass bins stick out from the walls due to that top plate hitting the wall before the rest. I hope im making sense.
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