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  1. I put a finger at both ends to push the woofer in at the same time. The left woofer pushes in and out with ease. Did the test on my Forte's and KG 3.2's. Same thing. Tried the same test with the woofer that's damaged. Doesn't push in. It's stiff. Can this woofer be fixed? Can a woofer with distortion and stiffness be repaired?
  2. I sent him a message. Told him, look bro. If you can tell me that the RF-3 single woofer you have for sale is DESPITE the physical imperfection, working as it is SUPPOSED TO and INTENDED, and even DESCRIBED. Don't want to get a woofer that has sound but again is distorted. If you can assure me those things. You send that woofer to me and I will send you back the right woofer of the RC-7 since you accuse me of trying to steal money from you and I feel like you're doing the same to me. Then we can end this whole matter and I can cancel my request for refund, and continue the payment so you can get paid and I will even rate you well for resolving this whole matter respectfully and honorably. If not. eBay says we have until March 8th for us to resolve this or then I can ask them to step in. Either way, as long as it takes, I believe he isn't getting the funds transferred to him while this request is open.
  3. Problem with that. The dustcap on the original woofer is raised. The newer replacements, it's a sunken in dustcap.
  4. I requested. He denied it. He's saying it worked just fine when he sold it. He's trying to pull a fast one and say because there is sound coming out, it's fine and that I probably damaged it or whatever's wrong is on my end and that he's in the right because he litsed the product "AS IS" after multiple times of saying it WORKS GREAT and even messaging me telling me it functions perfectly juts like his other rc-7 that he's selling for several hundred more.
  5. Hilarious. I found a single RF-3 woofer on sale on eBay for $54 after shipping. I've read that those are the same drivers in the RC-7. I was prepared to purchase it right then and there and forget about this dispute with the eBay seller. ....then I realized it was from the SAME seller. He AGAIN describes they have little imperfections(little indentions just like the RC-7 woofer) but that they are GOOD PHYSICALLY and in GOOD WORKING CONDITION. He is implying they function as they are intended DESPITE the little physical imperfections. Exactly how he described the RC-7. But, how can I trust the same guy who used that description for the RC-7 that has a blown woofer? He says because it has sound, it is not blown and he can basically say that it's function and I've bought it as is. He's probably trying to sell another bad woofer with lots of distortion and pass it off as the same "you bought it as is even though I said it had little imperfection." Yeah. But you also said it works GREAT! Sound comes out of my right woofer but it's no good for actually listening to it. It's completely distorted and choked and cuts in and out. That to him means it's functioning but its listed as functioning as INTENDED, but that he's okay bc he said I can see imperfections in the phtoos. Audible imperfection can't be physically seen and he keeps trying to accuse me of stealing from him when ITS ME that's been swindled.
  6. EDIT: Just scroll to the bottom Okay. So I just received an RC-7 center that I purchased from eBay. That guy showed that it was pretty beat up cosmetically, but described several times that it works perfectly, etc. I don't care about the cosmetic condition. I understood that. But, he described it as fully operational and sounding "great" and even exchanged a message with me saying they sound perfect or like new. His case is that I bought it as is because he described the imperfections you can see in the woofer shown on the photos(it has an indention in the woofer). My case is that his description is purely cosmetic and he described its actual functionality as "great" and operating as it should(otherwise how am I supposed to detect audible imperfections in photos?). Now of course he is saying it worked perfectly fine when he had it and that it must be my room conditions or that I am trying to steal money from him. Well. It's not working fine and it sure as heck ain't room conditions. I'm almost certain the right woofer is bad(I only say that bc I don't know anything about x-overs). The sound cracks up and echoes out of the right woofer. Sort of cuts in and out as well. I've tried several other sources and movies, and tried other center channels to make sure the issue wasn't on my end. I don't know enough of speaker components to know if it is a crossover issue(hope not), but the poor sound comes only out of the right woofer. The left woofer and tweeter sound fine from my tests. Like I said, the cabinets are beat to crap. Scratches everywhere except the top of the cabinet and some raised veneer on the bottom(which he conveniently left cropped out of the photos). Still I don't' care about how it looks. What I do care about is a fully functioning speaker. This one is not. Some quick google searches brings up the fact that these woofers are now discontinued and I'd have to get a newer part which only has a different dustcap. Should I take the loss and buy the single woofer: (this one) http://reconingspeakers.com/product/klipsch-rf35-k1122-8-speaker-120860-replacement-120841/ OR (this one for $5 morehttp://reconingspeakers.com/product/klipsch-1011974-rf-82-mkii-woofer/ And just deal with a speaker that has 2 different looking dustcaps(1 black and the other not) till I have extra funds to one day just replace the left woofer and sell the original? The other thing though is that there are only 3 available. What if I miss my chance on getting a matching woofer OR is there a way to put a black dustcap on the new woofer or the newer dustcap on the left? I can tell you I don't want to pay $150 + shipping for 2 woofers that aren't original and could hurt resale value after I fix the cabinets. If I did buy the 2 woofers, that brings my total to over $450 and I'd still have to repair the cabinet which could be cheap but require labor. Still worth it for an RC-7? Request eBay Money Back Guarantee?
  7. I've used searchtempest before and I found it frustrating that it would yield poor results and not even show the stuff in my own zip code. For example, i just searched for Klipsch LaScala 400 miles radius...zero results..yet there are 2 in Houston, 1 in Austin that I for sure know of on craigslist
  8. Wow! Where at? Maybe there's an easier way to do this? Craiglist is the only place I really look because I don't want to pay shipping costs on ebay. But, craigslist limits searches to 200 miles. Is there a way to search all of Texas and nearby LA?
  9. The listing was deleted. Just as I suspected, it probably sold very fast. I'm patiently waiting for my first big great deal....instead, I'm in a market where a Chorus II is listed for 1,700 and a La Scala is listed at 2.700. Wait it out.Gonna wait it out.Be patient.
  10. Just wondering. Did some Forte's come in a lighter Walnut and others in a dark walnut, or does Walnut get darker over time? I've noticed some are very dark looking and others are much lighter. Mine are the darker looking walnut.
  11. I think he means the diaphragms are not working. Could be wrong, but that's what it seems like to me.
  12. Not getting a response from seller. Damn. This blows. Probably already gone, just hasn't taken it down yet. I would have made the drive from Houston. I just bought an RC-7 and KSP-S6 surrounds though. I'd totally go back to having a phantom center if I had the chance to have that subwoofer. Maybe I can sell the RC-7 quickly so i can have the funds in case this guy responds?
  13. I've never seen an SVS sub in matte black. I always thought they were piano gloss or black oak.
  14. Seems everything is overpriced in Texas. Here in Houston, there's a nice pair of Chorus II for 1,700! A bad pair of Chorus II(missing veneer, poor condition black cabinets, reglued passives, missing screws, mismatched set, one top has been spray painted solid black) for $900! 2 Pairs of La Scalas for 2k to 2,700. A Pair of Forte I for $700! I blame it all on this 1 guy who buys and sells a lot of Klipsch for hundreds of dollars over the average price and then everyone else comes in and tries to sell their speakers based on his prices and won't accept anything less b/c they believe that is the fair price. Now you see $700-$800 Forte I's all the time lol..
  15. I wish I could find someone else who needs a single, so we can each get a single from this pair
  16. "Feed N Wax" Wood polish and conditioner?
  17. Yeah, that's more work than I'd like to put into it right now. I'm fine with using Howard's cherry to get all the scratches out, but if it doesn't work, I'll go the sanding route only if I decide to re-sell due to poor timbre match with my Forte's and help fund a single Heresy in WO as a center or a pair of FII or CII to use as mains and allowing my current Forte's to be used as front and rear center in a 6.1 set up. I know it's basically impossible to match another speaker finish, so that idea is out the window. Was just curious how strong Howard's Restore-A-Finish was.
  18. Another quick question. If i still went ahead and bought the Walnut Restor-A-Finish due to having more walnut furniture in my house to use it on, would it still work to take out the scratches of the cherry RC-7?
  19. Thank you, Jim. I do plan on using the steel wool as the scratches are pretty severe. That's quite alright, though. I'll just stick with cherry. Klipsch speakers in walnut are just so damn sexy, though.
  20. So I want to use Howard's Restor a Finish to fix up an RC-7 in Cherry that has pretty bad scratches on the sides and bottom of the cabinet. But, I was curious if I used Walnut or Dark Walnut if it would actually change the Cherry stain into Walnut or will it just leave it slightly darker with dark filled in scratches?
  21. Congrats on the purchase! I love my Forte's(might get another pair soon since I can't find a decently priced Forte II or Chorus II in WO to match my WO Fortes). At first, it took me some time, though. I experimented with corner placement but ultimately ended up with facing directly forward 1.5' from the rear and side walls via this review recommendation http://www.soundstage.com/greg01.htm...distance between the speakers being the same distance from my seat. The Crites Titanium diaphragm upgrade is a must IMO. I left the mid horn diaphragm stock, though.
  22. What's a fair offer for a good condition Chorus II?
  23. Is that right? I've been seeing Forte's for 500+ and Forte II's for 700+ and Chorus II for 1k+ and yet I always read about all these great deals through internet searches and these forums. I feel like if I made an offer of $550 for the Forte II, they won't even bother responding due to low ball as they list 700-800 range. I guess only one way to find out. I'll make the low range offer first of $450, then go up to $550 max.
  24. Thank you for your response. Yes, you are right. All that matters is that I love the sound. I absolutely do. They are in phenomenal condition. Walnut Oil. Gorgeous. Placement has been tough, and I continue to experiment with it every week. I just wish I had the Forte II's for the larger mid horn, but a bit out of my price range right now. Maybe one day soon I'll find a pair in WO and use them as my mains and move these I's to the center and rear center b/c finding a single Forte seems impossible(can't even find a single Heresy either). Just not into paying 300+ for an Academy center. I had never bought or sold a pair of speakers missing the tags, so it's really the only reason I was curious as I tested the market and wondered why not a single person contacted me in the past month(assumed it was due to missing tags). I'll probably take them off craigslist now as my worries are all but gone and no one in the area seems interested. I do rant though. Thanks again!
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