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  1. 3 hours ago, jjptkd said:

    The original forte's seem to sell for a little lower, I'd say $350-$450 for the condition you describe. The forte II seem to command a bit more, $450-$550? Of course condition and location play major factors in price.



    Is that right? I've been seeing Forte's for 500+ and Forte II's for 700+ and Chorus II for 1k+ and yet I always read about all these great deals through internet searches and these forums.   I feel like if I made an offer of $550 for the Forte II, they won't even bother responding due to low ball as they list 700-800 range.  I guess only one way to find out.  I'll make the low range offer first of $450, then go up to $550 max.

  2. 3 hours ago, WMcD said:




    Thank you for your response.


    Yes, you are right. All that matters is that I love the sound.  I absolutely do.  They are in phenomenal condition.  Walnut Oil.  Gorgeous. Placement has been tough, and I continue to experiment with it every week.  I just wish I had the Forte II's for the larger mid horn, but a bit out of my price range right now.  Maybe one day soon I'll find a pair in WO and use them as my mains and move these I's to the center and rear center b/c finding a single Forte seems impossible(can't even find a single Heresy either). Just not into paying 300+ for an Academy center.


    I had never bought or sold a pair of speakers missing the tags, so it's really the only reason I was curious as I tested the market and wondered why not a single person contacted me in the past month(assumed it was due to missing tags). I'll probably take them off craigslist now as my worries are all but gone and no one in the area seems interested. 


    I do rant though. :)  Thanks again!

  3. I'll check it out when I can and take some photos. Really hope everything is original.  Wouldn't mind if the two 12's were Crites replacements or something, but nothing else other than original or else..or else I'll be very, very angry with the seller and I will write him a letter telling him how angry I am. :)


    I'm really new to this vintage speaker game.  Is it common to ask the seller to provide serials and photo proof of the parts? I've never thought about asking the seller to open up the speaker to show me all the parts are legit.  I wouldn't have known how to verify their legitimacy anyway. Do they have the PWK logo? 

  4. This is just from the 1 speaker that fell.  The cabinet is actually not bad, it's the grill that got the damage.  The other speaker is nearly flawless.



  5. 12 hours ago, T2K said:


    If the cabinet is not screwed up, they are well worth that price. Go listen to them. Don't worry about the white grills. I know where you can get a new pair of white grills cheap. Real cheap.


    I bought them.  Not a fan of them for the bedroom which is what I wanted them for so I could save room, but I suspect they'd sound better in the long living room paired with the KLF-10 and KLF-C7 front. At least, I hope they sound better.  Probably the last time I ever try dipole surrounds since I just don't need the audio to reach multiple rows, rather just me at the center.  I currently sit/lay in the null spot where they are right now.


    The grill on one of them is scratched up and bent at the bottom.  The cabinet itself is actually pretty okay. Some minor cracking in the white wrap and a slight bump, raise where it fell.  Sound quality is perfectly fine though and does sound great when you put your ear next to it, but like I said I sit in the null spot.  


    Where can I get a new white grill at T2K?  Really not liking the screw in-metal grill. Wish it was velcro.

  6. 10 minutes ago, Youthman said:

    My guess is he's buying them for $400.  :P

    No RF-7s. First pair I've ever seen decently close to me.  If that guy had them, he'd list them several hundred over the most expensive price on eBay is what I meant. 


    Oh well. I'm actually happy with my Forte's and just need to find a single Forte or Hersey or anything better to use as a center b/c I'm not sold on the Academy even though I've never heard one, but have had a KLF-C7 that I was unimpressed by.


    BTW Youthman.... I'm new to all of this, but I remember reading through your home theater build way back when I started.  I drooled over your set up man! Beautiful! I also think I saw your RF-7 crossover upgrade thread as well and was one of the first things I thought of when I saw these RF-7s listed for sale. 

  7. Sorry about that!  


    Thanks for all the heads up gents!


    $400 for RF-7s? Gee wiz...i never find anything in Houston.  There's just this one guy here who sells everything several hundred dollars more than average prices.

  8. So you're saying i should skip waiting for the complete new crossover and just send my current stock crossovers over to Bob to put new caps in?  He did tell me about that option but recommended to me that i should get the new crossovers built and that they were stock but higher quality parts, so i shouldn't really expect much of a sound quality upgrade with the newly rebuilt crossover?

  9. Thank you gents for the replies.


    I will try swapping the stock diaphragms back in and check with more songs. It might just be the source.


    Moray, the titanium just got better and better with time, that's why i was so excited to do it to these forte's but didn't realize i was going to need to do it to the mids. 


    IF i do get Crites new crossover upgrade(i have no soldering exp), that band pass/roll off won't be a problem if i also install the titanium midrange diaphragms? 


    If you had to choose, which would you do first?  The Crites new crossover or the midrange titanium diaphragms from klipsch? I don't currently have the funds for both assuming the midrange diapghragms from klipsch are a lot more expensive than the $61 after shipping i pay for the crites titanium's.



    One unrelated question.  Is it normal for these forte grills to sort of get loose?   I'll push the grills in nice and deep and then the next time i come look, one of the corners on both speakers is completely loose to where there is a gap showing.  They keep sliding out.  Way to fix this?

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  10. First, forgive all of my ignorance. I'm totally new to all things music and speakers. 


    So i've got a pair of Forte I's.  I purchased the Bob Crites Ti diaphragms for the tweeters about 4 days ago.  I noticed right away that i DIDN'T notice a difference compared to when i previously had put the titanium diaphragms in my KLF-10s.  When i did it on the KLF-10's, it was an incredible difference and i loved it and was the reason i wanted to do it for the Forte's.  These Forte's are the first and only pair i've heard with the separate mid and tweeter horns.  I've only listened to KLF-10's, KG 4's, and KG 3.2's previously. 


    So...after i realized i didn't hear a difference, i put my ear up right into the tweeter horn and i don't know if it's normal but i hear tons of "sssssssssssssss" sound coming from the tweeter(foobar 2000 24/96 or 24/192 FLAC but through a Yamaha RX-V665 in direct mode) and the only real sounds i hear coming out of it are basically cymbals whenever the song had them, and the rest of the time it was just quiet "ssssss" sound. It feels like 98% of the music comes from the midrange.  If that's the case, and i loved hearing the titanium diaphragm in KLF-10's where most of the sound came out of the one horn, will the same effect come with upgrading my midrange to titanium diapghrams? That same sound i heard from the KLF-10's is basically what i'll get with the midrange in my Fortes(bob crites said most people don't like it and usually go back to stock and that discouraged me and then i read some thread about also needing to do a bypass or something for the crossover).  



    1) Will upgrading the midrange to titanium on Forte's be pretty much the same effect i had previously been impressed with when i did it in the KLF-10s?


    2) Would i need to upgrade my crossover in order to do the midrange diaphragm upgrade?


    3) Would i be better off finding another pair of Forte's(or heresys, don't feel like i'd be justified paying so much for just an Academy center and i can't find one in WO) to use as front and rear center? Would that be money better spent than midrange diaphragm(+ crossover upgrade if needed)?

  11. Damn, so i did your suggestions and still i heard all sorts of issues. Turns out after a quick search, it's apparent for everyone on this album (Miles Davis - Kind of Blue). I was going crazy over a bad recording.  BUT, i also hear it a bit with Led Zeppelin - Mothership as well. Same sort of distorted sound at some points.  I guess forte's are just that revealing.  Not sure how i feel about that. 


    Anyway, sorry to derail the topic.  Good luck OP on finding the Chorus I's you're looking for!

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  12. There's a pair of I's in Dallas for $700(looks WO from photos) on ebay.  I'd make the drive from Houston to pick them up if the price was lower.  I was told around $800 should be the price for the II's(a pair just sold for $500 in San Antonio not too long ago. MISSED OUT). BUT, i do have forte's in WO that i would love to use as front and rear center channels to a pair of matching WO chorus mains. 


    Lately, and it might be due to the small room and placement and source(mostly 24b/96k FLAC from a Yamaha 7.2 AVR in direct mode), but these forte's are starting to sound a bit harsh and i can't figure out if one of the mid horn diaphragms is bad b/c it sounds horrible but i only hear it with certain songs.  Could it be the recordings?  I stopped toeing them in, and have them facing straight forward and it's helped with the harshness but the scratchy mid horn sound is still coming out mostly from the right speaker but sometimes from the left as well.  I THINK it's the mid diaphragms, but i ordered the Crites titanium diaphragms for the tweeter in hopes that it's that which was the problem.   They should arrive today.   


    Grizzog telling the OP to hold out for the Chorus II's because they sound like a completely different speaker makes me want to sell the forte's and get either a pair of Chorus II, Forte II, or Quartets because of the larger tractrix(sp?) horn.  Does that help with the harshness?


    (sorry for going off topic)

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