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  1. I love my Ares II. Transformed my digital library. I haven't listened through this many albums from start to finish in a long time. Glad to finally read some Ares II vs Pontus comparisons. I'm enjoying my Ares II, but certainly will consider moving up the Denafrips ladder if i see any come up used.
  2. Doh! I actually forgot to take my ebay ad down and it literally just got purchased. Upset with myself but have to honor it. I guess back to figuring out what happened to my bass without it. I dont want to end up integrating my sub but still lacking in punch from 80 down to where I cross the sub so I need to figure it out for sure. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  3. McIntosh MC7106, got 3 channels bridged to 320wpc for the CF-3, and KV4, BUT i don't remember if i had 1v input sensitivity or 2.5v. I have it at 2.5 v right now. Not sure i understand how to use that. Funny thing about that perception and all...either this device i just added made a huge difference or my mind is getting used to sans subwoofer lows. So i added a Black Ice Audio FOZ-SSX Soundstage Expander between my power amp and the pre(previously used it between DAC and pre-can be used between any source). It acts as a distortion-less tube buffer with dimension control and bass eq. Originally purchased for that dimension control. For making my narrow room set up feel wider and for making long wall, wide set up narrow. The CF-3's already have a great center image, but it's fun fine tuning with a knob. Neat little device designed by Jim Fosgate. I actually just put it up for sale, but maybe it's best to keep around. Anyway, I turned up the BASS EQ and left the dimension at 0. Turned on some tunes, and i got low end all through out the house. Was shocked and wondered if it's just my perception getting used to it. So last night, i watched a show in full range stereo to continue to get my dac burned in and i noticed really nice low end during action scenes. That was without this device and same set up where i couldn't get bass-my immediate thought was something is wrong with my pc settings. Added the foz-ssx b4 trouble shooting anything. I'm playing with the bass eq right now and turning it back to 12'oclock still gives me plenty of low end without feeling bloated like the bass trim selections on the pre amp. Full bass eq almost overwhelms the room. I'll remove the device tomorrow and see if my mind really did get used to full range again or the device helped that much which leaves me wondering how i got such impressive bass before. I remember describing to @wvu80 as overwhelming bass.
  4. Full range. Well. Small.. The MX120 in pure stereo plays with the sub, and 2 channel mode plays full range whether the speaker is set to large or small. Its the same set up ive always had. Only difference is before with hdmi dac, I used external inputs which allowed me to use a subwoofer dsp on foobar2000 and I had it integrated really well. Now that I got a new dac, the sub dsp won't work with 2 channel mode. In pure stereo, i can set the speakers to large without the sub and probably then I can add the sub through foobar. I just don't have a screen with components so I need to look at component video to hdmi converters to access the set up. As is, 2 channel feels too weak bass and pure stereo with sub is too overwhelming and sub or bass trim doesn't sound good Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  5. Its strange because I had 320 wpc bridged via a McIntosh amp and my CF3s were beefy and I had all the bass I could want. I then unbridged and went back to 100wpc but trying to integrate my RSW15 sub. Enjoyed that for a while but now I went back to 320wpc without the sub and I feel like my bass is really weak and the drivers are barely waking up at moderate levels. Strangest thing. Ive been so bugged about it for the past few days. Is it all perception? I got used to a subwoofer that the normal full range of the cf3 just isn't enough or is it some setting i must have changed. I dont know and still trying to figure it out, but they sound beautiful in the midrange with my new dac and even the top end is, but the bass is really weak. Plugged my power amp straight to wall from my non current limiting power conditioner and no difference. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  6. I wasn't too impressed with the musicality of modern AVRs so I purchased a McIntosh MX120(was looking for MX119), both the mx119 and mx120 focused on 2ch with surround as an added bonus. This was Mac made as well and not rebranded Marantz AVRs like the the MX series that followed. Of course these are pres so you'd still need your power amps. But, i chose this route along with an HDMI Dac from Essense. The Evolve II-4k with 8ch analog out to the older Mac avr. Added a cheap 4k hdr hdmi switcher and now I have all my 4k hdr devices and tv hooked up and external inputs on the mac play uncompressed original files. 5.1 is all I need though. Had a 6th rear channel with this set up too but sold that speaker. If you need more channels, you need another option. I just wanted modern hdmi audio pass-through and video with a musical AVR and added another dac for music, but I still use the HDMI dac for multichannel music too. The HDMI dac is actually pretty good for 2ch music too, but slightly too much digital glare, like the built in Mac dac, so I added a tube buffer to the left and right analog outputs from the hdmi dac and I was quite pleased, but I wanted more so went with a separate dac for music. Just an option and route for you to consider. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  7. Very sad news. He was the man. RIP Mr. Crites.
  8. Yes he can recap the Epic speakers but that's all he'll do on them. Not sure what I'd get with SoniCaps or if there's even a need to recap. These caps on the CF don't go out of spec like the vintage heritage caps im told? Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  9. Deans done? Well through the years it seems he always eventually returns. JEM only does heritage according to email response, so a no go on the Epic line of speakers. I wonder if they consider the Forte/Chorus/KLF/KG speakers heritage? I'll probably hold off on the crossover work for these cf3s and spend a lot of time researching going active. If anything id like a Jubescala set up with some split la scalas/k510. Easiest route to meet my 2 way desire. The cf3 would need a new motorboard cut out or cut into the original for the 2 " wider K510 plus start active crossover from scratch which i have no idea where to begin. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  10. My ears understand Deans work for my Klipschorns and i'd go back to him before getting those Klipsch approved caps. Same for La Scalas/Belles. For CW or Hersey or Forte or Chorus or KLF, etc, i'd for sure go that approved route considering the low cost.
  11. I'm also curious why replacing heritage vintage caps with the new poly caps just bc they are klilsch approved for their current speakers is right to replace but the rest of the network is using different parts than the current models aslo. Aren't PIO caps closer to the original than the new yellow poly caps? One simply not Klipsch approved equals not original sound, the other is Klipsch approved which equals original sound? Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  12. It had issues before and and the center amp had failed on it already, so something happened and now i think only 1 amp works on it. It was a nice sounding unit. I since got an HDMI DAC that basically adds all the bells and whistles of future proof that the Marantz SR7007 didn't have, but instead of repair, i purchased a McIntosh MX120 preamp in combination with my HDMI DAC+4kHDMI switch. That Essence Evolve II-4K DAC really helped me open up options of using older, better built legacy AVR's with all the modern things i need like HDR and uncompressed audio rather than buy an overpriced AVR every time the tech advances. You shouldn't have anything to worry about bi-amping with your rear channels on your Denon.
  13. Even preferable using wire. I took my stock jumpers and use thick guage speaker wire. I'm really interested in bi-amping soon though to see if that does anything for me.
  14. CF-3 version 1 here with dual 10's. You might require more power for these CF-4's. They're not as efficient as their listed rating apparently. I've never bi-amped them myself, but i can barely get the drivers moving and the bass sounds really weak with the 100wpc i use on my McIntosh amp. It's not until i bridge my amp to 320wpc that i really get those drivers moving and the bass comes in. I did first have these set up in corners and the bass was overwhelming and that was just using a Marantz SR7007 back then...might have bi amped come to think of it and blew my Marantz amps, but now i have a 6ch MC7106 that can be bridged to 3x 320wpc or 2x 320wpc + 2x 100wpc or 1x 320wpc +4x 100wpc. I'm now experimenting with using 100wpc to my mains and surrounds and 320wpc to my center and using my RSW-15 to fill in the bass for 2ch. I've always found it difficult to integrate a sub into your 2ch set up, but a basic 80hz crossover and the RSW-15 is blending in nicely. Point is, don't give up if you can't really get those drivers moving with the Denon. Even if it's a version 2 or 3, they're really great all around speakers.
  15. So those yellow capacitors used on all the newer Klipsch models are going to be Klipsch approved even for the Epic CF-3, and CF-4 series and matching KV-4 center? These seem so different to the heritage products. Do the caps on the CF-3/4 even need to be replaced? Do they go out of spec like the heritage caps? EDIT: for those wondering JEM only works on the heritage line
  16. So there goes that option. I was just interested in using "premium" parts to get every bit of quality as I could. Still haven't heard the CWIV, but coming from Klipschorns to the CF-3 version. 1, I've learned i prefer 2 way for my personal taste. So my only options are 1. staying put and upgrade gear 2. Go active crossover w/k510 3. Ki-396 - ugly pro speaker 4. Wait for used La Scala+k510 Jubescala. 5. JUBE LF+K510 cant do massive k402 Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  17. I'd probably try and figure out a way to go active 2 way with the K510 and large format driver before all that. My 6 ch McIntosh MC7106 would lend itself very well to that project. I could bridge 320wpc to the LF and 100wpc to each HF or tube amp. The issue is not having a clue how to do an electronic crossover. Its my understanding roy gave the active settings for the Jubilee or using the k402 with la scala lf and people just tweeked from there. Could be wrong and it could be easier than expected? Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  18. My mistake, Bob did tell me he CAN replace the caps, but that's it. "First the crossover cannot be built on a separate board. The factory board used interactions between closely spaced parts as part of it’s tuning. All I can do is replace the capacitors. I cannot replace other parts as that would effect the tuning and I cannot modify one crossover type into another type for the same reason." Modifying was in reference to me asking if he could turn a CF-4 V2 network back to V1 and i would have added the longer port tube. I'm curious if madisound would be able to do that "board interaction between closely spaced parts" with their own board @314carpenter? Bob mentioned it's a very complex crossover.
  19. Sounds great, but i don't think either of those are the schematic for the version 1 CF-3 which i can't seem to find. There seems to be a lot of confusion on CF-4 and CF-3 schematics from what i've seen in the past. EDIT: Both of those schematics are 100% NOT version 1 or version 2 as the red/black wire is noted. I'll keep looking, but i don't think v1 is around anywhere.
  20. Haven't heard of JEM, here as in where you live or here on the forums?
  21. Ive seen some on ebay offering work on any speaker and any brand. Cant link as its been a while, but I wonder if someone on ebay offering services could get it done professionally. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  22. Same for you? Cant get yours worked on? Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  23. I seem to recall Bob replying to me that he doesn't work on these when I first got my pair. Dean If I recall correctly, told me they were a pain in the *** and he wasn't doing them anymore. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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