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  1. I am in love with these La Scalas and would like to found out "how they did it" finiis, veneer (oak?), grill support and all the other details. This is the look I am after for my really beat up 1976 La Scalas. Thanks to all.
  2. This is a newbie question. How does one remove the crossover from the cabinet? I don't see any screws or the like. Does the mid range horn need to come out too? Thanks in advance.
  3. I use both iTunes and JRiver Media Center 22. Learning JRiver is certainly a challenge for me but I work at it slowly but surely. I'd recommend sticking with JRiver. I run both on the Mac OS.
  4. I have an XDA-1 feeding two UPA-1s and like the combo a lot. B
  5. My La Scalas (with new tweeters) are holding up a desk at work while my man cave is being finished. I have a Mac mini running iTunes that is directly driving a D 60. It is really surprising satisfying and about as simple a system as they come. Love the La Scalas.
  6. I like the look. I wonder if they were painted black first, and whether the top piece is sold wood or veneered. B
  7. I have dents and deep gouges. The listening room is also my man cave above the garage. I am not planning to spill on them but counter top white seems more appropriate than a wood veneer. As I understand it I need a flat clean surface so bonds and sanding seem to be in my future. They do sound good to my ears. I am switching out my Magnapan MMGs. If anyone has a photo of a white "formica" covered LS I'd like to see it. Regards to all.
  8. I am rethinking my refurb program for my tatty LSs. I am enjoying the Crites 120 very much. These are going to end up in an informal space and I am thinking of filling the dents and covering them with a laminate. Does anyone have an example of a white or black formica covered LS to direct my thinking. Thanks
  9. He certainly seems to have the capacity for time travel:)
  10. Thanks for all the advice. I bought a pair of CT 120s from Bob Crites.
  11. I have looked at B Crites repair sequence and a youtube video. I think K77 tweeter repair is within my skill set comfort zone. Is it wise to replace both at the same time even if only one is broken and is the SimplySpeakers the right part to get or are there choices. Thx.
  12. I am finally finishing the space above my garage. The space will not be a formal living room style space but more of a man-cave. The space is mine alone, no need to compromise, so speakers will be a really big part of the decor. 2 channel, no TV, wood stove, woodworking bench, my grand-pa's hand tools on display. It will be a play room for me mostly and of course my grandson. Listen to music and read mostly. I think milk paint in light orange will go well with pigeon gray walls. I have two sets of "klipsch corners" along the short walls. Not quite sure which set to use first. The corners look like this:
  13. Bruce, The beingnets have just a hint of chicory in them, the coffee is light roast, and you can order shrimp and grits for breakfast. I am in St Paul, MN but it is a town along the big river. I am looking your refurb thread. Has anyone started a gallery on finishes on birch as opposed to veneer finishes? I am thinking a milk paint may be nice. It should show the grain, and hide the blemishes. It looked like the doghouse panels are glued and nailed and not screwed together. Is there a thread on how Klipsch built them? Bob
  14. When I did my visual inspection I pulled some very small acorn caps and dried leaves from the woofer horn and I worried that there might be music lovers living in the dog house. That is mouse scat on the seam. I opened them up and everything looks good so I am relieved about that. Is there any way to test the crossovers to see if they are in spec? The cabs have a few dents and chips and scratches etc. I suppose paint is the best choice. Has anyone just rubbed a oil finish on somewhat dirty birch ply and had it come out looking good?
  15. As suggested in the thread above I stuffed socks into the midrange and one tweeter is definitely not working. Also as suggested I brought donuts and coffee for the crew, plz enjoy, viz:
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