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  1. All these songs were killed in the summertime during various points of time during my youth: Jerry Rafferty - Baker Street Paul McCartney - Listen to what the Man Says Cars - Its Magic (Summer, it turns you upside down) Sly & the family Stone - Hot fun in the Summertime Van Halen - Running with the Devil Heart - Barracuda Don Henley - Boys of Summer Young Rascals - Groovin Lovin Spoonful - Summer in the City UB 40 - Red Red Wine Bob Seger - Fire Lake And there's more I'm sure if I think about it some more...
  2. I'm reminded of a classic line from one of Rodney Dangerfields movies: "If you want to look thin, hang around with fat people!". Thus, if I'm feeling down about my inability to spell, I'll venture into the Klipsch forum and seek out one of Craig's posts! []
  3. Would you guys all please just stop it. Just about every time Alan posts, my list of "I've gotta buy this" for my record collection keeps getting longer. I can't afford to hand around this forum anymore! []
  4. Ignore stupidity; challenge ignorance. Whilst your post straddles that fence, I find the Twain quote refreshing. Thank you. Here's another quote, or paraphrase, depending on which version of the Good Book you have: "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." A little patience, tollerance and charity go a long way.
  5. About 5 months ago I sold my V15 III because I needed the cash. I had the opportunity to pick up an M97XE rencently, nearly new, for a song. While I can't in fairness, do a propper A/B, my take is that the M97 is a fine cartridge that competes well with other products in it's price range, but its no V15. The V15 had a smoothness and an extension that sets it apart from the current M97. That being said, if I had $150 to 200 to spend on a new cartridge, I'd have trouble spending it on a V15. I think there are carts out there, like the Denon cartridge that folks post about here, that would seem a better value, and better long term option.
  6. You just know that the VW Microbus could be the only vehicle associated with something like this.
  7. Wuzzer - glad to hear you're diggin' the Cambridge. Damn fine player for the $$$.
  8. Nice score. Congratulations. Do post back when you get them, and let us know what you think.
  9. Is Jim having his period?
  10. Why these are still sitting there I have no idea. I don't need them, and I'm still tempted to snap them up. The RB-5 is a gem!
  11. Is it Canada, the fishing in Canada, or the Canadian beer that is the cure for what ails you? [] Things get a little better every day, but you don't miss him any less. Take care of yourself!
  12. I spotted this on A'gon a few days ago. This is a sweet little player. If your budget will allow a bit of a stretch, you can't go wrong here. Cambridge
  13. Larry was a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. I'm glad the 730 has found a good home!
  14. You'll want to pick up a product called De-Oxit. It is specifically meant to clean things like switches and pots. GIve all the switches and pots a good spray, and then work the pots and switches back and forth. It might also make sense on the pots to push down slightly as you rotate the pot clockwise, and pull slightly turning as you turn counter-clockwise. You amy need to spray and twist several times before you finally clean each pot or switch fully.
  15. Paul - did you ask him if he's got a list of all his records? []
  16. http://detroit.craigslist.org/ele/163358536.html I dont' know the seller, etc., etc. Let me know if anyone wants me to check this out. I spoke to the seller last week, and he has a turntable I might go grab. My understanding is that the gear he's selling came out of a restaurant/bar that closed. It's supposed to be in OK shape.
  17. Oh, holy cr@p! That's not a turntable, that's an audio engineer's cocaine induced wet dream. For all the $$$ and all that effort, the results bloody better be nothing less than stunning (it sounds like they were). Max - when I win the lotto, I'll buy one of these and fly you over to check it out.
  18. http://detroit.craigslist.org/ele/160292189.html Not a bad price either. If I wasn't tapped out right now, I'd go get 'em. I don't know the seller, etc., etc....
  19. Yes, everything (lights, switches, etc.) works fine. No static on volume pot, tone, balance or function controls. I'll try to post some photos later today. Side shot, shot of the top, and one showing the imperfections on the face plate.
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