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  1. In a two quick words.....It's hogwash. Definitely take Craig's word on this. He's certainly an expert, as I suspect he's washed more than his share of hogs living up there in Burton. [] Seriously, the first time I heard my RF-7's on any amp south of 100 WPC, they were being driven by a pair of Craig's VRD's, and they sounded SUPERB!
  2. My take: its not the amount of watts, but the quality of the amplification, that makes the difference. My RF-7's are living quite happily right now with a 30 WPC tube/hybrid amp. Its ability to deliver stable amplification, with reasonably high current draw, gives it an edge over another of other amps, even higher WPC amps, that I have listened to.
  3. Larry - go to the bottom on the pic and scroll right.
  4. Now that the Grado Gold Stylus is sold, the "whole enchilada" price is now $75, including shipping to the continental US.
  5. I've got an older Grado M+ cartridge in excellent condition, and also a number of compatible styli, that are also either lightly used or barely used. According to Grado's web site, the Silver stylus is the current day equivalent replacement stylus, however all will work and all sound just fine with the M+ body. Need to sell to offset another recent stylus purchase. I'm willing to sell the styli separately, or someone can purchase the whole enchilada. I'll list the prices for each stylus separately: the current new price (according to Garage-a-Records web site) will be shown, then my asking price. I'm pretty sure I still have the little jewel boxes that each stylus came in. To purchase the cartridge body with one of the styli, add $20. Gold stylus - lightly used, maybe 15 hours max. New: $90 My price: $60 (SOLD!) Silver stylus - barely used, maybe 5 hours max. New: $75 My price: $50 Blue Stylus - barely used, maybe 3 hours max. New: $40 My price: $30 The whole enchilada: $135. All prices include shipping within the continental USA.
  6. The RF-62 is the way to go for speakers. It should handle whatever music you might choose to throw at it. Not sure what your budget is from there, but my suggestion would be to skip the subwoofer and spend the extra $$$ on quality electronics. The Yamaha looks like 7.1 channels worth of HT amplification. You're only building a 2 channel system, so you're paying for extra bells and whistles you don't need. Take that same $500 and buy yourself a good quality integrated amp. Maybe something like this, which is a good, entry level integrated amp? I think you'd be surprised with the bass that the 62's will generate on their own, without a subwoofer, provided they have good amplification.
  7. RF-7's would certainly do the job if they are in your budget.
  8. WHELL; DUH! That was my plan from a year back to get you out for a Blueberry listen and make a few bucks off ya. [] So! It was all about you, huh?! Well, what about MY needs? []
  9. Mark: Just spotted this over at the Asylum. Something tells me its not legit...? The links in the post are dead, anyway. Asylum post
  10. What's the hybrid? Its an AMC CVT2030s. Its been in my system for almost 2 weeks now, and it is pro'ly the best sounding amp I've owned.
  11. That is at least the meaning that some have affixed to the term. For whatever reason, the term "audiophile" has become rather inflammatory; in some cases, especially in this forum, it amounts to a slur which seems to be directed at those who invest an amount in their stereo (or whatever) which either exceeds or is perceived to exceed the forum average. Other acts which result in the scarlet letter include professing a belief that the use of certain components result in an improvement in the sound of one's system in the absence of quantifiable data confirming the same. These acts generally go hand in hand with the perception that the "audiophile" lacks either the ability or common sense (or both) to know any better. The irony, of course being that the "audiophile," in this scenario, is also perceived as being one who believes that he or she possesses some degree of refinement is his or her pursuit of audio reproduction. That, of course, is a corruption of the original definition, but represents the reality of the phrase in many many corners of the hobby (which is probably your point in asking the question). It is probably fair to ask whether that reflects more poorly on the audiophile or on the utterer of the phrase. Agree with this for the most part. The definition of the word "is what it is". The definition is meant to provide an objective description or standard. Our experiences and biases add color to the objective standard: sometimes positive, sometimes purjortive. Audiophile is often a word that gets colored with a pretty broad brush.
  12. OK, if the truth be told, I also just picked up a tube hybrid amp from another forum member. I'm liking it ALOT. The Trends are, for now, sitting on the shelf.
  13. You're a stick in the mudvayne anymore. How did you get so old so young? Possibly by listening to tube amps designed and built in mid Michigan? []
  14. Why haven't I upgraded to K-horns? Let's see... Money. And, um, money. And, oh yeah, money.
  15. Further to Bill's point: I've had my RF-7's driven by a variety of amps. I've liked a great many, others I couldn't wait to get rid of. Among those that I've liked are Monarchy SM-70's, Carver M1.0T, and even a vintage Sansui G-9000. Among those I didn't care for was a late model B&K amp (model number I don't recall), and a late model Marantz receiver; SR-19 EX. My current amp is a tube/MOSFET hybrid that I purchased from another forum member. Of those amps that I've owned, this one by far and away provides the most pleasing results. To underscore the point, I would suspect that your RF-7's are capable of revealing deficiencies in your amplification that the Bose cubes cannot. This is NOT to say your current Pioneer is "bad", but the speakers that you own demand more of the upstream equipment to perform at their best.
  16. Knee Deep in the Hoopla a debut album for Jefferson Starship? Nah. I think that was the album that marked Jefferson Starship changing their name to, simply, Starship. This was due to founding member Paul Kantner leaving the band, and then taking legal action against his former band mates over their desire to continue to use the name "Jefferson Starship". Thus, the "Hoopla" album marked a simple name change, but was not exactly a debut.
  17. Tonight is Genesis night on the turntable. The "Duke" album just wrapped up, and now I'm spinning "Invisible Touch". I had not listened to either of these albums in a while, particularly the latter, because the heavy rotation that the music has received on FM have made me sick to death of these albums. Well, lo and behold, I can across a sealed copy of Invisible Touch on Monday. Sacrilege: I opened it an decided to give it a spin. Well, even though I have about every lyric and chord memorized on most of the songs on this album, I am amazed how good fresh vinyl can sound: to the point of reviving interest in the music that I thought FM played into the ground. Along with fantastic production values on this album, I'd long forgotten that, for example, the FM version of the song "Tonight Tonight" bears only a passing resemblance to the album version. The instrumental portion of the song is edited out of the FM version, no doubt due to time constraints. So, have you dragged out anything lately that you thought you'd never play again?
  18. Try them with the CW's. Also, I'd let the amp play a solid day or two before rendering judgment. I left mine on a local FM station for a couple of days - with me out of the room during the 2 days - before I did any critical listening.
  19. Don't bother. When I was in retail and sold camping equipment 20 years ago, I was selling $500 excursion tents to upscale soccer moms who were buying a tent for their kids backyard sleep over, and turning up their noses at the $75 model. Camping gear is already, apparently, trendy.
  20. As is quite often the case, good things come in small packages!
  21. I ran the Creek OBM-8 directly into the Trends tonight. I really does seem that the Carver is "heating up" the high end just a bit. The sound seems to smooth out and warm up just a bit. I liked it, but I still need the Carver to do my source switching for me.
  22. I haven't, but now that you mention it, I really should. I listen to mostly vinyl on this system, so I'll either plug the phono pre in directly, or plug the Phillips in directly, and see what happens. I'll let you know what happens. Thanks for the suggestion!
  23. Since the original thread on this topic was "hi-jakced" on this forum, I wrote a review of the amp and posted it here: http://audiokarma.org/forums/showthread.php?t=112168
  24. Hmmm...post has now been removed from Craigslist.
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