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  1. Well hells bells, all this tech talk is truly fascinating, but I'm listening to the little Trends again tonight, and I'm still thinking it sounds pretty darn great. I've got the Honky Chataeu SACD playing, and it certainly has the RF-7's singing sweetly. FYI, if any of you are thinking about springing for one of these, the Audiomagus.com site is saying the the manufacturer is raising the prices on these after May 31.
  2. So, mine is not the most high - end, resolving system in the world, but I decided to give it a whirl and hook up a little Trend in my set up and see what happened. I found a guy selling one used on A'gon, and got it delivered for $100. It arrived today, and after opening the box, I had the little guy connected and making music in less than 5 minutes. So, preamp is a Carver CT-17 pre-tuner, sources are a Phillips DVD 963SA with the power supply cap upgrade, a Technics 1210M5G with an Ortofon X5-MC, and a 2nd turntable - a old Pioneer PL-600 with an Ortofon OM20 Super (what I'm listening to as I type this). Speakers are RF-7's, unmodded. I dropped Alan Parsons "Turn of a Friendly Card" album on the Pioneer, dropped the needle, and....um....Wow! The comments about bass in earlier threads, they are for real. This little midget amp can get the RF-7's thumping, and the bass is clean, not muddy or boomy. Pretty amazing for such a little box. The little Trend has a non-euphonic, articulate midrange. Not the most forward amp I've heard, but it is smooth in its own way, wihout being veiled or unnatural. I've had amps in my system that have the RF-7's cooking on high - much to high - in the treble. While the highs are certainly pronounced, they are not fatiguing. I am starting to now wonder what a Dean G mod might really do to my RF-7's. Ugh, more $$! I've got more listening to do, but I really, really like what I'm hearing so far!
  3. I don't see why it wouldn't work. In your scenario, each amp is fed the output of a single channel, and the amp's right / left channels respectively would be connected to the top / bottom sets of binding posts for each speaker? Sounds like a fun experiment. Post your results, as I'll be interested in the outcome.
  4. Many of the "S" shaped tonearms where based on the Stevenson alignment method. You can download a free alignment protractor that should get you in the ballpark of correctly aligning your cartridge on the Marantz. Click on the link below, and scroll down the page to find the Stevenson alignment gauge. http://www.vinylengine.com/manuals_tonearm_protractors.shtml
  5. OK, you guys convinced me. I just plunked down some cash and have a Trend on the way. Should be here middle of next week.
  6. No offense intended here, but it sounds like a money pit. The 299, and potentially the 310C, will each need work to sound their best. Unless you're familiar with this type of work and can do it safely yourself, be prepared to spend lots of extra money to get those units back up to snuff. Then again, if you truly are interested in having restored vintage gear, it might be work it. But, I thought this thread started with a desire to get into vinyl for under $200?? Speaking of vinyl, the 1229 is an idler wheel design. Usually these need some maintenance of the drive mechanism, and the parts are not always readily available. Again, be prepared to spend some $$ to get the table back to operating condition, if it has not been recently worked on or maintained.
  7. If I could get a local Dual 505 for $40, and I'd never owned a record or put needle to vinyl before in my life, I'd go the 505 route first before spending much on anything else. Curious about the stylus comment, but you can always upgrade that and stay under $200 for the whole deal in the process. I'm assuming you have a preamp, integrated, or receiver that has a dedicated phono section. Then, play some records. Find out whether you're going to love the sound of records, or whether you can't stand the inconvenience of spinning vinyl. Once you decide to get in or get out of collecting vinyl and playing records, then you can worry about what direction your vinyl rig and associated equipment will take later on.
  8. I envy you. I just can't seem to catch a break lately. We've had a couple of nice weather weekends in a row, but at least one daughter has been sick for the past week and a half. Next weekend, one of the twins goes back into the hosptial for a procedure and some tests. So, I'm hoping I get some free time to listen to music, or do whatever, sometime in mid 2009!! [:'(] ...and one of these days I still want to get over and check out your Scalas!
  10. VRD's sounding solid state? I guess it depends on what characteristic of SS you're referring to. I've had the chance to listen to Craig's amps on 3 occasions: 2 at the AK fest, and once at Audio Flynn's for a more extended period. I don't know that I'd characterize them as SS. Maybe fully "tube-ish", with a low end capability that is reminiscent of some of the better SS amps. I arrived at the Fest late on Sunday, which was the earliest I could get away. I wanted to see as many rooms as I could in the short period of time that I had, but I did get to Craigs room a couple of times, and things were pretty consistent with the other experiences that I had. Some of the SS gear that I'm used to hearing, including some of my own unfortunately, can impart some "brittleness" to the highs. I hear none of this with the VRD's.
  11. Well, the easiest thing to do in any football loss is blame the quarterback. Trust me on this one, I'm a Detroit Lions fan, and we've been blaming the quarterback for about 40 years. What I saw yesterday, though, was a team loss. Sure, Grossman will never be a hall of fame QB. But the vaunted Chicago Bears defense couldn't get Payton and company off the field. There was almost a full quarter of the game - the last 1/2 of the 2nd quarter and the 1st half of the 3rd quarter - that the Chicago offense never got onto the field. The Chicago running game was also stuffed throughout the game: a running game which has kept the Bears from losing more games this season. I'll never be a Rex Grossman fan, but there should be about 40 more guys in Bears uniforms who share equally in that loss.
  12. Interesting replies so far, particularly the exhaustive list of Audiogon items. Thanks!
  13. Looking for a phono pre, and I'm open to used. I'd like to find something south of $200, and solid state. Ideally, it will have facilites for two turntable inputs, like the NAD PP-2, through this is not a deal breaker. An output level control would be ideal as well. Support for MC is not required. Suggestions?
  14. Here's something a bit out of left field, but I picked this up about a year ago, and I can't say enough about it. Amp 3300R I've had to hooked up to both my RF-3's and my RF-7's, and it really makes them sing. The amp has absolute control over the speakers for bass reproduction, has a bit of a warm, forward presentation, and a detailed high end with a very nice finish. The distribution channel on the C.E.C. line of amps is a bit limited, unlike their more popular and well respected CD's/transports. For what you get with this little gem, the price is right. Retailers in the US that I'm aware of are: http://www.venushifi.com/ http://www.soundmindaudio.com/
  15. When listening to my car radio, I'll usually signal for a left turn before swtiching over the the NPR station.
  16. I've heard of this before, but its been anecdotal. Check out post #10 here: http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/showthread.php?postid=159970 And here: http://www.polkaudio.com/forums/showthread.php?t=44220
  17. My system, to some, would absolutely suck. To others, who have a clock radio as a reference point, it would be a revelation. Such is the diversity of life.
  18. Not a thing. Updating your profile is different than creating/updating your forum signature. A "signature" is the text that automatically popualtes the end of your forum message.
  19. Buy 'em ASAP. If you don't care for them, you can resell them for a tidy profit.
  20. Well, I'm sure that all of you were just dying to to know what decision I, the absolute king of indecision and procrastination, came up with for the new turntable of choice. Between the Rega and the Technics, I choose... ....wait for it..... ...its coming.... ...here it is....... ...NEITHER! That's right. My decision is to hold on to the Thorens TD 145 that I have owned for a while. It does have a faint 60 hz hum, louder when the motor isn't running, very faint when the platter is spinning. I'm going to try to sort this out over time. My suspicion is that it will need to be rewired (which looks darn near impossible to do on the TP-16 arm), from the tonearm leads out to the interconnects, as I've checked all the contact points and they look OK. The other issue is that the anti skating is shot. However, the old tried and true method of "manual anti -skating", tipping very slightly the side of the turntable opposite the tonearm, does help a bit. Allan and Rick suggested replacing the tonearm on it, and I suspect this would cure both the hum and the anti skate issue in one fell swoop. However, I think I'm going to ride it out a bit with the table as is, and maybe upgrade the cartridge for now. To cement the decision, I stopped by Home Depot and picked up a piece of half inch thick MDF, and had them cut it to size to replace the flimsy pressboard bottom plate. The Analog Dept suggests using plywood, but this stuff seems pretty dense, heavy and inert to me. Finally, for the cartridge upgrade, since I have the OM10 Super mounted on it now (I've actually got a couple of spare headshells so I can mess with different cartridges), I'll save my pennies and upgrade to the OM 30 or 40 Super. I've got an older Grado cartridge too, and according to Grado's site the replacement stylus is the Silver. I might try that at some point too. Thanks for all your suggesions. I did learn a thing or two on this thread!
  21. Right back at ya! Hope you have a great 2007!
  22. I don't know about drudgery, but my thought is risky. I've seen the info on that website, and alot of it is more than I feel confortable attempting. That is why I think a new table is most appealing, to me anyway.
  23. And the winner is: I don't know yet. The responses here are about 50/50. I've always thought that my old Pioneer DD table, which is starting to show its age, was one of the better sounding tables I've had - and I've had some decent belt drive tables (my current Thorens TD-145 for example). I'm leaning to the Technics, but some of the arguments here and elsewhere are giving me pause. I can't imagine a Rega P3 being all that much of an uprgrade from a TD-145. Why not uprgade the arm/cartridge of the 145 instead? You can get one of those purpose built mounting plates for a VARIETY of arms for about $40 and then try a Rega or an SME (both would be a MAJOR step up from the stock Thorens arm) and a nice MC cartridge. I think you'd get a MUCH bigger bang for the buck doing this than buying a new table. Makes sense. However, I've had about zero expereince with this kind of work. I'm concerned that I might turn the Thorens into a paperweight. That said, the problem with the Thorens is that is now has a ground hum that won't go away. I suspect the arm needs to be rewired. Is there anywhere on the net that has step by step instructions about how to do this type of work?
  24. And the winner is: I don't know yet. The responses here are about 50/50. I've always thought that my old Pioneer DD table, which is starting to show its age, was one of the better sounding tables I've had - and I've had some decent belt drive tables (my current Thorens TD-145 for example). I'm leaning to the Technics, but some of the arguments here and elsewhere are giving me pause.
  25. FYI - I corrected the original post. The comparison is btw the P3 and the Technics, not the P2.
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