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  1. No kidding, I've noticed that.
  2. That's the nice thing about classic Klipsch, they are always in demand.
  3. Serendipitously, a pair of KLF 30s just popped up an hour away from me, so going to give them a go and possibly save my self many thousands of dollars. Seem like a nice mix or Forte and RF7, double woofer plus the horn mid. I'm sure I'll making an order from Bob Crites too.
  4. Ha, chest not breasts, although that'd be cool too. The RF7 are can be had for at least $1500 less than Cornwalls. Not make or break, but hey, $1500 buys a butt load of records. Amp choices are 225 watt Bryston 4B and 90 watt Yamaha AS-1000. Obviously the former has monstrous power, but the Yamaha is just dead quiet and more articulate. My current speakers are 91db and the Yamaha only begins to strain at levels I probably shouldn't be listening at. I would imagine at 101db it will have no problems at all. The Bryston never strains. Local used store has several options too, Carver, Adcom, Marantz.
  5. Ha, yea, I'm sure they all sound fantastic.
  6. Tough call between the KG and Forte. I think the KGs were probably a little better for rocking out but Fortes presented a nicer picture, and they rocked pretty good too.
  7. Hello all. Would like to hear relative merits of the above mentioned speakers. I listen mostly to progressive/alternative rock/old metal (Genesis, Yes, AIC, Radiohead, Black Sabbath, etc), some jazz here and there. Not much pop music. Use both digital and LP sources. Room is about 16' wide by 32' deep. Sit about 8-10' feet from speakers. I enjoy a big soundstage and life like representation of drums/percussion is very important. Like to feel the slam of the bass drum right in my chest. Have/had Forte I and KG4s so those are my Klipsch points of reference. Also, if anyone knows where i can audition these speakers in PA, MD, Central NY state, I'd appreciate it. I'm right in the middle of PA which is a hi-fi wasteland. Thanks a lot!
  8. Of course it is as far away from me as possible! May still be worth it, thanks for the heads up.
  9. Posted a WTB a few weeks ago. Found a pair of Mirage OM-10 local for $200 so I scarfed those up. "Omnipole" so they actually work quite well for the living room where there are several people or I'm puttering about. Also found one Heresy II that works just fine but needs some TLC on the cabinet. So looking for a single Heresy, condition not critical, to pair up. Willing to pay for shipping to 16801 if you can help me out. Thanks, Derrick
  10. Those are purty. I might be tempted to do that finish on the Heresys. Is that a Yamaha AS-1000? Have one of those myself, how do the Heresys like them?
  11. Do it. That's a great deal. It is done. Just have to wait til the 14th to pick it up. Think I'll spiff it up, find a mono capable receiver and hook a bluetooth up to it until I find a mate for it.
  12. Found a single, kinda beat up Heresy II for $40, so there is a start.
  13. I'd have to measure. Foresters are not as long as Outbacks by quite a margin although they are a bit taller. I bet they will fit in your Forester! I haul a pair of La Scala's around in my '05 Outback quite often (with one inch to spare). I think the Forester is actually just a little bit taller and you may even have 2 inches to spare Matt ♪ ♫ ♪
  14. That is a great price but I was hoping to stay a little closer to home. Especially as I'd need to rent a UHaul or bribe a friend to use a pickup. I don't think they fit in a Forester. What color are they?
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