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  1. Yes if I had a dedicated room right now I would just run another SF-3 behind an AT screen. Unfortunately for the next few years the "home theater" resides in the living room. So since I have the extra speakers I thought it would be fun to build a serious center. I know a MTM would be easy but the MMTMM sounds more challenging. Any help with the crossover would be welcome. The physical side of just building the enclosure I can handle.
  2. Thank you for the input and recommendations! I actually have the sc-3 center and sb-2's for surrounds. However, I really feel the center cannot keep up with the mains and the system sounds better without it IMO. Hence the reason I want to build something bigger with the same components that are in my current mains. Thats a bummer there isn't a grill that would fit. I have thought about how to make one that would look similar out of expanded steel with cloth over the top. I was just hoping to save that step. I still think a monster center with the components I have would be a fun build and would sound good. Has anyone here done anything similar?
  3. Hello. I would like to build a custom center channel speaker for my "HT". I currently just run stereo but would like to improve the intelligibility of dialog during movies. My mains are: http://www.klipsch.com/products/sf-3-floorstanding-speaker I was fortunate enough to find a second pair of these a while back. The cabinets are fair but the drivers are perfect. Ideally I would like to use 1 horn with 4 woofers and build a custom box for an OEM look. Questions: 1) How should I wire this up? I would like to use as much of the original crossover as possible, but would build brand new if needed. Should I just parallel the 2 sets of 2 woofers in place of the original 2 woofers and use the stock crossover out of one of the canibalized speakers? 2) Does anyone know of a Klipsch part number for a grill I could order that would match my current speakers, and be big enough for all 5 drivers? I would like to make this speaker look as OEM as possible. Current sub details are here: http://www.avsforum.com/showthread.php?t=2306602 Thanks for the help.
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