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  1. Yes, I do have a '95 Esprit. Norfolk mustard with cream interior. The Esprit was my dream car as a kid, and I bought this one about 15 years ago. As for using it for my forum name, I first used it about 10 years ago when I was having trouble finding a name that wasn't used on a different car forum. It was something I could remember, and I have been using it ever since.
  2. Thanks everyone! I got to spend some quality time with them this morning. Very impressive. I won't describe how they sound to the experts here, but wow, the dynamics. I've heard Klipschorns before at other people's homes and at low volumes, but I've never sat down with a pair and really listened or tested that dynamic range. Norah Jones "Waiting".... fantastic. "Fanfare for the Common Man" gave me goosebumps:) CCR Live sounded like I was at the concert, almost;) Listening to Ride of the Valkyries right now... If this is the baseline, and the sound will only get better, I'm hooked! All drivers work. The bass is quite good despite a less than perfect seal with the wall. Cosmetically, they are nice but not perfect. A few of the corners are rounded, there are a few good sized chips out of the plywood, and one of them has some minor water staining at the base. That being said, they are as original as original gets. The wood doesn't ever appear to have been treated. They are a year older than me, and are certainly in better shape than I am! As for price, I paid $850. I'm no expert on Klipschorn pricing, but I understand this to be a very good but maybe not spectacular price for a set of fir decorators needing updates. I expect that a nice finished set go for substantially more. I kind of like the unfinished look though. I wouldn't put them in my living room, but they fit right into my office decor (if you can call it that). I'm not one to dive head first into upgrades until I've spent some time listening. I have a lot off reading to do first. I am aware of Bob Crites and have purchase diaphragms from him before. However, if cap replacements are a given, I will probably do that soon. It doesn't hurt that the crossovers are so accessible! Thanks again for the welcome!
  3. Hi Everyone, Although I just joined this week, I have been lurking here for years as I've owned a number of Klipsch speakers (KG5.5 x 2, KG3.5, Forte's, and Chorus's). However, this week I picked up a set of Klipschorns and thought it was time to say hello. These are a sequential pair of 1973 fir decorators in fairly nice condition that I purchased from the original owner. Klipschorns have long been on my bucket list so I am always casually looking for a pair. To be honest, I was far more actively looking for a pair of Cornwalls as I have fond memories of a pair my college fraternity used as party speakers. However when these popped up locally I jumped even though my preference would have been for a fully finished pair. That turned out to be a good decision as it turns out that a fully finished pair would not have fit in my office which is the only practical place in my house for K-horns without building false walls. I got them up to the office tonight and have spent a couple of hours listening to them at low volumes. I still need to do some further arranging of the room and find time when the family is gone to really put them through their paces. However, so far so good. It's late tonight, but I will be back with some questions on their setup. The room is 15' x 32' and the speakers have to go on the short wall. I know it's not ideal, but hopefully I'm not sacrificing too much. Currently, they are powered from a ST-70 clone. A few pics:
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