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  1. I’m running the stock K-43s in my La Scala Industrials, that’s how LSIs are accoutred from the factory. When I first got them I thought they sounded anemic in the bass department so I immediately set out to swap in a pair of K-33s I had on the shelf. I had a “regular” pair of La Scalas in the livingroom to compare them to. While I was in the doghouse I noticed, for all intents and purposes, the woofers were hanging on by a thread. All four bolts were literally loosened off up to a 1/4 inch and bent from the strain of gigging. The woofers were NOT airtight in the doghouse. Instead of tightening them at the time I proceeded with my first thought and swapped in the K-33s. Ran them like that for a week and then reinstalled the K-43s and actually tightened them properly. I instantly preferred the presentation the K-43s bring. I do not think there is any less discernible bass with K-43s in this application, I think there is more upper bass with the K-43 and that makes the K-33 sound fuller down low at the expense of articulation where it hands off to the squawker. The LSIs I have came with the stamped steel baskets, but I have seen cast, and vented cast frame (with 5-way binding posts!) versions. As was mentioned, the stamped steel basket version will not require any sawdust to fit it into the doghouse.
  2. @Tom Bird, some vendor on eBay just listed a half dozen K-43s if you are in the market…
  3. bump, for the historical links in this thread
  4. The K-43 does some magic in the upper bass that the K-33 does not. The lower bass of the K-33 vs. the slightly higher bass cutoff of the K-43 is not a factor in a La Scala bass bin which has relatively nothing to offer under 50hz anyway. They show up from time to time on the used market. Some even have the way cool "PWK" logo'd dustcap, which you would never see inside the doghouse... but it's still cool.
  5. I am of the opinion that the titanium tweeter diaphragms are not optional. They have been an upgrade in every speaker I put them in, Chorus, Cornwall, Forte, Heresy, Tangent, in short, everything they fit in. My only regret is only buying THREE pairs last time I ordered anything.
  6. K-28 is a great woofer, but is it not 4 ohms and @TheGoodTexan’s Heresys use a crossover designed for an 8 ohm woofer? Would he not need an as yet undesigned and approved Klipsch crossover for the mod to be discussed on THIS forum. …something that might turn them into “Super Heresys”
  7. Silly question? Did you take an ohmmeter to the woofer? Reason I ask is I once bought a "defective" pair of RB-61s from Best Buy for 50 bucks only to get home and find the tweeter wires were not connected internally. I had already sourced out the tweeters too prior to opening them up.
  8. Congratulations! You only regret the ones you let get away. And to this day I regret letting almost the same pair get away YEARS ago for $2200. I had just bought Forte 2s for $800 and couldn’t justify more than double the price. I would have no problem justifying that purchase knowing what I know now.
  9. I have yet to use it but I thought I recall hearing on here “Watco Rejuvenating Oil” was the bomb.
  10. If they are not cat-scratched and chipped, and all drivers are working, I wouldn’t hesitate to pay 2 grand. Those are oiled oak from 1986 so they would have the AB-2 crossover (a plus).
  11. ...we all know now the correct answer is, cables
  12. C-weighted / Slow / Mic facing speakers / Eye level / No more than a foot from face Lemmeknow what the standard should be, please…
  13. …they are not KP-250 IIs neither horn is tractrix
  14. I’ve had a couple pairs of Chorus 2s, and Cornwalls, and Forte 2s, and Heresys, and… over the years, and still own a pair of KP-301s(Professional Series Chorus 1). Listening to them “as we speak”. I really think the Tractrix midhorn presents a less forward (more studio) sound than the exponential horns in a the “1” series Forte and Chorus and Cornwalls. Others on here have told me this is not true, but still… I tried titanium midrange diaphragms(with the requisite bandpass filters) in the Chorus 2s, but after about 70db they lose their sparkle and push back. Real sweet up to that point, give or take a few dbs. What has ALWAYS made an immediate, and not optional from where I sit, improvement was titanium tweeter diaphragms, or even better, an un-named machined aluminum horn lens with an un-named DE-120 driver. Now, if I was a crafty fellow, and didn’t mind hacking an OEM pair of Chorus 2 crossovers, or possibly build a board from scratch, I would swap out the autoformer with one that has 1db increment taps, put a swamping resistor across 0 and 5 and see what a little goosing would do to the neutrality of the mids. As it stands I would NEVER have sold my Chorus 2s had I not found a pair of KP-301s. There is no replacement for displacement, and I don’t want to think of a world without K-48 woofers. …gotta go, Ozzy is on stage, lol
  15. …on a quiet night, La Scalas around 60db are wonderfully engaging. After the day had today KP-301s cranked to 11 sounded about right.
  16. If you think you can sell them down the road for what you paid, it’s a no-brainer. It has been referred to on the forum as “rent free”. My opinion is you owe it to yourself to find out what La Scalas sound like in your own home, and the price is right. Seal the deal!
  17. …but the question remains, are they still for sale?
  18. …that’s just crazy enough to work! easily worth it for parts alone, imho
  19. ...and that is where a good 2" full range driver and a pair of K-510s for a good price comes in to the mix do the K-510s have the "mumps"?
  20. In lieu of the last post by Islander, I guess a prudent question would be what is the ballpark on how much you are expecting to spend, all said and done? Horns, drivers, crossovers, shipping, and if you're really lucky, taxes.
  21. I found the eBay ad, the pictures of the grilles seem to show the correct cutouts for the knockoff mids? The "mids" have some indiscernible decal on them, looks like a "T" with letters on either side. Did Speakerlab, or some other company make a Cornwall clone too?
  22. This is what I did to a beater pair of Cornwall 1s with the B-3 crossover. I put the Chorus 2 midhorn in place of the K-601. I also put K-79s where the K-77s were. later I put in an un-named woofer and the same un-named titanium diaphragms in the K-79s I also flush mounted the drivers and braced the cabinets. the result was inspiring The motorboards on the ones for sale have enough room for a LOT of options if the wood is good. If you get the price you are looking for feel free to send me a PM, even if you don't... Cheers,
  23. They might be pre '79?(only two slotted ports)Cornwalls with a B crossover, smoked woofers (surrounds are shot) and probably Alnico tweeters(probably smoked too). The mids look to be some inadequate junk. The cabinets could be repurposed for a "CornScala" build. If both the tweeters still work and there are Klipsch crossovers inside, they may be worth a couple hundred bucks to the right craftsman looking for a project. I can't tell what they did to the motorboard to fit those aftermarket squawkers in there though.
  24. Noooooo! For the love of all that is sacred, please don't do this. I think that would be a recipe for a "cascading series of failures". I have wondered about putting an 8 ohm resistor in place of the tweeter, but even that would create issues. In this particular, and pretty much all other, un-EQ'd crossovers the midrange would overpower the treble. If you go to the websites of any driver manufacturers you can find their FR charts. It is easily 7db difference in the mids and highs.
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