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  1. Can’t remember where I read it, likely in this forum. It was suggested to put it on parallel sides to reduce reflections. I tried the the white flat stuff pictured above (all I had at the time) tacked on the top AND bottom of my FH-1 bins with a couple spots of PL adhesive years ago. As @KT88 mentioned it KILLED the liveliness. Instantly recognizable as terrible idea. I removed the foam on the bottom and the liveliness came back. I too think the black egg crate foam (doing a 180 around the top of the woofer) would take care of internal reflections without killing “the liveliness of the attack and impulse”. I now have some egg crate foam for projects so I will revisit this with the FH-1s. I have two pairs of LSI Splits that would make for an “easy” comparison actually... one pair with and one without! That’s inspiring.
  2. ...this would be a good experiment to measure, if you had the equipment to measure it with
  3. Yes, the Crites CS500 2-way crossover uses an autoformer. But the more complex Crites 2-way pictured below does not.
  4. That's a sweet score! Easily worth it for parts alone. Aren't the woofers in those the K-43?
  5. geoff.


    Two years ago I balked on the one and only pair of CF-4s I have ever seen within a days drive and not crossing any international boundaries. They were $1500 then. Walnut to boot. You only regret the things you don't do.
  6. Kabuki vs. Klipsch? Strange times indeed.
  7. Ditto As big as piano, may as well look like one! Very inspiring!
  8. ...I wonder, would Klipsch sell you the guts for an H4? It won’t go as quite as low as the H4, but it’s the same woofer and same tweeter as the H3. Just the mids and crossover are different. That would be money extremely well spent.
  9. “Crossgrading”! I like that. It is either original or crossgraded.
  10. ...I was expecting to see a picture of a Marshall JCM800 Curiosity got the better of me too.
  11. geoff.


    People call me self-centred. ...but that’s enough about them.
  12. @Orbit, the midrange horn is a Trachorn with a 1” throat to accommodate the K-55.
  13. Looks like the original Trachorn for La Scalas is in them. If so that’s a plus.
  14. @Pstores, thanks for the feedback!
  15. How about an all girls metal band “Steel Wool”?
  16. @Dave MacKay, if you’re ever headed up this way my door is open to you as well. There is a pretty strong Canadian Contingent of the Klipsch Community and it seems to grow weekly. I saw your photo beside your La Scalas and the THTLP you built, the excitement was palpable, lol. Cheers!
  17. ...yet another reason to move to Texas!
  18. geoff.


    PM sent. Thanks,
  19. @Desert Noises, that sentiment was precisely why I had bought new networks and tweeters prior to even owning a pair of LS. I don’t regret buying the A/4500s, it is a different sound though. Not a better or worse comparison, just preference. But if chucking out the ALs is the worst decision you’ve ever made I publicly applaud your good fortune.
  20. @mintnyl, before you pull the trigger on any capacitors you may want to wait and see which crossovers come in your ‘79s. If they are not the B-2s you may want to look into what’s involved in updating to them. In for a pfennig, in for a pfund, lol. Does the NAD gear come with your Cornwalls? The tone controls on the old NAD stuff could really bring out the best in any speaker.
  21. @Islander, Molson Park is now Park Place, a retail centre anchored by Cabelas and across the road from Costco, lol. The Molson Brewery relocated over twenty years ago and the facility became one of the largest secret grow-ops for a brief period until the cat got out of the bag. You have to drive another half hour north now to Burl’s Creek for an outdoor venue. The Stones packed about 70,000 people in there in 2019. ...really missing live performers at this point, that is what is really criminal.
  22. I literally just gasped out loud when I read that you threw your ALs in the trash, lol. That’s what the Garage Sale section and eBay is for. Posterity at the very least. Plus all that junk about another man’s trash... Glad to “hear” you like the results though. The AL-3 was in the first pair of LaScalas to cross my doorstep and even though I had bought A/4500s and CT-120s in anticipation of using them, I never felt the need to even try them until several years later in different pair.
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