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  1. If you used a real estate agent, that would be one of the questions they get paid to answer, lol.
  2. When my teenage boys were just little squirts they would often ask me if I liked a song that was playing. Since the songs were almost always from my collection I would answer unbiasedly “if it makes you want to dance, tap your toes, smile, or takes you away to another place, it’s good”. One of my favourite tunes at baby Jesus’s birthday is Run DMC’s Christmas In Hollis. Having said that, I don’t get Drake though...
  3. Free plug here... I don’t think you could buy the Crites (read better) version of the T2A autoformer on these boards for the cost of these. And you get the Crites (read better) version of the ubiquitous 2.5 mH coil, a couple of fine caps, the barrier strips, boards and wires with connectors already crimped! These boards are one one 13uF cap per board away from an A crossover. One cap and a coil away from an A/4500. Two caps and a coil away from an AA. For starters! Three months ago I would have tripped over my phone to snag these.
  4. ...you got a permit for those nail clippers?
  5. ...tell me the store clerk isn’t traumatized, and damn lucky they didn’t have guns. What a stupid way to get your thrills. They probably have college funds. I pray the kid survives and the clerk acquitted of any charges for neutralizing the threat, in this case.
  6. @Takapunaman, congratulations on your efforts and success! Wholeheartedly agree with @PrestonTom and @Racer X. Give them a while to get used to that fresh NZ air. The farther you can get them out from the back wall the deeper the soundstage will go, and better to have nothing in between them if possible. I’ve been fortunate enough to have owned La Scalas first with the AL-3, second AA and lastly AL crossovers and I was surprised to find I had no immediate objections to the sound of the ALs despite years of bias on the forums and being predisposed to the sound of the other two. If anything I was more disappointed with the highs using the AAs, none of them recapped. The AL crossover attenuates the mids by 6db compared to 4db on the AL-3s and 3db on the AAs. Please keep us in the loop!
  7. Ok, there was something else I thought I had read in a post on here from the past. Something about cascading failures in a speaker or crossover possibly causing serious damage to the amp? I know from personal experience all I have ever done is fried the tweeter, or had the amp’s protection shut it down. But is there a risk to the amp if part of the equation is removed by an open circuit across the tweeter leg of the crossover?
  8. With regards to no bass, I wonder if the HK receiver has it’s main speakers set to “small” instead of “large” or whatever the HK equivalent nomenclature is? I had an Onkyo (still do) that cut off the bass under 80hz when set to “small”.
  9. Hello @BT Raulerson, and welcome to the forum. Cornwalls are fun. They come alive the moment sound comes out of them. Looks are secondary to sound for me so let’s get to that first. You mentioned the amp used now doesn’t seem to satisfy these speakers. What is it that is lacking to your ears, which are all that matter. I was fortunate enough years ago to have a pair of ‘79 Cornwalls at the same time I had a pair of ‘84 Cornwalls. I preferred the ‘84s so I sold the ‘79s. I think a lot of that had to do with the design of the crossovers specific to each production run though. Neither were re-capped. Up until ‘81 they had the “B” crossover with simple first order crossover slopes, the harder you push them the harsher they sound. They “fall apart” fast. From ‘81 to ‘83 they had the “B-2” crossover with second order filters on the woofer and tweeter using the same drivers that are in your ‘79s. From ‘84 until the release of the Cornwall 2 in ‘86 they had the “B-3” crossover, but it used a different midrange so it is not applicable to your ‘79s If you replace the caps you will hear more energy in the squawker and tweeter, for better or worse. If you change to a B-2 crossover you will likely find an improvement in the sound you perceive. New caps are probably the way to go, but there are several philosophies on which to use. Hopefully others will chime in with their direct experiences with these. But that tweeter in your ‘79s should be the very fragile round magnet Alnico version so you if you listen too loud you could blow it easily. I think they are rated for 2W (!). When I auditioned the ‘79 Cornwalls before buying them the seller had them hooked up to an AV receiver that had some inherent EQ and they sounded amazing. Upon further inspection at home I found one tweeter was in fact blown. I replaced them both with the more robust square magnet K-77-M before eventually selling them. As to your amp, all woofers love watts, but gentle slope crossovers don’t. Give that 200 watter a go and be careful with the volume. Somewhere around 9 o-clock should give you a big smile without frying your tweeters.
  10. Were they bigger than you remembered? Lol
  11. @SonicSeeker, if the price is right go get ‘em. You will always wonder “what if” if you don’t. Do you think you could sell them again in a heartbeat for what they cost? As has been mentioned on here before, that’s free rent while you give them a try in your own home. If the answer is “yes” it’s a no-brainer. I have never owned Chorus 1s, I have had a couple pairs of Chorus 2s and Cornwalls over the years and still have a pair of KP-301s (pro version of Chorus). I went head to head with the Chorus 2s and KP-301 and wound up keeping the KP-301s when forced to decide which to keep for space constraints. My son and I preferred the ported bass of the KP-301s over the passive radiator Chorus 2s. It’s tricky to describe, but the bass seems more consistent, not prone to over-emphasis? Seemed to result in a little more definition at perhaps the expense of a little low end rumble.
  12. ...I’m holding out for the magic spray that allows electrons to flow more naturally allowing the maximum dynamic range and transient response possible in any system while improving longevity I already have silicone spray but it isn’t marketed properly
  13. ...I can’t believe they lasted this long
  14. I recently put some cheap Solens with the correct values in a stock pair of AAs that always fell short of my expectations, almost like the tweeters were blown. It was day and night.
  15. one word, Ted Freakin’ Nugent, lol no word of a lie The Amboy Dukes are on Spotify as I write this
  16. Those should have the K-48-K woofers in them, maybe even the ones with the PWK dustcaps. One fine rocking woofer to be sure. They are gold.
  17. If the woofers managed to get hooked up out of phase you would be missing the bass. Maybe pop out the passives, carefully, no hurry, and have a look-see. Chorus 2 should have plenty of bass.
  18. ...my OCD wouldn’t allow me to do that. A dust cap, no problem, but coils and cones are OEM or bust, lol.
  19. Risers good, legs bad? Excellent post Dave, at 6’5” I’m looking forward to the discussion. If I had to guess, a solid base would be where I would put my buck-o-five.
  20. Thanks again Dean! The pictures of the VTK-400 on the website show the Litz going to tap “0”, and then to ground. That threw me. I originally “assumed” the Litz was a bandpass for the squawker, not for a second order tweeter filter. But once I got down to the autoformer wiring I couldn’t make sense of it. I am now going to make another assumption that the BMS mid Greg sells for this crossover must not need a bandpass? It tapers out around 6k?
  21. Mayday, mayday, mayday! Finally got all the parts for a Super AA / VTK-400 and put them on some repurposed boards using the 3636 autoformer. But referring to the Volti website and comparing it to the schematic I am at a loss. There are 28 possible levels of attenuation for the VTK-400! Here I was thinking 12 would be more than adequate. Is there a schematic, or wiring diagram for the 3636 in this application? I could throw a T2A back in here but my heart was kinda set on the 3636.
  22. geoff.

    crypto currency

    An adage that applies to dating may apply here as well: ”Never let an old flame burn you twice.” ...unless you’re into the sunk cost fallacy, lol
  23. geoff.

    crypto currency

    ...how much gold was just “discovered” in Uganda? that has to have some impact in the price, sooner or later bet there are oceans of oil in Africa too that are undisclosed, I mean undiscovered
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