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  1. @BMWM5, Something that may save you a couple bucks, and will probably up the value of used crossovers on Ebay once the notion catches on, is to buy any pair of older breadboard Klipsch crossovers with the T2A autoformer. The Chorus schematics show a 6db autoformer and that value is in the T2A. As an added bonus you get a terminal strip and a board to work on. Depending on which crossovers you actually find you may get a couple of capacitors and a coil or two as well. Which version crossover are you leaning towards and why?
  2. Did they get a little “clicky” crossed at 400? I think that’s what @Rolox may have meant by plasticky. Every string pick and tap in the music is very apparent with a bigger horn. A little overwhelming at first. All that extra information. I also wonder if his 24db, or extreme slope, crossover would be considered essential for this application. Seems that way to me, certainly couldn’t hurt. @grendel23 , what crossovers were you using?
  3. Hi Dave, I was going to suggest the Crites 1526, the steel basket. But I didn’t want to sound presumptuous. I have the the cast basket version in a pair of Cornscalas and they stomp all over the K-33, round or square magnet, I have both. Substantially lower response, a few hertz goes a long way down low. I’m in Canada and the cast baskets came up domestically, so that is what I snagged first (cheap, cheap). Once again, my understanding is the steel baskets go lower AND have another plus going for them, but it escapes what is left of my memory right now. Another member chimed in not too long ago about the differences between the two Crites offerings and sealed the deal for me if I were going new.
  4. That is a very comprehensive article (!). Would love to get a definitive answer on this one too. My money has always been on the square magnet version, simply because it goes lower, according to other topics I have read in here over the years.
  5. ...you’ll shoot your eye out kid!
  6. Can’t remember where I read it, likely in this forum. It was suggested to put it on parallel sides to reduce reflections. I tried the the white flat stuff pictured above (all I had at the time) tacked on the top AND bottom of my FH-1 bins with a couple spots of PL adhesive years ago. As @KT88 mentioned it KILLED the liveliness. Instantly recognizable as terrible idea. I removed the foam on the bottom and the liveliness came back. I too think the black egg crate foam (doing a 180 around the top of the woofer) would take care of internal reflections without killing “the liveliness of the attack and impulse”. I now have some egg crate foam for projects so I will revisit this with the FH-1s. I have two pairs of LSI Splits that would make for an “easy” comparison actually... one pair with and one without! That’s inspiring.
  7. ...this would be a good experiment to measure, if you had the equipment to measure it with
  8. Yes, the Crites CS500 2-way crossover uses an autoformer. But the more complex Crites 2-way pictured below does not.
  9. That's a sweet score! Easily worth it for parts alone. Aren't the woofers in those the K-43?
  10. geoff.


    Two years ago I balked on the one and only pair of CF-4s I have ever seen within a days drive and not crossing any international boundaries. They were $1500 then. Walnut to boot. You only regret the things you don't do.
  11. Kabuki vs. Klipsch? Strange times indeed.
  12. Ditto As big as piano, may as well look like one! Very inspiring!
  13. @Rolox, maybe get some wider washers to put between the lock washers and bolts that the drivers come with. Better to err on the side of caution. You will need to open up the mounting holes, I think I wound up going three sizes of drill bit larger. A little wiggle room to centre the horn over the throat. Unless you start gigging your speakers, lol, you won’t need to worry about supporting the drivers. But I did notice almost all of the perimeter horn flange mounting holes on my set have hairline cracks that will need careful attention whenever they wind up tightened onto a motorboard. Nothing that hasn’t happened to many of the other horns I’ve used. For the fun of it, I’m trying the ZXPCs 2-way at the moment with Faital Pro HF200s and a Crites passive made for these drivers crossing at 500hz on the big Klipsch K-402. It’s not too shabby nearfield, which is all my room affords. Good to hear you got confirmation for your order.
  14. ...I wonder, would Klipsch sell you the guts for an H4? It won’t go as quite as low as the H4, but it’s the same woofer and same tweeter as the H3. Just the mids and crossover are different. That would be money extremely well spent.
  15. “Crossgrading”! I like that. It is either original or crossgraded.
  16. ...I was expecting to see a picture of a Marshall JCM800 Curiosity got the better of me too.
  17. This is a very enticing thread. @captainbeefheart, what would you expect for a S/N ratio on the finished product? Thanks,
  18. geoff.


    People call me self-centred. ...but that’s enough about them.
  19. @Orbit, the midrange horn is a Trachorn with a 1” throat to accommodate the K-55.
  20. Looks like the original Trachorn for La Scalas is in them. If so that’s a plus.
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