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  1. It looks like the AK and AL-3 are essentially the same crossover. The AK omits the tweeter protection and has a negligible few extra uF in the woofer shunt.
  2. hast du etwas zeit fur mich…
  3. …if Dr. Seuss autographed the plans it may be worth it
  4. …I’m not sure, but it is a one sentence long word with no spaces, and leaves no room for ambiguity
  5. These lasted a day up here, can’t say what they actually sold for, but I think the price was fair for what you were getting.
  6. The AL-2 looks to be, for all intents and purposes, an AL-3 with the exception of depleting the stock of the formerly ubiquitous, but now out of favour, 2133s (2.5mH) coils by using them in series to form the 5mH squawker bandpass.
  7. geoff.


    …I’m dying
  8. …I’m never shoveling my driveway again, I miss too many sweet deals
  9. On the upgrade to AL-3 path, the AL uses a different autoformer than the AL-3, so it’s gonna be tricky/more costly to get the approved parts. I would be leaning towards something that may bring out the highs better, a mythological thing hither-to-unknown to the people of this area…
  10. Ed, I think a (former) forum member has exactly what you need, at a sweet price on eBay right now. Search K-43 for your LSIs. I bought one of his about a month ago.
  11. Silly question, since you mentioned Audyssey, is the DSP bypassed?
  12. ...maybe he spent the money on magic beans, er, crypto?
  13. I think he should return the money, if that is what you want, finish the amp whenever time is on his side, be it another year from now, and offer it to you first at the agreed upon price. If not wanted others may have the option to buy it at the actual finished cost, which will no doubt be more.
  14. As to the amp maker, I believe his intentions were good. But I recently read something that rung bells with me: “Never make a promise when you’re happy, never reply when you’re angry, and never make a decision when you’re sad.” The ego writes cheques (checks for youse guys) the body can’t cash.
  15. @Ed Wolinski, With regards to the AA crossover recaps using polyesters, What were your impressions? Thanks!
  16. @OneRock130, Those are rare. They have a different horn configuration too. They should look like this:
  17. @Rolox, Those (0), -3, -6, -9, -12 settings would have been based on the T2A autoformer used in Klipsch crossovers. Al sourced the 3619 for many more attenuation options. As Dean said, the 3636 provides many more options than the T2A as well, but many are redundant, ie. different combinations yield the same or .1 of a decibel difference. Looks like about 6 of the 28 combinations are redundant, and 4 of them are above -18db of attenuation which I cannot fathom ever needing. So each of them has 18 useful combinations? I have never been privy to a 3619 autoformer, but I know my OCD would prefer it’s even 1 db steps.
  18. Travis, there is great similarity with our shared passion here. The “DF factor” (restriction) of the lines is critical to the resultant pour. I may try splicing polyester capacitors into some of the competitors problematic installs, lol
  19. I actually have a friend that tried this a year or so ago. Not sure what site. I’m not making this up, the usual “order has been placed, order has been shipped, here is your tracking number” emails were sent. When the “pallet” arrived it was a miniature pallet the size of a chess board and contained a handful of items that might have an exaggerated suggested retail of what the whole fiasco cost.
  20. …see, I had no prior knowledge of this Klipsch product until the last post. This is the kind of free exchange of information that will be missed the most.
  21. Ok, so for future discussions on this forum, is there an acceptable terminology to describe the projects or modifications? Homage to the trademarked product followed by dash inspired, eg. Cornwall-inspired? Or cut right to the chase and call it “Bastard-Cornwall”? LOL!
  22. For the past 22 years I have been a “draft beer technician”, a beer plumber.
  23. What got me on this forum was hearing a pair of Heresys for the first time in the background at one of the many bars I service. Every bar has a sound system of some degree, but nothing in the ten years (at that time) caught my ears like that. A closer look showed a Klipsch label, and a couple of google searches later I wound up here. A couple of weeks later and I wound up bringing a used pair of Heresys home. And this forum has been a roadmap ever since.
  24. Ed, your aluminum La Scalas with the AL crossovers are the “Industrial” version, LSI (La Scala Industrial). They should have a different woofer than the others, the K-43. I quite prefer the K-43 in a LaScala. It’s all that and a bag of chips in this application. You could quite easily do an apples to apples comparison with your windfall. Take a pair of AAs from two of your non industrials and swap them into the LSIs. Run a pair of each, regular and industrial , with the AAs for a while with familiar music and see which sounds better, apples to apples. When you have decided, throw the ALs back in the LSIs and see if it appeals to you. The AA crossover is a benchmark.
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