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  1. There is another forum member that did just what you are thinking about. Can’t remember if he had the LMAHLs, but that’s about as good as the tweeter gets! Not sure where he got the threaded K61s, or whatever the threaded version is labelled. I think it was @jjptkd ?
  2. geoff.


    You sir, own the first production year of the Cornwall 2. The first production year of the Heresy 2 had a round terminal cup too, ‘86 I think (< disclaimer). But please don’t misquote me on this @000...
  3. Thank you! That’s the kind of review you can set your clock to. I recall seeing a thread on here some years ago where JustinSweber thought the Elliptrac to be the winner. I just found it odd that Volti Audio hasn’t gone that route yet, yet uses elliptical tractrix tweeter lenses? Maybe he can knock out the Trachorns cheaper?
  4. @Curious_George, going back to your post regarding the impedance curves being similar between the K-55 and the PRV. Would you be able to post them? As Dean mentioned the two drivers have different impedances and that would affect the crossover points.
  5. @Dave MacKay, one thing I have seen many users comment on in this forum is that the cheaper ones often fall short of expectations. Which stands to reason. From what I have read the Xilica XP-4080 is the end game here. I think it is what is used in the latest Jubilee.
  6. @Curious_George, I stumbled across your thread about using the ZXPC on the PRV driver. It is pretty much a no brainer for anyone starting out new and wanting to wet their beak without breaking the bank. The first thing that went through my head was "it's even cheaper than an EV-DH1 and not only will it fit in a Cornwall cabinet, you won't throw your back out lifting it!"
  7. @Dave MacKay, you are on track with this. Search for Chris A, he is an endless fountain of knowledge.
  8. I have K-55s, Faital Pro HF200s and EV-DH1s that I play with on different horns.
  9. Money no object, but ONLY these two to chose from. This is not about ease of installation or size, for our purposes lets say it is to be used with a folded horn bass bin, three way. I believe in my heart of hearts the K-402 active IS the end game, but failing that and going passive let’s have it!
  10. @Deang, do you think a swamping resistor would be of any positive value to the A/4500?
  11. @jjptkd, from the majority of comments over the years regarding crossovers the AA always seems to hold it’s own. I honestly thought I would be missing out on the magic if I strayed from the venerable AA crossover. The very same magic is in the A/4500. Just crossed lower to the tweeter, with less parts. Now, what of this swamping resistor mod that seems to garner a lot of positive reviews. Is this something that would improve upon an A/4500?
  12. ...like I said, some days are better than others Yes, you did!
  13. None of you reading this at home can see this, but the lightbulb above my head is flickering brighter... A great deal of what I have read on here over the years is starting to gel. Some days are better than others. If I am NOT using K-77s I really don’t need an 18db per octave cross to the tweeter do I? This is why the A/4500 was not designed as an AA/4500?
  14. Now, on to the next question... Sometimes I notice the overlap from the bass bin to the squawker, not in a good way. Would this be the fix?
  15. @Dave MacKay, Q Components has the ONE part we need! Assuming you have a pair of tweeters that won’t get fried...
  16. So... if one wanted to simply make an A/4500 out of an AA you could just parallel the two existing 2uf capacitors, add the .5mH coil to the midrange and “cut out” the .245uH coil and Zeners from the tweeter circuit? I feel like I just graduated kindergarden, duh... I paid good money for a pair of A/4500s years ago and I have no use for these AAs until now. And I REALLY like the A/4500s.
  17. Until now, I never really noticed how similar the A and AA crossovers are:
  18. @AuralTone, if and when you come across the specific drivers throw them out on here. There are a lot of members that have resources long gone from any internet searches I can find. And many times the images in this forum have disappeared, I blame the elites, anyone else gets you a slap on the wrist, lol. The tricky part is getting those members to be actually reading the forum when you post. But sometimes another member reading the post remembers which member has the goods and gives them a heads up. Best of luck, and remember, you can’t be the only one who wants to know and the rest of us thank you.
  19. I’m just looking for clues... So did the T3A autoformers turn out to be one of the reasons the AL crossover did not appeal to many?
  20. That is not a bad idea. But was there not also the consensus that the AL-4 was less than desirable? I’ll have to look back in the archives... Funny thing is I remember seeing all the threads on La Scalas and Klipschorns and glazing over because I never thought I would make it that far up the Klipsch ladder. But the seed was planted. And it has been a good crop! In my case though, I am already in possession of a pair of AA crossovers and if swapping a couple of capacitors is all it takes to see what they sound like it is a no brainer. I would probably still need to do something about the tweeter level relative to the midrange, the resistor or autoformer mod.
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