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  1. 20 hours ago, Rolox said:

    Well, I was finally able to get in touch with a company in Curaçao (!) that has the PRV WG45-50 (same as ZXPC 18x10) in stock and I made the payment yesterday. I have no idea when I will receive the horns (I'm ashamed to admit I actually had no idea where Curaçao was, I think I didn't even know it existed) so fingers crossed.


    Now I hesitate between getting some adapters to mount my A55G, or to just order the PRV drivers whenever I can.



    Did the company you ordered the PRV horns form not have the other PRV products?


    The screw-on 2” adapters and the drivers?

  2. @Desert Noises, that sentiment was precisely why I had bought new networks and tweeters prior to even owning a pair of LS.


    I don’t regret buying the A/4500s, it is a different sound though. Not a better or worse comparison, just preference.


    But if chucking out the ALs is the worst decision you’ve ever made I publicly applaud your good fortune.

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  3. @mintnyl, before you pull the trigger on any capacitors you may want to wait and see which crossovers come in your ‘79s.


    If they are not the B-2s you may want to look into what’s involved in updating to them. In for a pfennig, in for a pfund, lol.


    Does the NAD gear come with your Cornwalls? The tone controls on the old NAD stuff could really bring out the best in any speaker.

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  4. @Islander, Molson Park is now Park Place, a retail centre anchored by Cabelas and across the road from Costco, lol.


    The Molson Brewery relocated over twenty years ago and the facility became one of the largest secret grow-ops for a brief period until the cat got out of the bag.


    You have to drive another half hour north now to Burl’s Creek for an outdoor venue. The Stones packed about 70,000 people in there in 2019.


    ...really missing live performers at this point, that is what is really criminal.

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  5. I literally just gasped out loud when I read that you threw your ALs in the trash, lol.


    That’s what the Garage Sale section and eBay is for. Posterity at the very least. Plus all that junk about another man’s trash...


    Glad to “hear” you like the results though.


    The AL-3 was in the first pair of LaScalas to cross my doorstep and even though I had bought A/4500s and CT-120s in anticipation of using them,  I never felt the need to even try them until several years later in different pair.





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  6. @chassell, I recently picked up a mixed set for repair.


    Different motorboards.


    Same crossovers.


    Bit it looks like the K-48s are different. One is(was, its trashed) pro vented and the other is the same one used in the Chourus without the vent. Have no idea if this was stock.


    Do yours have different woofers?



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  7. On 12/14/2021 at 6:04 PM, Madman1 said:

    @Curious_GeorgeThinking about getting both for my Cornwalls. I have a pair of Alk corn/scala/wall xovers with lots of mid attenuation. Should that suffice the difference between the 8ohm and 16ohm or is it not that simple? 

    by the way I’ll be using de-10 tweeters.




    I think this would be an amazing combo.


    And the impedance is of no consequence with that crossover due to it’s design. 


    According to @Curious_George‘s tests it is of no consequence in any Klipsch crossover as it mirrors the 16ohm driver when on the horn.


    This combo is really starting to grow on me as I play more of my CD collection. 


    I’m just trying figure out how he stumbled across this combination? It’s a pretty eureka moment to happen by chance.

  8. @Rolox, are you ordering from eBay?


    I am in Canada and if it weren’t for the VERY reasonable “Global Shipping Program” offered I would be hesitant to throw darts in the dark.


    U.S.P.S. just went right off the deep end on pricing. Pretty much double what it used to be.


    Any U.S. sellers reading this and listing stuff on eBay would open up a bigger market with that shipping option.

  9. You know what @Islander, I actually entertained that notion with the seller. There is another member “local” to me that has those skills and connections, and I’m sure that will come up in conversation when he gets a chance to audition these in person once this craziness gets squared away. Hopefully by May two-four!


    In all honesty though, I think I would be inclined to go with Dave A’s “Super MWM” design if I was going to be picking up a saw. It’s not too big and not too small, just the size of Montreal, lol. And goes deeper!


    I have cut my last Klipsch. And I wish to atone for my sins.




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