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  1. Oh, and there are no stupid questions.
  2. You could play anything with a 1/8 audio jack through the receiver. I play my Ipad with one. These cords are cheap.
  3. This started as a joke because I had simply run out of places to put speakers upstairs... seriously. I stacked a pair of Cornscalas CAREFULLY on top for shirts and giggles. No harm, no foul! BUT, the LaScala is SO DARN efficient, the Cornscalas simply and seemlessly added an octave of bass and brought the soundstasge wispfully(?) higher. It may not be eye-pleasing to the skeptic or more domesticated, but it IS reversible - once you (and I) get a proper horn loaded sub or the equivalent. I keep reading about THT subs and Quarter Pies with great interest.
  4. Second the "suggestion" to give 'em a listen for a couple, three weeks or so. Your dad was on to something with these. The speakers are worth two kegs of beer, premium or domestic, icluding deposit, depending on condition. The amp is worth two party pizzas but may be worth keeping too as it looks to have some beef in it.
  5. The sun must shine bright in Hope all year long to fade a new pair of cherry Forte iii's like that...
  6. The Forte ii's and Quartets are "OAK CLR #19 GRILL". The KLF C-7 is "MEDIUM OAK". With several coats of "the rejuvenating oil of your choice", you would be hard pressed to tell the difference. I have never seen green grilles though.
  7. Do they not make a 90 degree elbow connector you could also bury in the corner?
  8. To anyone reading this post and never having heard a pair of LaScalas it is like talking about kids with someone who doesn't have them. Within the last month the gods of cash flow afforded me the opportunity to acquire a pair of '92 LaScalas. ...My kids' braces can wait... LOL! There is no going back from here. There is no replacement for displacement. The folded horn bass shames anything else. I had evolved from Heresys (1' and 2's) with a sub under each, to Forte ii's, to Cornwalls (1's and 2's), to CF-3's, to penultimately (for now) Cornscalas. I am sure Khorns will cross my doorstep at some point. When I swapped my Cornscalas for these LaScalas it was the same leap in sound enjoyment I got from each of the other steps. Imaging and detail that has to be heard to be believed. But more so it was the presence in the room that was not possible with any other speaker. At the low levels where Cornwalls excel, these LaScalas drown them out. Make the time to listen to a pair of LaScalas. You deserve it!
  9. Lots of food for thought here. In the pursuit of a society without fear many have lost the ability to cope effectively with real world issues and stresses. Fear is a fact of life. Escape is fiction. And liberal BS enables it all. Fight for what matters to you every day, or live in fear all your life. Unless your prescription pill for fiction fits the bill. Refugees of a free society. Collateral damage from over-compensation. Freedom isn't free! (It costs a buck-o-five, a buck-o-five...)
  10. Coyote, it looks like it will be a short road! Those K510's deserve a ride on the LaScala's. I am going to need the PEQ numbers and other settings for my Ashly Protea 3.6. I picked it up after reading Chris A's posts. It seemed like the next logical progression after reading his experiences. I don't see this trip ending anytime soon... Here's to the journey!
  11. Coyote, I had thought that "down the road" my K510 would wind up on a folded horn, but after hearing THESE LaScala's I CANNOT imagine them sounding significantly better! It pains me to entertain the thought of "messing with a good thing". If it ain't broke, don't fix it. But there would/will be no harm in placing the K510 on top of the cabinet! And I think Richieb summed it up in his post above. As I have mentioned in other posts, I have the K603 tractrix in two other pairs of Cornwall's, one pair with a K-77 top and the other with the K-107-ti for the highs. I also have Forte ii's with the titanium diaphragms. I have CF-3's too. None of them hold a candle to these '92 LaScala's! My Cornscala's even sound flat compared to them. The shear presence is astounding. I have paid money to attennd concerts that didn't deliver the sound in my living room now (hyperbole alert!). Seriously though, my stereo has only two volume settings now. Astounding and more astounding!
  12. Thanks dtr20! I balked on a pair of Klipschorns a couple of times now. I don't see that happening again... I also cannot understand what equipment people are using to find these speakers unpleasant. Maybe it is age but I hear more GOOD in these than anything else.
  13. Another big LOL! The neighbour that helped me heft the LaScala's in place got to pick the inaugural song. "When the levy breaks" was his choice. When it was done, his first words after the smile subsided were ""imagine these outside?!"
  14. LOL! Compaired to the LaScala's, Cornwall's are featherweights! Lift with your back not with your legs, right? At almost six and a half feet tall, I just grab 'em and stand up.
  15. Ahhh... "start new topic" at top right! Not "create new stream" under activity... Can't see the forest for the trees most days. Lucky these things don't have teeth.
  16. It was an eventuality, like marriage, and kids. In that order. Experience and fate leading to another fantastic life experience. OK, maybe not the marriage bit... LOL! I have been a Klipsch fan for decades. It started with a pair of Heresy's, then Tangent 500's, RB-61's, RF-3's, Heresy 2's, Quartet's, Forte ii's, Corwall 1's, Cornwall 2's, and CF-3's. Today it jumped a valence. I was afforded the opportunity to bring home a pair of 1992 LaScala's. At close to twice the price of the next dearest pair of Klipsch I've ever bought it was a calculated leap. I heard a pair of Belle's at the house of the gentleman I bought my first pair of Forte ii's from. He was listening to them when I arrived to audition the Forte ii's. He had both pairs for sale but I could not afford the Belle's and had heard great things (on here!) about the Forte ii's I had come to buy. When he switched to "my" Forte ii's it was as if the life got sucked out of the music. But I brought the Forte ii's home, switched out the (non-Klipsch) speakers I had and was blown away by the clarity. I also got up to turn the bass down only to find it was at defeat. My take on it was a basement was no place for Forte ii's. Still , I never doubted what I heard from the Belle's. That experience never left me. After years of trying to recreate it with various incarnations of NON HORN LOADED woofer designs time had run out. The closest I have come is from dual woofer cabinet's like the CF-3's. I had "heard/read" so many negatives about the Lascala's bass dropping off at 45 hz. But I also remembered my Heresy 2's sounding punchy with a higher cut-off. MANY on this forum have stated a preference for their LaScala's and after years of reading their comments HERE, I felt re-assured enough to take the leap. I now know firsthand, without a doubt, what all the hype is about! I now know why people sell their Cornwall's, as incredible as that may seem! This un-moddified pair of '92 LaScala's blows everything I have out of the room! Tractrix horns, titanium diaphragms, and the lower frequency response of the other's notwithstanding, these LaScala's are at least as revealing and punch HARDER, at all volumes. What little bass that is missing is not what drives the music that inspires me. I had accidentally switched my amp to bridge today when I re-wired it for these (no banana plugs!) so initially only one speaker was working and even at that the soundstage nearly filled my modest livingroom! I had to put my ear right up to the "dead" LaScala to confirm it! The presence is that big. My Cornscala's are now serving as "Atmos" speakers. LOL! Hearing IS believing!
  17. ...anybody try posting a new thread yet? My limited ability prevents me from expressing myself indepently... ...help... ...me... ...I'm drown-ing...
  18. Garyrc, I stand corrected! What a difference a few days and fate can make. I get paid weekly, but budget monthly and this is a five payday month! A little overtime and modest utilty bills in the summer has afforded me the opportunity to dive into the realm of folded horn woofers! I brought home a pair of '92 LaScala's today and simply put - I am blown away by the bass! And that's not the least of it! They "may" not go as low as my Cornscala's (they sound REAL close after equalization), but they hit HARD! I am astonished by the clarity and PUNCH of these LaScala's in my modest system. I do not find the stock AL-3 crossovers and K401's harsh in the slightest. And the K-77's shine in this pair. I went A/B, side to side, four speakers abreast, with my "Cornscala's" and "Chorwall 2's" and they PALED in comparison! They are as revealing, if not more than my Forte II's, but have a presence substantially larger than my modded Cornwall 2's with the tractrix K603 midrange horns, K-107-ti tweeters, and new crossovers. In fact, I am using my Cornscala's for "Atmos" duty now... LOL!
  19. Cool, you got the changeover of labels!
  20. You have the beginning of a powerful and rewarding addiction! Welcome to the forum!
  21. These wrecks are essentially graveyards. Sacred and honoured. The notion of them being disturbed without due consideration is troubling. It is nothing short of grave-robbing. God bless their souls.
  22. I sold my CLSC-215's shortly after buying my FIRST pair of Cornwall's (84's with the B-3 crossover). I had AT-12's (four of them), HED103's, D-3's and D-5's prior to the CLSC-215's. I also had a pair of HP-215's (2-way dual 15") in the other corners with the CLSC-215's. It was overkill in a 12 x 20 livingroom, but it had to be done. 300 watts RMS to each front and 150 watts to each back! The bass was without question lower with the CLSC 215's, but the midrange was UNBEARABLE after hearing the Cornwall's. No subwoofer was required and that is why I bought them. In phase bass from the same motorboard as the rest of the audio spectrum hits hard. For several months after I bought the CV's I wondered why my kids always opened all the doors on EVERY cabinet in the main floor washroom... It was the BASS from a spirited listening session! The Cornwall's will do the same thing, ... I just don't blame the kids anymore. I fully believe if Klipsch made a dual 15 inch "Chorus III" it would set the record straight. I have yet to hear ANY single woofer speaker that hits like the dual configuration.
  23. The first pair of Cornwall's to change my life were '84's with the B-3 crossover, square magnet k33, k-57/k601 and square magnet k-77's. They were black though... so when a pair of walnut '79's came up I grabbed 'em. The '79's had the B crossover, k-55/metal k600horns and round magnet k-77's. They didn't stay long after a pair of walnut '86 Cornwall 2's fell into my life. Compared to the '84's, I found the '79's noticeably less fun to listen to. Had I not first heard the '84's I would have likely kept the '79's though. And eventually Fastrac'd them... sigh!
  24. geoff.

    KPT-456 Klipsch

    First I have heard of these! They just made the short list. Any idea what the specs are for these rock and roll monsters? Thanks for sharing this posting.
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