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  1. Good info, all. I'll be driving either my La Scalas or Cornwalls.
  2. Love my Quicksilver Silver Monos. Still kicking after MANY years of use.
  3. This thread has my curiosity as well. I'm running Quicksilver Silver Mono's and my PAIR of KT88's COMBINED bias is around .80 VDC. I think I'm at .78. I was told a KT88 alone should be around .40 so .80 made sense and this is what Quicksilver told me as well. Just curious if the above advice was for a PAIR of tubes. Also - Golden Lions were red plating on me at this bias so I switched to JJ's on Quicksilver's recommendation and no issues since. They DO NOT recommend Golden Lions.
  4. Beauties! I'll watch for the other gear when you put it up for sale.
  5. Thanks... I'm headed off to find more info.
  6. That's correct. Near Montgomery but I have ZERO days off between now and Christmas due to a project AND I'm out for surgery for portion of it. Would be cool but alas...
  7. LOL... thanks. Plus - She hates shopping, loves martial arts and action flicks, wears little to no make up and does not carry a purse... AND... she shares my love for fine bourbon and tequila. HA!
  8. She's also a culinary genius. Follow her on FB... "Cooking with Treva". I'm a lucky guy.
  9. So my wife, the electronic technician, recently diagnosed and repaired an issue with one of my Quicksilver Silver Mono Blocks. God bless her! So now she wants to build an amp or a pair of mono blocks. I have started researching kits but thought I would ask you all for any recommendations. Want something that looks as nice as it sounds.
  10. $100 seems fair. They look good. I bought a pair of empty cabs unrestored for $100.
  11. I'm complete;y maxed out at work. No days off until Nov 12 and then I have surgery. Let me discuss with my wife tonight.
  12. Gorgeous! I'm in the market for a graduation gift for my son but I'm 700 miles away. I used to run to run to Fort Smith once or twice a year but no more.
  13. Sadly, one of my mono blocks went down in "flames". I put new Golden Lions in and re-biased. They were red plating so I switched back to the tubes that came with it. About 30 minutes in the fuse blew. I replaced it and during warm up one of the KT88's flared up! POP! Fuse gone. I need to find a schematic to test the internals before I throw another set of power tubes in and fire it up.
  14. Us Alabamian have a FB page... Aging Alabamian Audiophiles Look us up!
  15. BamaMike


    I'm very interested! Post those pics. Sending a PM.
  16. Thanks all. I ended up finding a good deal on a Rogue 99. I bought a Schitt Mani and I'm up and running!! I'm driving my La Scalas right now in my main room with plans to set up in the office with the Cornwalls later (office needs cleaning and reorganizing still). So far, I am loving it!
  17. Greetings friends! It's been a while since I frequented the forum. I do follow Cory's page on FB, though. Quick update on me - I was involved in a very bad motorcycle accident back in April and have been on medical leave for over 17 weeks. Long road and has left me partially disabled. I have found solace in music, though. Have bought and sold a couple pieces and expanded my record collection. SO - I recently acquired a pair of Quicksilver Mono Blocks. I'm pretty excited to get them wired up to my Cornwalls! This will be a new system in my office. I'm looking for preamp recommendations. I need inputs for a turntable (obviously), a CD player and something like a Tape Monitor so that I can not only listen to reels but record them. I've been reading about the Schitt units and have heard of the Juicy Blueberry but due to my handicap, research is not the easiest for me. My sons help me with a lot of activity and I mostly use my phone with one hand to access FB, the internet etc. I value my Klipsch friends opinion very much so any input you can offer would be great. Thanks in advance and have a great day!
  18. Exactly what I need but alas... too far away!
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