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  1. Right. Contact cement. You can see I clamped the first couple of veneers but I learned it's not necessary.
  2. Well... currently, they are in the living room running off an older Yamaha RVX AV Receiver. I will be revamping that system and running them with an Onkyo Integra set up (M504/C304). I have a Kenwood M2/C2 and an older Akai AM-2800. No tubes yet but I hope to try all the amps with them to determine what will sound best.
  3. Picked up the grills off a guy on a FB group I'm in. I think I have about $450 total in them. I highly recommend the Vintage Hi Fi and Stereo Equipment (VHFSE) page on FB.
  4. Several weekends putzing. I work a lot so had to squeak it in... I think I have around 25 hours in them. It was slow going at first as I am new to veneering... if I were to do it again, maybe 15~20 hours.
  5. Greetings! Been lurking on the page for some time. Finally posting to share my Heresy restoration. Picked up a pair of 1978's for $200 but they were pretty rough but the sound! WOW!!! SO impressed by these I started doing homework on re-veneering them. Re-did them in red birch and used Watco Danish Oil Red Cherry to finish them. I wanted something little different so I ran the grain vertically in the front and front to back on the top. Bob Crites re-cap and risers (same veneer). The came out better than expected considering 1) I never did it before and 2) They were ROUGH. A couple corners were trashed. One tweeter had been replaced with a second generation. Not sure what I will eventually do about that. Anyway... I took a LOT of pics along the way. Photobucket link below. Be glad to answer any questions... I have a few to ask myself! LOL My goal is to pick up some La Scala's at some point. I'm in Alabama. If anyone hears of any, please let me know. Perhaps some trading could be involved as well. I have a few systems. Complete album here>>> http://s1368.photobucket.com/user/MCoffel/library/Klipsch%20Heresy%20Restoration
  6. You got a pretty sweet deal! Those look good enough to touch up rather than re-veneer. I bought some Heresy 1's (1978) for $200 a couple months back and they were ROUGH to say the least. I just finished veneering them in red birch with a Cherry stain (Watco Danish Oil)... came out fantastic. Crites recap and risers. I'm in love with them. I'm a newb here but I'll be posting pics soon. Good luck with your new (to you) speakers!
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