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  1. That's not a typo! lol I recently purchased my 5th pair of Klipsch speakers! I was up buying my 2nd pair of Heresy from a very nice gentlemen in the Birmingham, AL area and he had scads of equipment in his house. Lots of very nice vintage receivers (3 CR-1020's no less!). He was selling the Heresy due to lack of bass (common complaint as we all know) so picked up a pair of mid-80 units in great shape with cane grills for $200. As we got to talking and I told him I had a pair of La Scalas he started to open up and I felt a friendship coming on! He threw in some other goodies with my Heresy purchase... Fairly new (working!) Pioneer sub-woofer, a Yamaha dual cassette deck and a Rotel R-3045 receiver. Can't beat all that for $200. SO... he takes me in the basement and he has two pair of La Scalas! One set is hooked up and running with yet another CR-1020 but off in the corner I can see one La Scala in Walnut finish. He asked me if I was interested and of course I always am. He bought them sight unseen but when he went to pick them up, one speaker had been disassembled. He negotiated the price down and took them home with the intent to restore/rebuild and there they sat. He offered them to me for $100. I jumped right on it but had to come back 2 weeks later with my truck. I didn't look them over closely at the time. When I went back yesterday, he had them out in the drive way which afforded me better lighting than the basement. Pretty rough! The disassembled cab is missing two pieces and one tweeter was MIA so he took $60 for the lot. He even threw in what appears to be a NOS woofer (newer model - see pic - need help identifying). The woofer enclosure is intact. The mid-horns have been caulked for some dampening effect, I presume and I'm not sure what's up with the woofer from the disassembled cab. Strips of terry cloth loosely taped to the frame with electrical tape. I'm going to take everything down to the bare components and rebuild these bad boys. Looking for suggestions/ideas. Crites tweeters? Crites new mid drivers? Find a K33 to match the "other" one or find another later model woofer to match the freebie? Cab design? I'm thinking salvage the base enclosures and replaces all other wood and veener to my liking. Possibly integrate a base bin mod to the cabinet design. What say you folks?!! At the price I paid for these, I don't think I can go wrong. Your input would be greatly appreciated!
  2. LOL!! Well my penchant for coming home with wayward vintage receivers and less than beautiful speakers and assorted equipment keeps me in the dog house. I did recently score a very nice Sony pro-audio enclosed stereo rack and complete Klipsch HT speakers including KG5.5 for $100... she does recognize a deal when it comes along. The Klipsch center channel replaced my tiny little Polk with stellar results. Again... she hears the difference so I've got that going for me... which is nice.
  3. Well... I sold her on the first pair. We restored a pair of Heresies and we both love them (currently in use in the living room) so when a pair of La Scalas came along, she was all in ... mostly. Once she heard them, it was a done deal.
  4. I wish I hadn't seen this post! LOL ... I'm in Montgomery, AL. I don't think my wife would approve.
  5. I recently spoke with a friend on FB who has pair in Florida he is looking to sell. $750 Let me know if you are interested and I can pass on your info.
  6. After uploading up to 2mb in a post. REFRESH the screen and attempt another post. You should be able to upload up to 2mb of pics PER post but sometimes a refresh is required.
  7. Wow. Love it. Collectors dream, right there.
  8. Agreed! I don't have many as they are hard to come by in decent shape. I do have Black Sabbath's first release and I was shocked at how good it sounded. It was a gift to me 30+ years ago and I NEVER played it until a few months ago. LOL I have some Herb Alpert as well that sounds pretty good. I've never been a fan of prerecorded tapes of any kind but every now and then I get surprised.
  9. Very pricey, indeed! Some of the pre-recorded 7 1/2ips tapes from that era were pretty good, believe it or not.
  10. Akai GX-747 with NOS (just out of the wrapper!) Maxell XL I.
  11. Highly recommend this record. Some of the newer records have suspect pressing in my opinion. Too much noise. My wife and I were blown away at the quality of this recording.
  12. I recently purchased The Wonderful Sounds of Christmas and dubbed it to reel on a brand new old stock 7" reel of Maxell XL I on the very first play. Aaahhh... man... sounds so good. There is some analog magic that occurs when recording this way. Love the sound.
  13. Based on his post (and I'm trying to decipher!)... Antiques Village, Centerville, OH
  14. I've tried to follow up but the guy that shared the image has not responded. Apparently these are at one of those large indoor flea market places in a "booth". When and IF I hear back, I'll let you know what he says.
  15. I can't see them loaded with La Scala components. Heresy components maybe.
  16. No link. Sorry. If you are on FakeBook, its in the Vintage HiFi and Stereo Equipment (VHSE) page. Pretty large group.
  17. I grabbed this pic off of a FB group I am in. Apparently these are for sale. Seller claims they are modified La Scalas. LOL Not sure where they are just wanted to share the pic. I'm guessing someone stuck a PWK badge on these. Sorry I don't know more but thought I would share in hopes of getting more info for the guy who is going to look at them. Asking price is $2500!
  18. There are much prettier versions out there but they are HUGE money. For $1500, you can't beat these and they are in decent shape. Of course, they were originally meant to be hidden behind curtains... Nicer version:
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