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  1. I had to share this... not Klipsch but if I had the ROOM for these I would be all over it. Only 3 hours south of me. http://mobile.craigslist.org/ele/5815043735.html
  2. Although I bough my GX77 new, my 747 is the king of my RTR's. Love this thing. I can't see myself parting with it. In fact, I would love to get my hands on one in BLACK. The only thing better than a RTR is TWO RTR's! LOL
  3. Some one else will have to answer that. I know duratex is commonly used by folks but not sure what Klipsch used. If you veneer, I can help.
  4. Do you want strip and veneer or simply repaint/recoat?
  5. I have a DBX 2015 Eq that is pretty rare that really like as well.
  6. There is a lot of hate for the DBX Range Expansion systems. I bought my 3BX III new in 1983 and it's been in my system since new. Granted, moderation is the key. Heavy amounts of expansion and impact restoration results in the sound "breathing" or "pulsing" for lack of a better word. I would LOVE to own a 4BX!
  7. I've found with just a little eq tweak, mine sound great! I have some very LARGE Cerwin Vegas as rear speakers that do assist with bass as needed but I've found the La Scala stand on their own very well. Given the tastes in music you cited, I doubt you will be disappointed.
  8. Regarding hiss and noise reduction... I have yet to use any NR with my decks with excellent results. If there is some hiss, it's not evident enough to convince me I need NR. I love listening to reels of "virgin plays" of my vinyl. It never fails to amaze myself and guests.
  9. Reel to reel was mentioned in another thread and I got all excited as I had not seen a thread on the subject. BUT... being the forum newb I am, I just haven't been around long enough to see one pop up. I ran a search and this appears to be the most recent discussion and I, for one, am thrilled there IS a thread. I don't care how old it is! LOL In some ways RTR is experiencing a slight renaissance. Revox has plans for a new machine next year and there are at least 3 sources for NEW magnetic tape. ATR, RMG/Pyral and Splicit. I don't know where to start in terms of a comment after reading this entire thread but I have 5 reel to reels and I love each and every one of them. I am the original owner of an Akai GX-77 I purchased in Tokyo while in the service in 1983. I love the Akai's for the GX heads (glass and crystal ferrite) and also own a GX-747 and GX-630 (both 10.5" units) as well as Pioneer RT-909. Reels are played in our house OFTEN. While in Japan, I purchased lots of vinyl and the majority of it has a SINGLE pass on it as I dubbed all my vinyl to reel and I still practice this today with my new vinyl purchases. No shortage of vintage gear in our house...
  10. What?! Reel to reel is being discussed? Reely? <-- haha get it? Being somewhat of a newb, I hadn't noticed and discussions of said topic. They say it's coming back, you know!
  11. LoLz... I'm good. I bought mine almost 2 months ago. Seller was a flipper... had some Chorus' for sale and some other gear. Nice guy. I think $1200 was fair for all original 1981's.
  12. When you say locally, do you mean Atlanta? I bought mine off a guy name Corey in the Marrietta area not long ago.
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