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  1. They are sending me a new amp plate and weird that they don't want back my old one.
  2. Does anyone have the same issue with the 15" ones? I may consider to ask them to exchange it for the r-115sw and pay the difference.
  3. Isn't the sub amp warranty for two years? and the woofer for 5? They need to fix it or replace it. It is just 4 month old. Will let u know Monday.
  4. Got you, I Though it was just a connection in the back. Will do that if happens out off warranty. Thanks
  5. How do I connect an external amp to the R-112SW? There is only LFE port, white RCA, Right Red RCA and WA Port. Can I use another AVR amp for that?
  6. I tied so many options this morning and the only think changed was the time that held on, but didn't past from 10min. Per your suggestion I dont think it is like it over heating and going to self protection mode; Because I just powered on without the LFE cable from the AVR and 0 gain and it did shutted off after a couple of min. Back amp plate was cold. Can't find a logic pattern and I haven't change any gain on the AVR to cause this.
  7. Hi Guys, Sorry to hijack the thread, but wont post the same issue in the forum. I bought my R-112sw this past May. like 4 months old and the same issues started happening yesterday watching X-Man Apocalypse 4k. The different is that mine wont hold on more than 5-10 min in either auto on or always on. Doesn't even matter if it is driving or just on without any cable. I left it unplug all night to hopefully discharge or something but no luck. I got mine from acousticsounddesign.com an authorize dealer. Either way I know I need to call klipsch on Monday to start a warranty replacement or fix. My question is, will the replacement unit have the same problem over time? Or they upgraded. Was thinking to get a 3rd sub but I guess wont be Klipsch. Thanks
  8. I have the same RP line. The 250C are also in stands just on my ear level. and sounds good? Yeap. Perfect. Take a look. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/164243-new-member-here-with-rp-line-712/
  9. I'm using two 5800-C-II and they are very good dispersing the sound down.
  10. I have the same RP line. The 250C are also in stands just on my ear level.
  11. yolayoe


    Better to match it with whatever are your Fronts R/L as voice will be the same across.
  12. klipsch manual states for those ceiling speakers to cross them over at 150hz.. I have mine set to 160 hz as that is what my avr allows. for the side surrounds at ear height when seated is what should be used for atmos.. the rear surrounds can be higher but not more than half the height of the wall.. My AVR set them at 90hz. I have them from 90-120hz. They can handle lows so don't need to be that high. I like thunderstorm with some bass.
  13. I can that might a problem but to too bad. Maybe, but could you wall mount with a retracting bracket and lower or tilt the center speaker down a bit more? Also, have you considered raising your side surrounds about 12 inches to put them more in line with your rear surrounds? Just a thought. Bill Thanks, I was thinking the same with wall mount retracting bracket but my back wall is about 35" from the tv and that far/weight's TV will be hard to find one. Need to be a heavy duty one. About the side surround, I agree with you. I was impatient to do the setup and that stand high was the only one available at Magnolia/bestbuy. Will look for a higher one in the future or I could lower the back surround a bit. I wish I had a left side wall to mount them. I just can mount the right side.
  14. Will this crossover setup be fine on my speakers. They are rated from 32-58hz lows frequencies. LFE SUB = 120hz or lower. Fronts = 60hz Rated 32-2500hz Center = 80hz Surround = 80hz Surround back = 60-80hz Rated 45-2500hz Atmos = 90-100hz Music plays most of the time in Stereo Will be any low frequencies overlap or hole as people says?
  15. Thanks guys Yes, I tied that and I had two issues. TV went to high and the stand came out too much. I need to find a lower and shorter stand.
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