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  1. I've had a well-used copy of The Dave Clark Five's Greatest Hits on LP ever since I was 7, as I used to play it over and over and over again. In the time that I've owned it, the record was stored in a box in the attic for 20 years. Miraculously, it hadn't warped and I was glad all over. Because the album was treated like crap when I was just a lad, it had many scratches and I was lucky it wasn't in bits and pieces. However, I cleaned it up with some fine sandpaper and gasoline and polished it to a mirror-like sheen. Soon thereafter, I placed the record on my $500,000 turntable and was just about to drop the needle until I had the best idea yet: Thinking outside the box, I reversed the polarity on my power cord, which I had directly wired to the feed wires on the outside power line, before the transformer, bypassing not only the house power supply, but also the signal-robbing breaker. I turned on my system and the impossible happened. Amazingly, the music transported me back to the recording studio where the Dave Clark Five was performing a cover of "Do You Love Me?" when all of the sudden I could hear the faintest sound of a firetruck approaching. I've never heard this on the record before. Reversing the polarity was the key to time-travel! I could almost smell the smoke of a burning building nearby, the sensation was so real. I could literally feel the heat engulfing me as the fire intensified! At that point, the band stopped recording and I passed out due to sheer bliss! Three days later, I woke up in the burn ward of the hospital. After fifteen surgeries and countless skin grafts, I still haven't been released, but no matter - that was the most magical listening experience I've had yet.
  2. My condolences to you and your family.
  3. I've been in an email conversation with Craig and have decided to send him the amp, based on his expertise and your glowing (pun intended) endorsements. Thanks guys!
  4. So THAT'S what happened to Mr. Bigglesworth's fur
  5. Good evening everyone, My HH Scott 222C decided to blow an output tube last night and I need some contact info for some really good repair shops. Due to the age of the amp, I'd like to refurbish it, instead of just fixing it temporarily. It has most, if not all of the original caps, sockets, resistors, etc. underneath, though the cans on top and the bridge rectifier have been replaced at some point. I've read through some of the posts here that NOS Valves is a good shop and have read elsewhere that Vintage Amplifier Restoration in Hattiesburg, MS is a good one too. I know just enough about tube amps to be dangerous, but repairing electronics is way above my pay grade. Any suggestions will be appreciated!
  6. nivroc

    WTB Cornwalls

    The Cornwalls are currently disabled/under construction, waiting on crossovers and tweets (thanks Hugot!), so I took your suggestions and stacked the Heresys on top. Stephen was right on the money about the bass response. Man, what a difference! I oriented them in different directions - vertically & horizontally - and found the best for my room & listening position was laying them horizontally with woofers inside/tweeters out. Once I get the room straightened up & the Cornwalls back in service, I'll post some pics.
  7. nivroc

    WTB Cornwalls

    Do you have them daisy-chained to the Cornwalls, or do you have them powered through another amp?
  8. nivroc

    WTB Cornwalls

    Found some yesterday for a great deal and just brought them home! 1983 CBR unfinished with cane grilles in VG condition. Tweeters are confirmed dead by testing continuity, but no worries. Going to recap first, then use the tweets from my Heresys for now. I'm tickled pink right now.
  9. I'm going to take one for the team right now and preemptively self-flagellate and weep into martyrdom. You're welcome, world.
  10. nivroc

    LaScalas for Sale

    The little baggy looks like a PWK badge is inside it. If he doesn't sell these in a week or so, I may offer him a little more. He's really pushing to bundle the speakers/amp/preamp too. I've noticed in the last couple of months the larger Heritage series speakers seem to be kind of rare around these parts, but I'm not in any hurry for them. I'm still happy using my Heresys as training wheels for now. Just keeping my eyes peeled for a good deal, since I don't have a lot of funds to spend at the moment.
  11. nivroc

    LaScalas for Sale

    Much obliged, neighbor!
  12. Posting pics anyway Edit: Just checked it out & it still works. I don't think it's been used since 1981.
  13. I do. It was my Dad's - has the case, a 140-slide carousel & 25' remote. I'll post pics in a minute, if you're still interested.
  14. nivroc

    LaScalas for Sale

    No luck at $750. Oh well.
  15. And I swear this wasn't photoshopped!
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