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  1. I'm looking sry for the miss quote guys 800 obo is the new price
  2. I've had them a few years my grandparents purchased them new
  3. I'm located in south Elgin northwest suburbs
  4. I can take more pics the other speakers label is lost now but I can give more photos
  5. Hey guys looking to sell my belles got them from a grandparent the tweeters Need to be replaced and one woofer. Looking to get 1300 for the pair I looked up the parts from klipsch and it was about 500 dollars for all the speaker parts. I'm in the Chicagoland area wanna move them fast so make me some offers.
  6. Both tweeters are bad both mids are good and one woofer is bad the other is ok
  7. Not yet wasn't sure of the price I should list at that's why I made this post
  8. Won't let me load any pictures says files are to big
  9. I'm going to get some pics and details tommorow for you guys it's been a few years since I had them out
  10. I have to take the back out and take pics and stuff and hook them up so I can remember what was all wrong I was just saying given what I said is 800 unreasonable. I'm also near Chicago in the suburbs. I know the belles are supposed to be sought after just not sure how much.
  11. Was looking to sell my speakers was looking to get like a good starting price to list them at they are in overall good shape just need to replace the woofers. If someone could let me know it would be Awsome. And since this is my first post hello all I'm dmytnik nice to be part of the community
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