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  1. I'm still wired. Waiting for all this to be ironed out as I'm not one to be an early adopter. I'm none to kind for failure or lack of planning when it comes to $$$. OTOH if it's done well I'll sing praises about it. Klipsch should have given these away to all their employees as a test run (After signing non disclosure agreements etc) as I'm sure they all have different phones. These bugs could have been resolved "in-house". Waiting till Christmas or the next gen otherwise I'll go Sennheiser/Sony.
  2. Not seeing anything. Any way to download the ad to Klipsch?
  3. You are spot on. It's bass is definitely a tad heavy. Had to knock down the bass knob to neutral. Otherwise, very um, " I'm here!" Type of receiver. Lol.
  4. Well, it's not that it's crap just something was better. Having been fully restored it's actually an excellent receiver. It's able to reveal little details like a chair being knocked over WAY in the background in Rebecca Pigeon Spanish Harlem that's very difficult with say some others I've had. Some songs that use a fluttering sound from one speaker to another one is able to follow it distinctly from left to right. So it's strength is being really smooth non offensive. Where the Realistic is forward, more powerful in it's presentation. That has it's cons sometimes in long listening session and may be the case six months from now. It's definitely has a wow factor right now.
  5. Just had an "extensive" listen to the Sony str 7055 vs the Realistic 2100 today. To say it was a TKO would have been an understatement. After a listen to the Sony I switched to the Realistic and immediately started to laugh a little. It was no contest. Ever have one of those face offs? The Realistic just knocked it out in every category while the biggest area was the shear authority it commanded in the bass department and overall control of the music. But again it's 55 watt vs 120 watt yet, it's more than watts at play here. My wife even commented it sounded much better than the Sony going further, said it's better than the Marantz 2500! Well, crap. I think she's right. Anywho, the Sony in this second round match got the boot from the bedroom. Didn't think it was possible. Thanks for the read.
  6. Just did an extensive A& B test with this receiver against the Marantz 2500 which Randy also recapped. Had several hours to myself on Thursday nursing a bummed knee that swelled up which was my first experience with such an "injury". Odd to say the least. Anyway the test as imperfect as can be, is easily summed up as a near tie as far as my ears are concerned. Keeping both volume as near identical as I could and using a Cheeky CD on the Yamaha CD-1. Grading in detail & bloom, attack & decay, soundstage and grip on the music. In all these both were virtually tied with the Marantz on some tracks offering a bit more soundstage. Take a shaker for example on some jazz tracks and they went wide beyond the speakers on either right or left side where the Realistic stayed in the speakers. But the the virtual vice grip the Realistic had on bass was welcomed while in some guitar strings had more tangible "echo" this revealing a tad bit more detail. Stopping some of the music every 20 seconds and dissecting it while flipping back and forth offered insight to both receivers. Then I let the song flow to get a feel for it's entire length and honestly I can be happy with either in rotation. But just to show how far technology has come neither were able to detail a chair being knocked over in the background on Rebecca Pigeon Spanish Rose solo as it did on the Wharfdale Denton. On the other hand the Denton's don't come close to letting her breath as natural as the Klipsch. With the Klipsch she is HERE as if standing in front of me. Anyway, glad to have another outstanding back up. If you do want a monster receiver I'd highly recommend a Realistic 2100 and no need to get a Marantz 2500. Cheers.
  7. Paired to my Bells. Prior to having it sent off the receiver exhibited fading left to right and just lack of overall Sonic's from top to bottom. Just got it back after over a year wait. Allow me to give a shout out to Randy Buckner with Out west vintage audio. An engineer by trade and perhaps a 1%'er when it comes to the quality of work he performs. My wife, daughter and I got to meet him in AZ when I had my Marantz 2500 recapped and his his wonderful wife offered their place to stay the night at their home instead of a hotel. Don't meet people like that too often. Anyway, packing was outstanding without any issues. Plugged it in and for the last several days I've playing this non stop to compare it to my Marantz. Approximately 70 caps were changed out with new soft start power and power filter caps. It's definitely a hard hitting receiver. It has authority and grip on all spectrum of sound in the music. While it lacks the smoothness and refinement of the Marantz as it leans a tad more towards it being a party/work out receiver I've had no ear fatigue after hours of listening. It has a tad more touch in the bass than the Marantz and I'd characterize that as "faster" while the strings on the guitar are plucked with a little more force. Again, the comparison are hardly noticeable unless you are sitting here and comparing going back and forth between the two with the same music. My wife and kids didn't notice a difference while my wife really likes.it. You can count me in that group. The best part of all this? Having a wife supportive of this hobby and a daughter singing while we are playing Otrio tic tac toe on the living room floor listening to the Bells. About as best life can get. Cheers
  8. Wifie and I bought our first trailer. An Airstream. Not a big one just 23' Fb(front bedroom) model. Digging it. Have it for work and learning the in & out of trailer living. Pretty cool so far. Have to go look for a truck now. Thought about a Ford F-150 but then I relayed my experience as my friend towed my trailer (I was to chicken) where it had very, very mild bucking and sway even with a weight distribution hitch. Nothing dramatic just mild. My wife, bless her one day came back and said "get a F-350 and be done with it". Obviously she did her homework..lol. This was her logic "If we upgrade to a 27'+ it'll tow anything". Gotta love her. Take care.
  9. In the course of my research into various Klipsch speakers I failed to see the date. Sorry about that.
  10. Late but Happy birthday! Cool wife.😎
  11. Actual!...Hey! I didn't make fun of your Bob Dylan did I? 🤣 Ok. Here you go try this on for size for "actual" music. We're talking bass here and I'll go slow... Oh and at NO time will the following two recordings hurt your speakers. It's mainly bass guitar and drums. A little ting ting but that's it. Not jarring screech or blasting tweeters. So have fun turn it up. Drum stop, No good by Peter Smith. The bass guitar is amazing. Gets down low. https://play.google.com/music/m/Trsgq37wcj7nc5jdhbrifec536q?t=Drums_Stop_No_Good_-_Steve_Smith Peter White Hit the road Jack nice... Turn it up! https://play.google.com/music/m/Txrd4i4j37zu7ymuhjeic3u3224?t=Hit_the_Road_Jack_-_Peter_White Here is not "actual" music but made by a band of monkeys...minus the rap & Nobel prize. Let go deeper into house/jazz club mix. Bass here.....20 seconds into the tune. The bass hit and keeps on hitting. Jazz, bass, horns hey life is good. No sissy "jazz" here! https://play.google.com/music/m/Tytvwpnmrmv76axyrckeesaobhi?t=Nothin_But_The_Blues_Original_Mix_-_SoDown That's it you get the idea. Bell's are capable of bass if you have the power. A bonus. A tiny bit of bass but the focus is on a beautiful, beautiful female vocalist. If I didn't know better she's using a tube microphone. Katie Melua. Sigh...This song REALLY shines on horns. https://play.google.com/music/m/Tcrodlygfmhcphnf2vg5csjntxu?t=Piece_By_Piece_-_Katie_Melua Cheers.
  12. You know, I keep hearing over & over that the Bell's lack bass. I've never had that problem hooked up to my Marantz 2500. It positively SLAMS my house. My wife comments that it sounds like the club. One caveat. It depends on the music. If the recording is some 60's rock(apologies to die hard oldies rock fans) then for the most part the bass is not emphasized as much as it is on today's music. I should ask how much bass are you looking for? Not all bass is created equal. If I put on house, EDM, Dub step music it'll down right shake the house. I mean damn, it'll shake the house! He'll, even the mid horns I can feel the vibration coming through. So I don't know what type of music people are listening too but there is no lack of bass with the Bell's. Even with "delicate" jazz recodings with double bass instruments such as on Lee Rittenour Six string theory cd (btw AWESOME CD if you are a guitar fan)some of the double bass is awesome and bass guitar with Stanley Clark is perfect. Maybe people are having their eq flat? I have mine one notch to the right which seems to feed enough bass. Oh and solid state only please.
  13. Wow, those speakers seem to fit nicely there. Congrats.
  14. Just tip the Khorns together so they are in an A configuration. Lay on your back & slide under that A. Turn volume UP. Enjoy! 😁 Math? This many feet, that feet... Pffffth...
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