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  1. Recently purchased a set of HIII's running with Onkyo TXSR-805/ Technics SL-1200MK5/ Onkyo CD/ and BSR EQ-3000 (2 channel setup) The speakers are only a couple months old and for jazz/blues etc. I think they run just fine with no sub (tweak the EQ) but for some of the harder stuff I do find they are missing a bit in the bottom end...Im trying to stay in the 1k range for a sub so was wondering if anyone could make a suggestion based on my setup -B
  2. Buying a set of Heresy III from an authorized online Klipsch dealer... Just curoius..Does Klipsch always ship sequential sn#s on the Heritage series speakers..Dealer couldn't answer this 100% but I thought I remember reading that's how they ship.. Any help is appreciated,, -B
  3. Hey everyone...Thanks for all the input re the H3's. "IF" decide to add the sub can anyone give me some advice how this sub would pair with them?? I know few on here said look at horn loaded sub but those may be out of the price range after I get the H3's Klipsch 12" Black Powered Subwoofer - R-12SW
  4. Dtel...Thanks so much for all the info....So you think even pairing the H3's with the receiver I mentioned (Pioneer Elite Series VSX 41) still hold off buying a sub until I see how sounds?? That receiver has plenty of power 110 Watt - 8 Ohm - at 1 kHz - THD 1.0% - 2 channel(s) but just worried goin to get a tinny overall sound... -B
  5. So looks like its goin to be a set of H3's for 2 channel setup...Any recommendations on a sub (under 1g prefer ) and placement...The room these are goin in is acutally an open loft area upstairs designed kinda as a game room..Also will be connected to a Pioneer VSX-41 (eventually will have a tube setup but this will have to do for now )
  6. Dealer or forum member? There may be a member or two that own HIII's in your area. Bill I'd be fine with either a retailer or forum member... -BM
  7. Does anyone know of a place to demo Heresy III's in the Houston area??
  8. First time poster!! Considering a pair of Heresy III's and no matter where I go see different responses regarding the bass output...They would be paired with a Pioneer VSX-41 Elite Series amp that was primarily made for home theater but now used in my 2 channel setup...also running an old BSR EQ3000 w/ Technics SL-1200MK5 turntable Most of what I read is the Heresy III are fine with no sub for softer rock,jazz,blues etc but not so much for metal where some state they lack the punch or gets distorted...I have a set of Cerwin Vega DX-5 (probably a dirty word in this forum) but for rock they do produce for other types of music just too bottom heavy...If the Klipsch gang would give me any of their input and knowledge it would be truly appreciated!!! -BM
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