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  1. Is it one resistor per speaker? Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  2. What is the model of the pioneer you have? I’m interested in taking a look.
  3. Hello all it’s been a while since I’ve posted, well I currently have for my 5.2 set up rf-5, rc-7, and rs-3 speakers. I’m currently using a Sony str-dh550 to power them but I want to upgrade to a better receiver, what would you guys recommend? I would like to stay between $250-$600. If anymore info is needed feel free to ask thanks
  4. What's the lowest you would consider on the rc-7? It would be coming to a good home lol
  5. Joe879

    Wtb rc-7

    I'm located in mass 01001
  6. Joe879

    Wtb rc-7

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a rc-7 speaker black or cherrry is fine.
  7. Joe879


    Hi I'm looking to buy a rc-7 speaker, whatever color black or cherry.
  8. Joe879


    Just found some replacements, ordered should be in this week.
  9. Joe879


    So I tested the low sounding tweeter with the volt meter, it read 6.3-6.4 is that good or bad?
  10. Joe879


    Ok will I will check them out with the ohm meter will post results.
  11. Joe879


    Can I test the tweeters with an ohm meter? If so what is it supposed to read?
  12. Joe879


    To be honest I'm not sure, I just got these today. One pair sounds as they should, the other one has a weak one. Is there a way I can check the wiring?
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