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  1. Great advice, thank you. Leaning towards the premiere stuff I shared previously. Again, this us my very first system, I'm used to hearing my TV speakers until I got the Sonos I will teturn. One step at a time. Thanks again!!
  2. I'm not against perhaps spending a little bit more. What about this? http://www.klipsch.com/products/reference-premiere-home-theater-systems#rp-150
  3. I live in the Cedar Rapids area. What does rebadged icon mean exactly? Yes, I was trying to get an initial 5.1 system for under 2000 including a receiver.
  4. I had heard someone else mention staying away from the best buy stuff, why is that? I am returning the Sonos stuff I bought there but could just get a refund instead of exchange if need be. Is direct from Klipsch better? Budget is not great, 1500-2000. I live in Iowa. This is my first attempt at building a home theater.
  5. I am setting up my first home theater to replace the Sonos setup I just spent $1800 on and will be returning. It sounds good, but not true surround and pricey. My question is this. I was thinking about using one of these two set ups and would appreciate some good advice. I am getting a 7.2 receiver for future upgrades. 1. Front and back - 2- R-15M Center - R-25C R10SW 2. Simply replace the front with the R-26F. What are your thoughts...good first system? Thanks!
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