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  1. I use a Dynaco st 70 to drive my KaScalas,never get the pre above 10.5, listen to rock.
  2. I was using a Thorens TD 320 w/ tp 16 mk 4 arm and Stanton 681 eee cart. Wellll I liked that so much I got a used VPI classic and put a Soundsmith Zypher on it.
  3. Chad, for some reason it started working last night. Fingers crossed. Thank you
  4. Tarheel, that is a 511b , I thought they would be to large or wide for the LaScala cab. Those look really nice but I could never do that kind of woodwork.
  5. I was looking for a horn that would fit in the area of the tweet and squaker, I have seen them but I don't know what they are or I have forgotten. The 511b is just a little to large for the LaScala cab. Anyone have pics of replacement horns on LaScalas? Thx Les
  6. I saw one that had a white plastic? Horn ,but i dont remember what forum just that mory James posted it.
  7. Well it does it on my windows 8.1 tablet also. I always check the box to keep signed in. But it still wants a new password on the win tablet or the iPhone .
  8. I did last year and did not get a reply. It's just frustrating to have to request a new password all of the time.
  9. So I still have to request a new password every time I sign in, and it will not let me stay signed in. This is the only forum I'm on that is doing this. Audiogon, shamrock boats, thehulltruth, hearth.com, eham.com, qth.com,ifish, audiokarma, humbolttuna.com, fishingreel, amfone.net and others I do not have this problem.I am on all of these forums on my phone with no problem. Is there a solution to this?? Thx. Les
  10. Has anyone put a Altech Lansing 811 b in place of the stock mid on the LaScala and make it a 2 way or with a outboard tweeter? It's just a thought , not that I don't enjoy them the way the are .
  11. The Ortofon black sometimes on Bay is a little over 500 , I just put a Sound smith Zypher on the classic 1 yesterday.
  12. Gosh, I like my Dynaco st 70 so much with the LaScalas that I have bought a VPI classic 1 turntable . So I can play LPs . I am getting rid of the Adcom 5500 I have been using for 21 years. I do listen "loud"
  13. I am using Kappa 15 c's in the La Scalas and one started sounding like the paper on the cone was ripped. I swapped amp out puts and it moved to the other speaker. Turns out it was the turntable ( I think) play cd's and all is fine.
  14. So I removed the phono preamp and playedCD's and it seems to be fine no sounding like the cone is ripped , so not the amp not the preamp , turntable? When I get the Thorens up and running I will try that . Listening to Roy Bucanon "Sweet Dreams" two set cd. And I still have to request new password so I can post, tried contacting Admin no answer.
  15. So swapped speaker leads and the rattling followed so it's the amp.
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