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  1. Not affiliated but....... Anyone in the area or close by? https://spokane.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-la-scala-vintage/6396023162.html
  2. daryls

    La Scala

    No Affiliation... GO GET EM!!!! https://sanantonio.craigslist.org/ele/d/wood-speakers/6378537725.html
  3. daryls

    Klipsch KG4 listing

    Thanks for the input, just what i needed to know. It seems that heritage speakers don't show up as often as i would like here in BC. Lot's over in Ontario but that's to far away. I don't mind the cruise into Washington if i have the time.
  4. daryls

    Klipsch KG4 listing

    From a project perspective, the finish is not overly concerning as i'd like to re-veneer and restore. The part that is some what of a killer for me is the missing papers on the back and one emblem on the grill is missing. (I've seen these on ebay though) How hard is it to strip the duratex off without ruining the MDF? I guess the alternative is build new cabinets out of birch and swap over the drivers, since the papers are missing anyway. $300 for drivers and throw away cabinets starts to add up the project total.
  5. hmmmm maybe i should take a road trip/take the wife for a few day "vacation".
  6. daryls

    Klipsch KG4 listing

    I was able to obtain a few additional photo's from the seller. Looks as the exterior is painted finish instead of veneer, was that an option with this series? Unfortunately it sounds like the paper identification tags are missing on both. Crossover's are original as well as drivers. Looks like someone was a little glue happy with the dust caps. Thoughts?
  7. The image makes me feel tingly inside. Wish i were closer, i'd grab a pair or two for the shop.
  8. daryls

    Klipsch KG4 listing

    Sounds averaged price than with the difference between CAN + US funds. I've never had the chance to listen to the KG series.. are they worth the $300 to restore x-overs etc..?
  9. Not affiliated Looks like bases and paper showing serial number is missing but original owner of 30 years. Firm on $300.... thoughts on price? https://abbotsford.craigslist.ca/msg/6259215358.html
  10. There is a button on the bottom left of the website to change to the English site. The company logo doesn't even match the above add.
  11. No affiliation but these look raw!! Wish I was closer to Texas, I'd try negotiating a sale. http://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649341685-klipsch-heresy-speakers-hbr-with-risers-unfinished-birch/ Can anyone advise what a good condition with working components set of OG Heresy's like the above sells for on average? this price fair?
  12. You're supposed to hook these up without an amplifier.
  13. Without dyslexia, the bill starts to add up on 18 hour round trip. The impulse buy hasn't fully sank in but if the were splits I'd be getting antsy.
  14. Now we're talkin! I might have to roll down across the boarder to snipe these.
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