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  1. Yes, you are right the leftover parts initiated this thought process, that and and a long standing belief that Klipsch should have a Heritage style center. I also think that the visual presentation if I made it look like a factory item would be really cool! I thought I might use a La Scala Crites crossover so that the cutoff frequencies are the same for LSII drivers. I mainly listen to music 2.1 so the center would be for movies and 5.1 content which can include live concert video. It doesn't need to dig as deep as a La Scala, which doesn't dig to the lowest frequencies anyway. I enjoy building things and the creative process, not always taking the most practical path to get there. I had built a playhouse for the kids with 5.1 sound, heat and AC. It was a little over the top but I enjoy the process. I like the sound of the RC64 which I see you have as well. I can repurpose it to another set up in the house. This project just popped in my head, so I'm a ways away from executing it. Figure cost could be $800-1000 using my existing drivers.
  2. I'm using an 18" sub, looking to make something that really stands out, something that Klipsch should have made but hasn't (yet). I can make the top cabinet less high than the one on the La Scala, the cabinet can be wider than a La Scala, just not as tall. Pics of your DIY?
  3. 8 foot ceiling, I'd like to keep to TV where it's at. I'm a proficient woodworker but need to figure out the math prior, the top cabinet will be straight forward. The woofers would be separated from each other.
  4. I have La Scala midrange and tweeter components left over after modifying my La Scala II speakers. I am currently using a RC64II as a center. I was thinking of building a folded horn type center speaker with 2 smaller woofers instead of a 15" to reduce the height of the speaker below the TV height. The 2 woofers would be side by side and the front of the cabinet would look like 2 smaller La scala/Belle type cabinets fused together. My question would what do you all think the smallest woofer to utilize and still benefit from the folded horn "dog house" type cabinet enclosure. 10" would be best for overall cabinet dimensions but i'm afraid they wouldn't emit the necessary punch in this arrangement. Any thoughts????
  5. I find it not that shameful and the esthetics of my family room come into play with this set up. The RC64II keeps up and this is not a large room. TV was moved from the shelf to wall to accomadate new center. Until Klipsch comes out with a Heritage alternative this is how I must roll.
  6. Can you explain what an l pad is and how you install? Thanks!
  7. I just purchased new La Scala II's . I am a long time Klipsch fan and I have some experience with La Scala's. I thought that perhaps a new Crites CT120 tweeter might be a sonic upgrade for the stock tweeter. I already have these tweeters waiting to install. I also ordered Bob Crites new A-55G driver. I find the midrange too shouty and I'm hoping this new driver helps improve things. I had La Scala I's back in college for 2 weeks and returned them for Cornwall II's due to the LS's lack of deep bass and shouty midrange. I still have the Cornwalls. With the advent of subwoofers obviously the bass issues aren't a problem and I love the LS midbass. Anyway, I was thinking of swapping out my stock 401 horn for the wooden tractix Fastrac horn. I'm hoping it will also improve sound and by being much shorter than the stock horn I would not need to enlarge the hole in the back of the La Scala to accomadate the larger A-55G. Does anyone here have thoughts, ideas or experience with these modifications? I know I'm messing with PWK's sacred designs so I hope I don't get jumped on but I know what sounds right to me. I've always loved the design of the La Scala's and I'm committed to making this purchase work for me.
  8. I do believe they outperform the RF7's. I guess they just don't dig deep enough and there's a "gap" between the subs and the speakers that I can seem to eliminate, tried different crossover points, switching phase etc. I think I'm used to a larger woofer punch from the main speaker and not relying as much on a sub to compensate. I am powering them with a 130 watt Arcam surround receiver, I have a slightly less powerful Arcam powering my Cornwall II's and I'm very pleased with the sound. I also tried them with my Hafler XL600 and I like the Arcam sound better. I'd love to see a Cornwall IV with 1" MDF cabinet and a bad case of the mumps......
  9. Thanks for the feedback. The RF7II's were with the 2 subs in the past in the family room. I thought the RF7's sounded more balanced with the subs than the Palladiums. That said, I like the separate mid/highs on the Palladium. I think if I had purchased the Palladiums 39's with the three 9" woofers I would have been happy. When Palladium was deeply discounted I pulled the trigger on the 37's. I've been having a difficult time totally embracing them. The company Hifi Heaven is willing to give me $600 more than I paid for them on a trade in for a brand new pair of Cornwall III's. (i.e. $4000 for the Palladiums which I paid $3400) I'm hoping the Forte III's come out soon so I can get a quote on a trade in for them. I want my next move to be my last for a while.
  10. I have 3 Klipsch systems currently in my home. Palladium 37F's in the family room with 2 RSW15 subs, Cornwall II's in the basement and Rf7II's also in the basement to jam on my drums with. I'm thinking about selling my 37F's and picking up either Cornwall III's or perhaps Forte III's for the family room. I've only heard Forte I's back in college when I had first bought my Cornwall II's. I thought the Cornwalls blew them out of the water. My question is two fold: 1. Are the Cornwall III's as inferior as many a thread on here imply? (Bad crossover frequencies, underwhelming midrange and boomy, resonant cabinets are mentioned). 2. Do you think the Forte III's would be the better fit when combined with the two 15" subs I already have? Theoretically I'd be getting the better midrange, a tight punchy 12" direct firing woofer with the added bass of the passive radiator and dual subs. The three 7" woofers in the Palladiums just don't seem to "move the air" like I've grown accustomed to all these years of being a Klipsch fanatic. Any thoughts would be appreciated, especially from those few who have heard the Fortes.
  11. Any thoughts on used Palladium 37's value? Less than one year old. I am not finding anything online for comparables. Used to list for $8000
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