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  1. I thought the way the Yamaha speakers sounded was great. But I'm looking to upgrade a little bit. Those speakers are probably close to 15 or 20 years old now. I know I can grow into these new klipsch speakers later by upgrading my reciever, but I wanted to make sure there's no way the receiver I have now could hurt them or anything.
  2. The pioneer specs are {80 watts per channel (20hz-20khz,.08%THD@8ohm 2ch driven) 140 watts per channel (1khz,1%THD@6ohm 1ch driven)
  3. I have a pioneer vsx-524-k. I've been running really old school Yamaha speakers and I'm about to go buy klipsch speakers to match the 10" klipsch sub I already have. Is my pioneer strong enough to power two r-28f, one r-25c, and two r-15m?
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