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  1. Thank you so much for this! I will order the parts and give it a try. I start with the same you were changing, and see. I guess these parts are the same as the Amazon links? This is from a reseller that have a store local here in Stockholm. https://www.elfa.se/sv/kondensator-22uf-20-50v-105-rubycon-50zl22mefct15x11/p/16704376 https://www.elfa.se/sv/motstand-620-ohm-prefix-prefix-vishay-pr03000206200jac00/p/16055470
  2. Right this morning, the 3:rd amplifier just broke on my R-115 SW, bought in 2016. With that said, the amplifier have broke and been replaced two times already, so the life time of these amplifiers seems to be about 18 month. Now I have to change amplifier again so I can use my subwoofer another year, this will be amplifier number four in a time of four years. Actually I have owned a number of subwoofers in my life, and I have never encountered anything like this before, usually they lasts more or less forever and this is the most expensive one I ever owned. Isn't there any extended warranty for this amplifier, or any exchange program? If I got it right, I can try to change the red marked component to get it working again?
  3. Sorry for my bad knowledge here, but is it possible to point out the exact components in the picture, and also if you have the values for the components you used.I will try this my self since I have my old broken amp left becides my new replacement amp.
  4. When I received my third amp recently, Klipsch told that they had better quality parts recently. Well, time will tell. I just ran out of warranty, so if this third one will die as well, than I will buy an amp other than Klipsch to put in.
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