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  1. gottajam

    What I Got Today!

    Got my Palladium P38s sold off and the new owner "absolutely ****ing loves them". Here are their replacements. Joseph Audio Pulsars. Still waiting for the stands to come from Core Audio Design. Should be another week or two. Having to use the stands that my Palladium P17s sit on in my bedroom for the Pulsars for now. Bottom pic is of the P17s I had in the living room while waiting on the Pulsars.
  2. gottajam

    What I Got Today!

    I got my new Accuphase power amp in the system this weekend. Also shipped out my P38s and have my P17s in place for a while until I get replacements for the P38s. Gonna stick with stand mounts though for size limitations. I have a pair of Joseph Audio Pulsars and a pair of Core Audio Design speaker stands on order. I am still repositioning speakers until I get correct spacing between them. This is just a temp shot. Here is a pic of temp setup until my new goodies arrive.
  3. gottajam

    Thread closed

    WOW! It looks like the crew is doing more fighting than anybody else. I went on 1 cruise. Will never go again.
  4. gottajam

    What I Got Today!

    Apparently I have a thing for Luxman and Accuphase gear. I did not know that about myself. Current Accuphase gear is out of my league... for now. From all the reviews from when this was their current lineup, it had very good reviews. I hope to run it for a few years and possibly send it off to be recapped if it even needs it. The internals look to be in very good shape. My P38s have a tentative buyer and will be replaced by Joseph Audio Pulsars sitting atop Core Audio Designs speaker stands. I am looking forward to pairing the Pulsars with the Luxman for a while and then I am going to switch out and pair them with the Accuphase and ARC Ref 3 for a while. These are not my pics. And it is not in my greedy little has yet. It should be here around Tuesday.
  5. gottajam

    What I Got Today!

    Luxman L590 AII Class A integrated amp.
  6. Valentines Day bump. Just think how happy your wife will be when you show up at the house with these! She will love you forever!
  7. SOLD Klipsch Palladium P-38f in Natural finish. I bought them new in 2016 from an authorized dealer. They are in excellent condition. I would rate them as 9 out of 10 to be on the conservative side, they could easily be a 10 out of 10. It is my opinion that you would be very hard pressed to find a better speaker in this price range. They sound fantastic. They look great. Only selling these to downsize. I am asking $6000. Buyer to pay shipping, we can finalize when purchase is being made. Shipping will be only as much as the exact shipping cost and can be finalized after the sale. Shipping will only be CONUS lower 48. Payment to be made only via Paypal. I will pay the paypal fees (goods and services only). I have to schedule the shipment pickup around my work schedule and might have to wait a few days after the sale to have enough time to ship. This will all be discussed during the sale. Local pick up is available, near Savannah GA.
  8. Looks like a good place to hide a body. Kidding, pretty cool.
  9. Unfortunately we are going to downsize. Wife says she is tired of looking at "the beasts" in the living room. I have to agree that they might be a little too much for our room but man I LOVE the P38s. Been looking at Dynaudio C1 Platinum, Dali Epicon 2, Salk and maybe a couple others. I am willing to downsize to some stand mount speakers, but I still want excellent sound reproduction. Oh, the sacrifices we make...
  10. I hope everybody is having a safe Christmas and that you are somewhere that you want to be.
  11. gottajam

    What I Got Today!

    Got a new stereo console. Still need to clean up the cable placement behind the console so they are not upsetting the wife.
  12. The "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" inducted groups such as Run DMC and Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five before they inducted Rush. That right there tells me everything I need to know about their views.
  13. Loud enough to piss off the wife. As soon as it gets to that point, everything comes to a screeching halt... then silence : (
  14. I personally do not deal with the "cloud". Data could easily be attacked there. Look into Western Digital Passport. It is a little bigger than a deck of cards and come in various data sizes. It can connect via USB and when you are done backing up, just unplug the usb. There would be some specific software needed to make the data bootable should you comply loose your computer. Software would need to be OS specific. Easy peezy.
  15. Both of my cats loved to get up on my old Adcom power amp while in use for warmth. Had to put up a little barrier to keep 'em off. That is just an expensive kitten warmer to them. It was cute though. I could be just imagining it but it seemed like they particularly liked getting up there when I had Pink Floyd playing.
  16. Hey Mike. Just replaced the tweeter diaphragms in my 5.5s (Crites). It is very easy. Just follow the directions, take your time and then enjoy the results!
  17. Yep. Did not even see that in your post. Poor reading comprehension I reckon. Good luck in your search. I am sure someone has one laying in a drawer somewhere and it will pop up for sale. Might check Hi Fi Shark. They list stuff from all around the world.
  18. Have you tried Audio Classics.com? They seem to have quite a bit of stuff.
  19. Saw this video of Nigel Stanford with robots presumably playing some of the music. I do not know how accurate that part is. But it is a cool video anyway.
  20. I too have been considering a home security system with cameras, remote notification to phone, recording capability, blah blah, blah. I feel inundated with information when I try to research to see what I want / need versus what I can afford. I do know that I do not want a "service" though (I think). Too many choices. Might just stay home, turn on the stereo and keep my .45 handy.
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