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  1. Preamp arrived yesterday and I had a chance to get it hooked up today. So far I like what I'm hearing I've only used the aux in. I haven't had a chance to try the turntable on it yet but I'm expecting good things. It was very well packaged and a smooth transaction overall. Thankee @Emile
  2. mojomc

    Margarita Recipe

    I'm right there with you. We just arrived home from the 13 hour journey from Cañon City, CO. No additives in the tequila I'm about to consume. Regarding my earlier post about triple sec, I don't like it but my brain was dying and for the life of me I couldn't think of Grand Marnier. Triple sec works for the college crowd though. Cheap and effective.
  3. mojomc

    Margarita Recipe

    Tequila freshly squeezed lime juice Cointreau or triple sec Mix in proportions to taste. Enjoy! Edit: Poured over ice. We prefer big clear ice cubes.
  4. Why get rid of the luxman? They are special and sound great, imo. I'm running a r117 on RF7i's and love it! I also have a 115 which gets occasionally rotated into use with a pair of KLF-30s. Again a very pleasant sound that can really wake them up!
  5. I was thinking $1200 for a pair of RF7 and an RC7 with DeanG x's was a heckuva deal. It all comes down to market, market, market.
  6. Whew. I was getting the futon ready in preparation for repurcussions from my better half. A nice piece of gear that would have been worth it, imo.
  7. We really enjoy our Sony XBR55X930E. It replaced a Sony SXRD which was still going strong but was about to need another bulb and I got a heckuva deal on the XBR. I can't remember the model before the projector but it was a Sony CRT that wouldn't die. I guess I'm saying that my experience with Sony televisions has been phenomenal in both quality of picture and reliability. However there isn't much else in the Sony line I care to own. Being a PC gamer I don't even care about a Playstation.
  8. Looks like the full monty. Any plans for the horns? A55g mid or titanium tweeter diaphragms perhaps?
  9. Seal and vertically brace those cabinets up nice and tight first and foremost. That alone made a big difference in mine. They didn't rattle and seemed nice and tight but bracing made a difference that even my wife noticed.
  10. 4.5 hrs into a 12 hr workday here. CST
  11. I had also been in contact within a couple of hours of the listing, while working, and was awaiting pics but I never did receive any any. I was planning on attempting a meet after work but alas, another likely miss to a hawk.
  12. mojomc

    Led Zeppelin 2!

    Love the Black Crowes. The early Marc Ford years are my favorite but the recent Luther Dickinson years more than hold their own. They hit the scene when I was in junior high school and I was hooked.
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