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  1. Mmm, nice. I've wanted one for a while but I'm always too slow when on the rare occasion an already restored one comes available here. I'm sure you'll enjoy the inspire. I've heard one with the lp preamp at a buddy's house a couple of years ago running on some flavor of vintage Altec speakers. It has a very nice voice!
  2. Tedeschi Trucks Band playing now and it's syrupy sweet!
  3. Last night I got around to changing the tap to 3. Being evening I was doing low level listening to a couple of my favorite sit back with a drink albums, Nat King Cole's Penthouse Serenade and Sonny Rollins Saxophone Colossus. Both sounded nice and even but no vocals. Today I've returned to Samantha Fish, The Black Crowes and even a little AC/DC, although I usually save the rock for our KLF30's or RF7's. Big difference and all it took was making a small change. Thanks again to all who offered their guidance and suggestions especially the network builder Dean! Now we can listen and form a more informed opinion about which network we prefer. If it turns out to be the AA then perhaps I'll undertake building a scratch AA network. I work in the electrical industry and understand circuits, impedance, etc but that is applied only to the 60Hz electrical system but I can follow a schematic. I'm not an electrician but work in a control room for a local RTO holding a NERC Reliability certification. Application of these principles in the audio reproduction realm is something I'm still learning. I went ahead and dove in a bit further and got in touch with DaveA and ordered a pair of MAHL v2 lenses and DE120 tweets. I've hesitated to make any changes since there were my step dad's who purchased them new in Hope in '77. They were our first bonding experience and continued to be all the way through his battle with lung cancer, he was not a smoker BTW. He wanted to be sure that they came home with me because we always, always had them playing. Anyway, I decided since none of these changes are permanent to go ahead and give it a chance. I feel like he would have been on board with the experimentation.
  4. No confusion here. That chart is for the original 3619 not the -ET version. I haven't been home to change anything yet but will report back when I do.
  5. From reading an older post by DeanG, related to the 3619-ET, to calculate the level of attenuation I would subtract the input tap setting from the output tap setting. Output tap setting - input tap setting = Attenuation At this time I do not know what input tap is being used but this is information easily gathered by uninstalling a network and taking a look. I'll report back when I have a chance to do this. If any of the above is incorrect let me know.
  6. I do not have a chart or anything. The transformer is the same as in the pic provided by Budman. I didn't pay attention to both side of the transformer but I seem to recall a 3, 6, 9, and 12 on one side with 6 currently being used. I neglected to note what was used on the opposite side.
  7. Will do. I'll start with tap 0 and make my way up. We learn by doing and this dark magic of XOs is indeed mystifying. 🤪
  8. I'll admit I'm very outclassed by the knowledge on this forum and perhaps I jumped further out of my depth than I intended. I've learned much from perusing this forum and I'm thankful for both the goofiness and the typically thoughtful sharing!
  9. I'll give it a try this evening as time allows. There is no l-pad on this build.
  10. So there is no change to capacitor values when changing transformer taps?
  11. The standard Bob Crites specials, sonicaps. Nothing boutique at all compared to the ALKs using claritycap and mundorf supremes.
  12. Good day! I recently purchased an ALK Universal XO built by DeanG off of the garage sale. I've always been interested in trying some out and when they came up for sale I figured, why not. They were installed in my '77 LSI's in the early AM this morning. After 6 hours of listening so far we all agree (myself, wife and kids) that we much prefer the original recapped AA's. What we're hearing is instruments are being pushed WAY back, especially guitar riffs when singing is involved. I'm not sure that I would call it anemic but definitely not what I expected. I've rechecked all connections and everything is right and tight and positive and negatives leads are correct. Favorite music that's been played today includes AC/DC, Joe Bonamassa, Dusty Springfield, Etta James, Jeff Healey, Samantha Fish, King Crimson, you get the idea. I'm using the same setup that has changed very little since I inherited the LSI's back in 2016 and includes a dual mono SET amp from forum member Maynard, tubefanatic, being fed by a SONOS ZP90 running through a Schiit multibit DAC so differences in are readily apparent. The tap being as used is tap #6. I'm wondering if anyone with any experience with these XO's has any helpful advice or if this is an expected difference between the AA and ALK Universal? Thanks for any and all replies! Brent
  13. I wonder how this would compare to the Placette passive volume control? Hmm GLWS
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