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  1. If I didn't have a funeral this weekend I'd be tempted to make the drive from central AR.
  2. I'm no CL hawk so I missed the price drop(s). He replied firm price when I reached out earlier via email. Couldn't call as I'm on shift and it's been one heckuva busy day.
  3. A bit more than I'm willing to pay but maybe someone else would be interested. https://fayar.craigslist.org/ele/d/fayetteville-klipsch-cf4-epic-series/6970776922.html
  4. I really enjoy the Double Oaked. My mainstay is just a simple bottle of Buffalo Trace.
  5. I can't make it work from Arkansas and until we move I have no room. I'd have to find a willing relative to store them. I've had many daydreams about it though.
  6. I was close but took too long to make up my mind. D'oh.
  7. Someone in the Arkansas area needs to get these and let me grab his KP-600's + KP-682's so we can work out transportation. 👍 A guy has gotta dream.
  8. mojomc

    RIP Rutger Hauer

    My favorite so-called B actor! Let's not forget...
  9. Preamp arrived yesterday and I had a chance to get it hooked up today. So far I like what I'm hearing I've only used the aux in. I haven't had a chance to try the turntable on it yet but I'm expecting good things. It was very well packaged and a smooth transaction overall. Thankee @Emile
  10. mojomc

    Margarita Recipe

    I'm right there with you. We just arrived home from the 13 hour journey from Cañon City, CO. No additives in the tequila I'm about to consume. Regarding my earlier post about triple sec, I don't like it but my brain was dying and for the life of me I couldn't think of Grand Marnier. Triple sec works for the college crowd though. Cheap and effective.
  11. mojomc

    Margarita Recipe

    Tequila freshly squeezed lime juice Cointreau or triple sec Mix in proportions to taste. Enjoy! Edit: Poured over ice. We prefer big clear ice cubes.
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