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  1. If only they were closer. I'm sure I'm not the only one to think this. GLWS
  2. We love to pass time playing with model trains and 1/32 slot cars in our household. We're not collectors. We just enjoy playing with them.
  3. Beauties!
  4. Definitely interested in some Forte II sweetness!
  5. Why not try it if you have it available. Have a mop, biscuit or toast ready. When you run LaScalas with tubes, honey tends to drip from the mids due to sounding so sweet!
  6. 190 miles rt for me. All I30
  7. I'll start some next week just to be sure Jim!
  8. Add me to this distinguished list. It'll be my first!
  9. GLWS. Wish I was in the area.
  10. Modi multibit owner here. Excellent sound, non upgradeable unlike the bifrost mentioned. $250
  11. Do multiple OPUS = OPI
  12. Also does anyone have anything or considerations on my part they'd like to share regarding direct vs belt drive. Another very subjective question no doubt. Thanks again!
  13. I'm really leaning towards the uturn after reading more about it. USA! I'm about to make a statement and ask a question which I'm guessing will be the equivalent of asking which tube has the best sound and at the same time start a discussion about PP VS SET. From what I've read my upgrade money is best spent on the cartridge and I can always go back and pick up an acrylic platter. Is this valid? Going the custom route with a black base and basic Mdf platter there are a few options for the cartridge. I'm aware this is all subjective but I'd like to hear any opinions that anyone would not mind sharing. Ortofon 0m5e Ortofon red Ortofon blue Grado black
  14. I can confirm there is a lot of information in PE. Maynard pointed me towards it a while back. Navigation takes some getting used to but is worth it. I'm taking my sweet time since it'll be a while before I do any DIY. My current residence, complete with a 3 and 6 year old and an understanding wife up until I commandeer the dining room, which is what it would take, won't allow it and I have too many other priorities right now. I'm slowly going through and learning where I can so that when the time comes, ie 'we move', I'll be ready. Hoping to see a build thread from someone. Who's it gonna be?