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  1. Looks like I'm 2 hours too late. D'oh!
  2. Now also listed on fleaBay for $2400 OBO, not including sales tax https://www.ebay.com/itm/283928069984
  3. Prices in Arkansas are usually sky high unless it's a forum member's listing, IMO. These Cornwalls started at 3k. https://littlerock.craigslist.org/ele/d/little-rock-klipsch-cornwalls-for-sale/7136901807.html
  4. mojomc

    KLF20 (4)

    Too far from me or they'd be gone and used with the 30's and C7 for HT duty.
  5. mojomc

    What I Got Today!

    Actually, this came in the mail today so I guess it first in this thread. To commemorate isolation....
  6. mojomc

    What I Got Today!

    It's taken my lifetime to collect it all. Definitely didn't happen overnight. A good lot of it was purchased when silver was below 10 bucks, what seems like a lifetime ago now.
  7. mojomc

    What I Got Today!

    Been stacking since 1st birthday when my great grandfather started me out with a Morgan silver dollar. I'm 45 now. This chest has various types of silver bars, including a couple of Britannia bars, various coins, rounds and 90% constitutional silver (mercury dimes, walkers, etc). It weighs around 44 lbs. The box was made by a family friend 30 years ago for my grandmother who passed 5 years ago. The extra special stuff is in a safe deposit box. I figure to pass it on to my kids.
  8. mojomc

    Android Auto

    I'd say very much so. Current version is 10.0 Android 6.0.1 was released 10/2015
  9. mojomc

    Censorship II

    Let's not even get started with Google classroom and the early indoctrination of our grade school and middle school children. It's very scary stuff! Brent
  10. Can't help but think of King of the Hill....
  11. My Morning Song The Black Crowes - Southern Harmony and Musical Companion
  12. It's like paying sales tax at a yard sale. I've mostly given up on eBay due to the tax structure.
  13. Looking good now. Very nice. I noticed them on the local CL earlier in the week. GLWS!
  14. No pics for me on either the phone or Chromebook
  15. Mmm, nice. I've wanted one for a while but I'm always too slow when on the rare occasion an already restored one comes available here. I'm sure you'll enjoy the inspire. I've heard one with the lp preamp at a buddy's house a couple of years ago running on some flavor of vintage Altec speakers. It has a very nice voice!
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