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  1. I'm from Arkansas and have the same aversion to driving in Kansas. I would love to try these but alas we are in the process of getting ready to list and move and already have more speakers than room. The RF7s in the bedroom can't even catch a good breath. GLWS
  2. Fellow legend owner also, 30s and a C7. I'm hoping for some time next year to refresh the x'overs, remove at least the front baffle and remove the melamine. Brace the cabinets and while i have the cabinets gutted I may as well move the ports from the rear to the front and then glue it all back better than new. Out of everything, I think I'm most excited to move the ports to the front.
  3. Count on it but the neighbors will be the first to know!
  4. Can't wait to move them in and see how our Luxman R117 handles them. I expect pretty, pretty, pretty good things. Thanks again Jeff! Brent
  5. If I based all of my purchases off how I feel about the politics of the company or it's ownership I'd be stuck with a year around garden and nothing but DIY which would no doubt be difficult to source parts so.... I'm no JayZ or hip hop fan. That's for sure.
  6. There's an android app also. I've not used spotify. What kind of controls are we talking about? I find the Tidal catalog to be very robust and it's album based which I appreciate. EDIT: Family plan, you betcha
  7. Troll much? This forum has been very respectful and very welcoming. Why the hostility? Let's all get back to sharing, learning, listening and having a good time.
  8. Let my ears be my guide and try various placements. I'm not crazy about rear firing passive radiators because it limits placement options of which I have few in my current residence. My KLF-30s sit closer to the wall than is optimal but for now it'll do. Another day I'd like to move the ports to the front and brace and seal them up for another 30 years. YMMV Whichever combination i find myself returning to most frequently after hours and hours of listening, and a few adult beverages, is the winner. Enjoy the journey, it's not always about the destination...Unless you have an Aunt Edna riding backseat.
  9. That's quite the first world conundrum you have there. 👍 Good luck with your choice. Sounds like fun!
  10. Thanks for the input guys. Fortunately I have a connection with family in the Knoxville area so getting it there and back shouldn't be an issue. I would just have to plan around his schedule but should save a few $ and peace of mind. I'm still on the fence about it but it seems his ask is reasonable but why not attempt a reasonable counter and see what he says, if i decide to move forward.
  11. I've run across a rather nice local gent who has a CL ad for a McIntosh 2505 and MX112. I've met and hung out and inspected these units. They appear to be very nice and original. No maintenance has been performed, however Asking price is $1250. I know Terry Dewick is the guy to goto for maintaining all things Mc and about what to expect with shipping and updating. What would be a reasonable offer be for the pair? Are they worth pursuing, although from research i believe the answer to be yes. Thank you for any input. This would be my first McIntosh equipment. They would most likely be used on a pair of KLF-30s or possibly KG 4.2 until i find a pair of RF-7 II or CF3 or CF4. Brent
  12. Grandmothers rawk. Always having best interests at heart!
  13. Music helps the expensive medicine go down.
  14. It's all about opportunity. I drove 7 hours for my KLF-30s but with two kids and shift work the stars rarely align for a spur of the moment trip these days.
  15. Very nice! I've been on the lookout for a pair of these or some CF4s in any finish but nothing in my neck of the woods and they're made here... The search continues.
  16. If only they were closer. I'm sure I'm not the only one to think this. GLWS
  17. mojomc

    lionel trains

    We love to pass time playing with model trains and 1/32 slot cars in our household. We're not collectors. We just enjoy playing with them.
  18. Definitely interested in some Forte II sweetness!
  19. Why not try it if you have it available. Have a mop, biscuit or toast ready. When you run LaScalas with tubes, honey tends to drip from the mids due to sounding so sweet!
  20. GLWS. Wish I was in the area.
  21. Modi multibit owner here. Excellent sound, non upgradeable unlike the bifrost mentioned. $250 http://schiit.com/products/modi-2
  22. Also does anyone have anything or considerations on my part they'd like to share regarding direct vs belt drive. Another very subjective question no doubt. Thanks again!
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