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  1. I've run across a rather nice local gent who has a CL ad for a McIntosh 2505 and MX112. I've met and hung out and inspected these units. They appear to be very nice and original. No maintenance has been performed, however Asking price is $1250. I know Terry Dewick is the guy to goto for maintaining all things Mc and about what to expect with shipping and updating. What would be a reasonable offer be for the pair? Are they worth pursuing, although from research i believe the answer to be yes. Thank you for any input. This would be my first McIntosh equipment. They would most likely be used on a pair of KLF-30s or possibly KG 4.2 until i find a pair of RF-7 II or CF3 or CF4. Brent
  2. Grandmothers rawk. Always having best interests at heart!
  3. Music helps the expensive medicine go down.
  4. It's all about opportunity. I drove 7 hours for my KLF-30s but with two kids and shift work the stars rarely align for a spur of the moment trip these days.
  5. Very nice! I've been on the lookout for a pair of these or some CF4s in any finish but nothing in my neck of the woods and they're made here... The search continues.
  6. If only they were closer. I'm sure I'm not the only one to think this. GLWS
  7. mojomc

    lionel trains

    We love to pass time playing with model trains and 1/32 slot cars in our household. We're not collectors. We just enjoy playing with them.
  8. Definitely interested in some Forte II sweetness!
  9. Why not try it if you have it available. Have a mop, biscuit or toast ready. When you run LaScalas with tubes, honey tends to drip from the mids due to sounding so sweet!
  10. GLWS. Wish I was in the area.
  11. Modi multibit owner here. Excellent sound, non upgradeable unlike the bifrost mentioned. $250 http://schiit.com/products/modi-2
  12. Also does anyone have anything or considerations on my part they'd like to share regarding direct vs belt drive. Another very subjective question no doubt. Thanks again!
  13. I'm really leaning towards the uturn after reading more about it. USA! I'm about to make a statement and ask a question which I'm guessing will be the equivalent of asking which tube has the best sound and at the same time start a discussion about PP VS SET. From what I've read my upgrade money is best spent on the cartridge and I can always go back and pick up an acrylic platter. Is this valid? Going the custom route with a black base and basic Mdf platter there are a few options for the cartridge. I'm aware this is all subjective but I'd like to hear any opinions that anyone would not mind sharing. Ortofon 0m5e Ortofon red Ortofon blue Grado black
  14. I can confirm there is a lot of information in PE. Maynard pointed me towards it a while back. Navigation takes some getting used to but is worth it. I'm taking my sweet time since it'll be a while before I do any DIY. My current residence, complete with a 3 and 6 year old and an understanding wife up until I commandeer the dining room, which is what it would take, won't allow it and I have too many other priorities right now. I'm slowly going through and learning where I can so that when the time comes, ie 'we move', I'll be ready. Hoping to see a build thread from someone. Who's it gonna be?
  15. Thanks for the replies. Just getting out of bed. Working nights this weekend. What if any is the difference in an aluminum vs carbon fiber tonearm? I've got LaScalas and KLF-30s in my sandbox.
  16. Can't say I have a preference as I have no experience and I can find opinions on the net arguing either as best depending on design.
  17. I was thinking of keeping it around $500 or less if possible. I'm a patient guy, I can always wait and save if needed.
  18. So lately I've been thinking about vinyl. I actually have a few albums from over the years but no way to play them and I would love to grow a collection. I'm looking for any advice anyone out here may have to offer on players. Phono preamp is not required. I have an HK730 that I can use up to get started. Automatic isn't a requirement. I've read about the heavily reviewed and liked Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB. I don't have a need at all for USB and in all fairness I'd prefer that the RCA cables not be part of the unit but this seems to be fairly common on cheaper units anyway. Any advice or recommendations are welcome and appreciated. Thanks for reading.
  19. I've been trying to consume all the information I can as time allows. I would love to assemble a DIY unit. Most likely a kit in my case. DHT amps may be a little much for a beginner but who knows, by the time I get around to it I may change my mind. The stereomour by bottlehead seems popular.
  20. So several months ago I joined the forum and made a post or two which led to a long and informational email exchange with Maynard. He took the time to ask my listening preferences, room layout. He even asked me to take some rough voltage measurements going to the LaScalas and what we found was what we all should already know by now. At my listening levels, generally around 85db in my spot, I was only using an average of 0.0625 watts. So after some further back and forth I settled on taking a chance on one of Maynard's creations. Most who have been on the forum have no doubt already seen but here it is again. Hammond xfmrs, 12AX7 and 6BX7GT tubes producing a glorious 1.3 WPC. I compare it to my home theater setup which consists of KLF-30s and an older Denon AVR-2800. Listening to 2 channel on the KLFs through is Denon is lifeless and dead to me. The sounds are all there but without life. At least that's how I explain it. But if I take the time to connect Maynard's amp to the KLFs man oh man does the music they make come to life. Here's where I'd like to mention that I've read a lot of low end deficiencies of S.E.T. amps but I have not detected this in my listening and I've tried. I've done A/B listening with the KLFs using both the Denon and the S.E.T. using sources tunes from artists such as Outkast and Beastie Boys. Never did the bass seem to be weaker with the S.E.T. than it did with the SS Denon. I continue to be impressed everyday that we listen. Also attached is a look at our listening room for now. It's not quite deep enough but we're in the process of completing some renovations in order to move into something a little bigger with a dedicated listening room. As we all know Maynard is a top shelf individual willing to put the time and effort into making sure that needs are met and any questions are answered. I've very much enjoyed our email exchanges and look forward to more in the future. I've been slowly trying to build a knowledge base so that someday I can tackle a DIY project. So thank you to Maynard for his willingness to share his designs and to provide knowledge and assistance. I'd also like to thank the forum members for everyone's contributions. It's been a pleasure reading through active members posts and gathering information and ideas! I look forward to further interactions. I have been contemplating a 2 way cornscala build for the bedroom. Brent
  21. I recognize that homemade stand. I bought my KLF-30s from him. A very kind and talkative Vietnamese gentleman. It was a pleasure dealing with him!
  22. I guess my thoughts on this, which are limited is "what is the definition of loud"? A flea power SET amp with less two watts drives my LS or KLF30s to over 100dB effortlessly. I personally consider this to be loud but nothing is shaking on the walls. The sound is clean and clear and the bass thumps with almost the same authority on my KLFs as when driven by my HK730. I noticed no appreciative diminishing low bass.
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