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  1. Figured it out. Thanks for the help. It was something really stupid that he didn’t even think to check, so i’m not even going to say what it was. But we got it to work. Thanks again.
  2. I’ll check tomorrow. Going over there to look at things. They were plugged into a power strip, with other things plugged in as well. Everything else works fine. I believe they both have led’s indicating power. And neither of them come on. He ended up buying a cheaper sound bar the other day and it set up just fine and works. And it’s plugged into the same power strip. At the time of the incident, he had his tv on with the sound bar and sub. Afterwards, his TV, bluray player, receiver, and his phone which was plugged into the power strip charging, all came back on and work fine. The sound bar and sub are the only things that wont power back on. But i’ll look at it tomorrow and see what I can figure out.
  3. My friend has a Klipsch sound bar with a subwoofer. Not sure which one exactly. He had it and his tv on when his landlord came by to pressure wash something outside. The pressure washer caused his circuit breaker to trip and he lost power. After it got turned back on, everything worked except his Klipsch. his tv works fine. His phone charger which was plugged into the same power strip works fine. But his sound bar and sub wont even power on. Nothing. Any idea why? Or how to fix it? Usually electronics get fried or blown with a power surge, not a power loss. Thanks.
  4. I was wondering exactly what the difference is between the 2. The RP-280F has the same power rating at 8ohms as the R-28F. Is there really a big difference in the sound then? Shouldn't they sound the same if the power rating matches? I don't see why I should spend more money on the RP-280 when I can get the R-28 cheaper if it sounds the same. Trying to find videos online comparing them but I haven't been able to.
  5. Is it possible to hook up Klipsch in-ceiling or in-wall speakers in your car, instead of the usual car speakers? Just wondering.
  6. Does anybody know the power of these? Minimum and maximum output. I can't find any information on these anywhere.
  7. To WVU80. I'm not getting Atmos speakers. Just the regular reference premiere speakers. And the Onkyo 747 is 7.2 channel, not 5.1.2. Having a receiver that is Atmos ready is nice, in case I want to upgrade later, same with having 7 channels instead of 5. So basically what I need in a receiver is this. -7.2 channel. (In case I upgrade) -Dolby atmos ready. (In case I upgrade) -THX or Audyssey. (Not sure which one is better to have) -Wi-fi and bluetooth. -HDMI ports. -Lots of other inputs for all the other games and possible projector. -And some watts that are a little over the wattage of the speakers, so they are not underpowered. And hopefully keep it under a grand. I think I should be able to find a really nice receiver that fits exactly what I need.
  8. I also keep forgetting to ask. Do I need an amplifier as well as a receiver? How much better sounding does an amplifier really make compared to just a receiver with good WPC and good speakers? The receiver I might get, the Onkyo tx-nr747 has pre-outs so I should be able to add one later if I needed one. And does bi-amplifying make it sound different compared to just adding an amplifier that plugs in? I also, down the road, might get a roll down screen with a projector, so having all the extra plugs in the back panel will really help. I see too many with hardly any extra plugs.
  9. To answer Fish. My main reason for all of this setup is movies. I love movies. I have about 1,000 DVD's and I would love to watch them in my front room sounding like a movie theater. Or as close as I can get it. But finding a receiver with Bluetooth would be nice so I have the option to listen to music as well. I am going with Klipsch speakers because they have the reputation of being really good, nice sounding speakers. My main question out of all of this, was if I needed a receiver with the same WPC as the speakers, or if it needed to be higher, and if so, then how high was too high. I don't want to get nice speakers and risk blowing them. I don't EVER plan on blasting my system, be it with a movie or music. I just don't do that. I am also having some trouble figuring out if a receiver with Audyssey is as good or better than a receiver that is THX certified. So far I have read that having Audyssey is better than having THX. I think I have finally found a good receiver for what I need. The Onkyo TX-NR747. It has 175wpc and I can get it for $487. It is THX certified and has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The main speakers I want, Klipsch RP-260f have 125/500 watts. I thing the receiver will make them sound really good and it's not underpowered so I don't have to worry about damaging them. And it has a lot of connections on the back, HDMI for the Blu-ray and all the other connections so I can hook up all my old game systems, ie, Nintendo, Super NES, Sega, Nintendo 64, Playstation. Plus it is a 7.2 channel, so I have the option later to add more speakers if I want to. But even after all this, I'm still going to do more research to see if I can find an even better receiver. I'm not in a hurry to just get whatever I can and through a system together. I want this system to last AND sound awesome!
  10. Thanks again to everybody, all this advice and suggestions have been really helpful. I have no problem doing lots of research on a good receiver before I start buying the rest of the system. That was the main issue I was having. Never had a nice system before and I want to get it right. I think i'll spend a little more and go with my original plan and get the Klipsch RP-260f, especially since everything else is going to be reference premiere. So i'll do more research into a good receiver. Thanks again to everybody.
  11. Thank you all very much. All this input is extremely helpful.
  12. I was originally looking at the RP-260f but later changed my mind. I can get the R-26f for a lot cheaper than the RP-260 and it doesn't have a lot of difference in the power. And I don't see the difference between the RP-450c and the RP-440c other than the price. They both have the same exact Watts. 150/600. I have not said what the room size is, because I will mostly likely be moving soon and not sure what the front room will look like.
  13. I'm only doing a 5.1 system. But I think I'm gonna go with a 7.1 receiver that's 4K ready, that way I can upgrade later if I want to. Instead of getting a 5.1 receiver and having to buy a new one if I get a 4K tv or add speakers. So I guess something with 100-125 watts per channel will probably work good. I'm mostly setting up the system for watching movies. Not really gonna use it for a lot of music.
  14. Thanks for welcoming me to the forum. So for instance, the R-26f has 100 continuous and 400 peak watts. Are you saying to increase the highest watts, 400, by 25% and look for a receiver that can power that? Or use the 100 continuous and increase that, since that will be the main watt usage? I'm basically worried if I get a receiver with watts per channel that are under the lowest of my speaker, it will damage it or make it sound like crap. And also worried if I get a receiver with watts too high, it will blow the speaker.
  15. I am currently looking at getting some Klipsch speakers to create a surround sound system, but I am having some issues trying to figure out what receiver would work good to power the speakers. I read here that under-powering Klipsch speakers will damage them. So what is the rule of thumb, try and find a receiver who's watts per channel are the same as the speaker or higher? Here is what I am looking to get. 2 R-26f as the main. 100/400w RP440c center channel. 150/600w 2 RP-240s as the rear. 75/300w R-115sw Subwoofer. 800w And another question, am I over doing it with the 800watt subwoofer? Would movies sound just as good with the 110sw? Thank you very much for any help I may receive.
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