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  1. I have a pair of 1977 vintage crossovers from La Scala speakers for sale. The serial # of the speakers are 11r281 & 11r282. Shipping via USPS First class should be less than 20.00 anywhere in US. Both crossovers work, but I when I restored my cabinets and installed new speakers, I used new crossovers because the mids sounded too bright for my taste. Taking any reasonable offers, just would like to find a good home for them.
  2. No worries, crazy guys don't intimidate me, I'm a little off myself. I am just glad all you guys aren't snobs that put people down when they are new to something. I found the stamped serial numbers, 11r281 and 11r282 . Hope that helps to identify when they were made and if they were originally made for a PA or home audio use. I would like to use these for PA speakers. I think the wood is a little too beat up to remove all the back paint and refinish the wood. Thinking of just repainting them and and put metal or plastic corner pieces to make them road ready. First job is to replace the woofers, I am looking into a couple of different shops that re-cone. Also looking for replacement woofers if the re-cone does work out. I know the crossovers look bad, but they seem to work fine. Is it still a good idea to replace the larger caps? Do they make replacement drivers for the mid-horn and replacement tweeters? Thanks
  3. Thanks for all the input. If these did have water damage it was a very long time ago because I know where they have been the last 20 years at least and I know they were high and dry. Living in south Louisiana mold from humidity can be a problem on wood that is not protected. You guys have motivated me to want to put some work into these to put them back in action. I do have a nice early 70's Sansui Quad receiver that has plenty of power that I use now for my old Quad analog set up in my man cave. I am leaning toward replacing the woofers rather than getting the original ones re-coned. I'll take some pictures when the project is done. (not any time soon) Thank again. P.S. Just got back from seeing Alice Cooper in New Orleans, he always puts on a good show!
  4. These are best pictures I can get. Did not find stamped serial numbers anywhere.
  5. New to Klipsch and need some advice. I’ve obtained a pair of Klipsch La Scala type AA speakers. They were given to me in a trade (zero investment for me). The cabinets are black painted wood. The tag with the serial numbers is faded and cannot see the serial numbers. The tweeters mid horn drivers and crossovers seem to work fine. The woofers will need to be re-coned or replaced. I did take the bottoms off to make sure the woofers are original Klipsch but both have cracked cones. The questions I have are: 1. How much would d it cost to have the woofers re-coned or replaced. 2. Were these speakers made for home audio or for a PA system? 3. Any way to tell when they were made without a serial number? 4. How much power does it take to drive these speakers? 5. Do these speaker have any value as is; to sell the tweeters, mid-horn and crossovers I do have a man cave were I keep my old analog audio system and I think I may be able to make room for them, just don’t know if I have the power to drive them. My son has a band, so if they are better for PA use he could maybe use them for gigs where there is enough floor space on the stage. Out of respect for the product I would like to keep them original, but if newer components would improve on the original sound, that might be an option. Thanks in advance for any advice. I don’t have a real need for these speakers but I just hate to see them go to waste.
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