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  1. Can not remember the last time I posted seems like years and yet the hub is still not performing to expectations; shutting down, not responding to buttons on the top side of the unit, failing to provide audio even though the hub is turned on, so many issues. Many having to buy another company's HUB this is really the ultimate in failure when it comes to the WISA rush to market products by Klipsch. Looks like I will be out of pocket of 1000.00 dollars to complete my system.
  2. In order to get the audio out of my TV and into the HUB(WISA) it was recommended I use HDMI ARC output from my TV and connect it to the HUB only thing is, forgot to ask which input on the HUB to use. There are four HDMI connections labeled "IN" of these, one of them is labeled HDCP 2.2. There is no connection labeled HDMI ARC? So which do I use?
  3. I started with the Hub and 2 bookend speakers. After listening to the audio it became clear the speakers were being overwhelmed by the bass. Now like many of your the first thing you are told is "did you make the proper adjustments"? I stated if the tech could send me the baseline settings I would start there. He gave one setting and it was nothing different from what I had already tried. Contacted Klipsch and the tech told me the reason for this was I needed a bass unit to remedy this situation. Ordered installed the bass unit and was immediately feeling I was sold a watch from the inside flap of someones overcoat. If I adjusted the bass to where you could hear it well let's just say it was overwhelming my wife stated all you could hear was base and we agreed. The end results you either hear the bass or you don't. This was after the firmware update that specifically stated it would address this bass issue. Hell, my dog lays right next to the bass unit and sleeps; telling me if my dog can't hear and I can't hear it is not working properly. Other issues include the speaker leds come on during the night all on their own no sound just the leds. I am really worried I spent my hard earned money on such an ill-engineered product my feelings are like many, no updates and no news on the WISA speaker system. They have abandoned us. What if the flimsy remote control or the controller stops working I am left with speakers that won't work unless I put out $1k for something like the Axiim Q UHD? I owned the Klipsch Heresy speakers back in the day and was sure WISA setup would be a great product to invest in guess I was wrong. One other question: If you setup your flatscreen TV with an OTA antenna and no other input how do you get the audio to the HUB?
  4. The setup...OTA antenna connected to my Flatscreen TV. Of course, the sound is coming from the Flatscreen TV speakers. Is there a way to have the output audio from the Flatscreen TV fed into the WISA controller?
  5. Been busy with other projects and guess I don't have an email alert for this site so didn't see the response. Will check out he "speaker status" and let you know. Was wondering how we know when there has been an update to the firmware? Thank you.
  6. Here is what I found out. Hi Rudy,The only way to control the bass on the woofer on the HD wireless system is to use the adjust sound function in your hub's menu, and then adjust the volume of the subwoofer until the level of the subwoofer is loud enough for your liking. There are currently no EQ adjustments or filters built in except for the ones that are preset by the manufacturer. Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.Thanks,
  7. Currently running 2 bookend speakers, woofer, sound bar and of course the hub. Unfortunately there is a nagging bass anomaly that has not generated anything other then "how to" recommendations from Klipsch of which all have been tried and still persists. During the sub-woofer independent adjustment, increasing the bass, generated noticeable bass from front speakers (left,right and sound bar) while not affecting the sub-woofer. The more the bass was increased on the woofer, as a test, the more bass emanated from the front speakers and not so much from the sub-woofer. In fact had to get down on all fours and place my ear next to the base unit to faintly hear anything. The last test was to turn up the bass on the sub-woofer ridiculously high and indeed I got Theater sounding bass but the front speakers were being overwhelmed with the amount of bass reaching them. So for now just turn down the bass and get clear voice levels from the front speakers but at the expense of the sub-woofer sounding as if it was turned off. Love my speakers and will continue to check in and see if anyone else is feeling my pain. Klipsch ?
  8. Yes sending back would be nice but at this point I am all in with this system and will continue to see what innovations are pushed out to the few which have walked the R&D path. Maybe as more go this route, if they do, more firmware updates will be received hopefully they will solve the problem at hand. Thank you for you input appreciate you taking the time to help me out.
  9. Yes the sound bar is the center set of speakers. As far I can see there is a low volume setting (on/off) for the sub-woofer but nothing rally dramatic happens when tested. Now there is an adjustment for each speaker in which static noise is use to allow the adjuster to hear the difference and increase or decrease levels for each speaker but again once you test there is not real difference. Really the only time you actually hear the sub-woofer is when there is an explosion or some other same type sound, most times it is to loud doesn't seem to be a happy middle ground.
  10. Started out with bookend speakers and was experiencing heavy base on them so much so it was hard to hear the voices. Contacted Klipsch and they told me to upgrade to the new firmware this was done. Still had the heavy base I mean it was not enjoyable and again contacted Klipsch and they responded ; the bookend speakers were carrying all the bass and were being overwhelmed I might want to add the bass or sub woofer. So I added the sound bar (hopefully for more base dispersion) and the sub-woofer. After adding and setting up the sub woofer and soundbar, the bookend and soundbar were still carrying the majority of the bass and only when intense explosions (sounds) are generated by the source does the bass come over the sub-woofers. So much so it is just crazy loud. Is there no way to balance speech with loud generating bass sounds like explosions, earthquakes, etc. Tried the limited adjustments in the menus area but to no avail. Am I missing something or does the sound system; Hub, bookend speakers, soundbar and sub woofer, need an equalizer? Love the idea WISA is venturing into just hope can get some level of balance.
  11. How is the optical connection used on the Wisa Hub? I have my Hub, Tivo and Samsung flat screen setup. The tivo connects to the Hub and from there the output from the hub connects to the Flat screen all via HDMI cables. What I would like to know is what does connecting the optical cable do for my setup and to which to I connect the tivo or the Samsung flat screen?
  12. Purchased the bookend speakers, sound bar, hub and sub woofer setup was a breeze unfortunately the bass unit can not be heard even after updating the firmware with the bass upgrade or fix. Secondly can not program my Tivo remote to turn on and off my Hub its a 2 stage process every time; 1) turn tivo which turns on the Samsung flat screen 2) Turn on the Klipsch WISA Hub . Secondly there is an annoying delay between the time you turn on the hub and the speakers begin to produce sound, assuming the hub has to pair with the speakers each time it is powered on/off. Another annoying problem one of the speakers LED lights and sound is lost from time to time. And finally drop outs are really annoying as well, occurs intermediately. Anyone have solutions for these pet peeves.
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