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  1. I've got the Community M200 Mid driver in an Eliptrac 400 mated with a B&C DE-120 in the Eliptrac HF. I'm set up with an active 3-way system using a DBX Driverack PA2+. This crossover/DSP uses a measurement mic for in-room calibration. I think it's a marvelous setup. Couldn't be happier.
  2. Good afternoon, everyone, I just built a set of custom cornscalas. They are 2 piece cabinets with a sort of truncated ellipse design (curved wall cabinets). The top sections have Eliptrac 400 horns with a Community M200, and an eliptrac HF with a B&C DE-120. My current setup is running them active through a DBX Driverack PA2+ Crossover/DSP from my Denon AVR-4200, and into a Crown XLS 1502 for the bass, and the mids and highs are each driven by Carver PM-175s. I've added Solid State Relays to the Carvers for 12V trigger. I have a second Crown 1502, so I'm wondering if there would be any benefit to adding another Crown to drive all (6) channels with the same type of amplifier (class D) or finding another Carver to match, or even selling all 4 and buying a different amp? What would any of you suggest? I'm not looking to spend a buttload of money for a boutique amp, but I do like the raw power of the pro amps in order to have plenty of headroom. The way my current setup is dialed in, there's absolutely zero strain and nothing gets hot, and it will still make you blink with a snare drum at less than half volume Lay it on me.
  3. Thanks! I'm not exactly sure how low... I'll need to sweep them with REW to get a frequency response plot. I've got a calibrated measurement mic, so it wouldn't be too hard to do. I can tell you that the cabinet volume calculates to 6.59 cu ft, taking into account the bracing and driver volume. I have (2) 4" round by 8 3/8" long flared ports, and the tuning should be somewhere in the 31.5 Hz range. Fs of the Crites woofer is around 26, I believe (26 and change). I've added a little subharmonic synth from my DBX driverack, which boosts and extends the low end as much or as little as you want. I formerly had 2 Polk 12" subs that are completely useless to me now. These seem to go a bit lower, and with much better resolution. The will rattle the windows if I roll the volume up, and I'm sure it will only get a bit smoother once the drivers settle in and loosen up a bit. I'm not a huge bass freak, but I am really impressed at the sonic impact these deliver. I'm using these to replace a pair of towers I built a few years back using (2) Seas 8" high resolution drivers and a Fountek ribbon tweeter each. They sounded sweet, but not even close to these as far as realism and impact. I'll see if I can set them up for a response test sweep in the next couple days and post the result. Thanks, No.4! I really appreciate it. I know they all look rough before finish, I just usually wait until the cabinets are done completely before bringing them in. I'm VERY fortunate to have such an understanding wife. She knows it's what I gotta do! Although, She's not going to let me leave them looking like that for very long in her living room!
  4. I'll also be making a cutout in the bottom of the top cabinet for driver access and adding nice binding posts with brushed aluminum plates on the backs of the cabinets. They look pretty skanky at the moment, but will look pretty nice when they're finished, I think.
  5. Please don't mind the appearance. They are in progress
  6. I'm a bit embarassed of how they look at the moment in their raw, temporary state, though... I'll be adding plywood/MDF sides to the tops, and 1 layer of mdf to the lower cabinets after leveling and truing the surface. The veneer will be 2 ply cherry, nothing overly fancy. My goal is to match the color/grain of the entertainment console, which is the trade-off with the boss. I'll be painting the horns flat black, and both the tops and bottoms will have flat grills made with acoustically transparent cloth from Parts Express, and attached with rare earth magnets. The cloth a turquoise/white/silver pattern. Sort of like the Fender amps of old. Water jugs made for good clamping pressure when gluing the internal braces together Top cabinet viewed from the top
  7. I can't beleive there's been so much time that has gone by since I started this project, but I've actually got the cabinets built, drivers installed and in my living room playing now. It's been over a YEAR to get these to this point. Still need to veneer and finish the cabinets, but just couldn't wait any longer to test them out Oh, my! they sound absolutely FANTASTIC and well worth the wait! Ive built the semi-elipse (bent plywood laminated sides) bottom cabinets that stand 30" tall and are 23" wide and 23" deep with Crites cast frame 15" woofers and (2) 4" flared round port tubes. The top sections are 21"W X 14 1/2" tall and 17" deep. Each are loaded with Eliptrac 400 and Eliptrac HF horns. For the mids I ended up using some Community M200s that I've been holding on to for a long time (thought I'd try them first, 'cause I had them on hand), and the Highs are B&C DE-120s. They are set up as active from my Denon AVR-4200W, through a DBX Driverack PA2, and (3) Carver 175W 2-channel amps. Crossover points are (for now) 450 and 4500. At first I thought they were a tad harsh in the mids, a little honky, even. I ran the auto EQ from the driverack and they are now very flat for my weird room with cathedral ceilings. I added a little sub-harmonic synth for the low end, and HOLY COW! I know some of the purists out there might scoff at my setup, but damn. I've never hear anything sound so sweet. I listened briefly to some Pink Floyd (The Wall, Dark Side Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here), some Diana Krall (From This Moment On), and various other stuff. I am thoroughly impressed. I immediately removed both of my subs. No longer needed at all. The mids are crystal clear and effortless, the bass deep, low and heart-thumping, and the highs are shimmery and sweet. I'm a definite fan of active crossovers/DSP, and the Community drivers are very hard to beat, IMHO. I just can't believe the bass extension. I really wasn't prepared for that!
  8. I found the TS parameters. Thanks, Mustang Guy for posting them! (seek and ye shall find!)
  9. I think I might do some experiments... I just ordered some Eliptrac 400 and Eliptrac HF from Fastlane. Mid and High drivers are still up in the air at this point. Has anybody looked at the Celestion Neo 2" CDX20-3000? On paper, it looks like it might be a contender. I definitely want split cabinets. For the Top, I'll make a removable front panel (motorboard) so I could also try 2-way and do some testing in both modes. Woofers will probably be the Faital Pro 15PR400, Or Bob Crites Cast 15" woofers, but I'm open to suggestions. I've looked around for the TS parameters for the Crites cast woofers, but haven't found any data. Anybody know where I can get my eyeballs on it? Bryan
  10. I agree, Tiger. The vertically oriented horn looks funky to me. Thanks for the link! I'll be sitting about 10-12 feet in front of the pair of speakers, and they will be about 12 feet apart. You don't think that would be too close for a 3-way design?
  11. Nice... are you using them in a 2-way or 3-way setup?
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