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  1. Good afternoon, I am looking for help in replacing the crossover assembly and wires with a new one (exactly the same). So far I have been able to prop out the terminal hub and crossover assembly, but how do you disconnect the wires from the back of each driver? Thank-you,
  2. Will do thank-you, would you suggest calling or is this possible via the forums? Never mind found the number and email. Thanks all
  3. There may be - i was thinking the same, however the store I purchased them in has closed for good, does that matter?
  4. Hi thank-you in advance for your input. Since I've had these there has been a Buzzing soundcoming through the tweeters. They go through an amplifier (NAD Stereo Receiver 7150) and through an Allen and Heath(Zone 42 professional de mixer). It starts the moment the receiver is turned on regardless if the mixer is on. The is also a slight hum coming through the mids. Want to make sure I am not damaging the speakers and also definitely want to get rid of the sound that continues while music is playing. Thanks again.
  5. Hi, One of the speaker wire terminals has snapped off on the speaker wire input side (outsid part) where it is plastic. What would be your suggestions for replacing it: Will this do:http://www.parts-express.com/parts-express-gold-plated-bi-amp-speaker-wire-terminal-cup-banana-binding-post--260-304 Or would these original Klipsch terminals from the 280 work on the 260:? http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Klipsch-RP-280F-Speaker-Terminals-/162342388216?hash=item25cc5c41f8:g:j8YAAOSwnHZYabxH Or is there and upgrade to improve quality that I could have done to both left and right speakers. Thank-you for your input. Cheers,
  6. http://www.primacoustic.com/ Another company that specialises in acoustics treatment isolation and absorption. http://www.acousticsciences.com/products/tube-trap know for their tube traps
  7. Anyone know where to find these in Ottawa? Home depot and the like do not have them. http://www.ramset.ca/product/90/1-4-20-threaded-stud Thanks
  8. Thank-you all for your input. FYI the Canadian distrubuter refereed to on their Klipsh site is sending m a set. I have been made aware of Nylon Glider by Mr Morey James and ill be acquiring those - makes more sense.
  9. Hello everyone, I am a new proud owner of a pair of RP 260F's. I was looking at the Klipsch wires and noticed they are 17Gauge. What are the best cables for these speakers? Other than Klipsch. And what are the best banana plugs?
  10. I recently bought a pair of RP-260 first hand from Bleeker Audio in Ottawa, ON, Canada LOVE them of course. Strangely, I also only got 1 set of spikes and would like the 2nd set. Were you successful at getting yours. As I am in Canada - I did follow the link to a third party supplier that Klipsch website refers and is a link. Any advise greatly appreciated
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