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  1. These should be tempting for anyone who is just LOOKING for Forte II, as you’d have them on hand when the time comes....
  2. Classic. Absolutely classic. Vaguely remember it, and a snowball place that always has a line out the door. Great after a po-boy at R&O’s on the Lakefront. But you got Dockside in Picayune at least Dtel.
  3. My wife graduated from Picayune High in 1989.
  4. I’d prefer Seale-Lilly, but those are long gone.... Blue Bell is good stuff. You around Hattiesburg?
  5. Rmac587


    Plus 1 on the LaScala. Just gorgeous.
  6. Rmac587


    Hi Drums, curious as to your impressions of Forte vs Forte III. I’ve got Crites Forte 1. I wish like heck I could rationalize a second pair as I’m in Fullerton. My buddy in Atlanta you corresponded on Klipsch related stuff with said “hey, did you see those Forte by you?”
  7. I think you did ok Jim. I could see folks from over in Starkville, Memphis, or Jackson jumping on that gear. Heck, my keyboardist uncle in Jackson has 3 pair of Hereseys, Quartets, and La Scalas. That’s not even all of them. Mississippi State, class of '87.
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